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  1. My opinion of any supposed "healthcare bill" no matter what the clever label is, folks should clearly tell their representatives: ANY 'healthcare bill' presented and ultimately passed by any group of politicians that require participation of the people, MUST require they themselves to FIRST enroll. We know this would never happen, but it is the main point that should be communicated. Demand the politicians get the exact same "care" they want others to have, otherwise let them know there will be organized rebellion and refusal to participate. Truth is government should not be involved in it, but we have allowed them to pretty much do what they want for too long and that has cost the people their country. It would appear the insurance industry and the "healthcare" industry benefit the most, while the people are pushed into whatever the latest healthcare scheme is.
  2. Good point Umbert, and in the case of the US, it is a matter of actually implementing our existing constitution, that had it been followed, there would never have been a "bail out" in the first place. Many folks let their representatives know back in 2008 that they were fully against ANY bailing out of the offending banks and bankers. Ultimately, the peoples demands meant nothing and the crafters of "TARP" simply went according to their masters, including the president at the time, Bush Jr. Thanks for your thought Umbert
  3. Thanks adhoc10 The first major mistake is to call ANY bill that is attempted to be pushed onto the people is calling it "healthcare". It is nothing of the sort, it is just forcing the masses to participate in their scheme. ANY 'healthcare bill' presented and ultimately passed by any group of politicians that require participation of the people, MUST require they themselves to FIRST enroll. Anything less than this simple requirement is a scam upon the people and only continues the facade of what is labelled as "healthcare" and the continuance of the "healthcare scam" including those who benefit from pharma lobbyists and investments. There should be NO excuses accepted. The people have been toyed with long enough and medically raped for decades, costing millions of lives, and has impacted countless families. This is simple fact if one researches iatrogenic death rates. This is something no one should tolerate, but apparently it is ok if it is government sanctioned?
  4. By the way, thank you for actually watching the video adhoc10. Appreciate someone who takes the time to listen before they react.
  5. Iceland is an excellent model adhoc10. One of the few countries that actually had the courage to stand up and take action against criminal banks and government, not just in a voting box but real action and accountability. Lip service and a voting booth can never overturn tyranny. Unfortunately, the US is not ready for this manner of action, as the people still believe others will do the work only the "people" can do. "Politics" and all its manipulation, labels and deception remains the king of division and disunity. It takes massive united effort to pull off what Iceland did, here the citizens are not that committed from what I have seen. Every 4 years we rinse and repeat which allows the continuance of criminal activity within banking who controls government who is also corrupt. At some point, it will change when folks understand who and what the controlling factors are, but it will take more than just voting to see the people rise instead of just a figurehead. There is no "taking back our power" without truly wanting rid of corruption. Government and "deep state" still rule the day. There is NO such thing as "too big to fail OR jail"
  6. A John Titus documentary. Viewer discretion is advised. Don't be kept in the dark by mainstream media.
  7. Same tricks, different label. --- Link (CNSNews.com) - The new federal spending bill proposed in the Republican-controlled Congress to fund the government through the end of September--which is now posted on the House Rules Committee website--is 1,665 pages long and includes an average of approximately 210 words per page. That makes this bill approximately 350,000 words long—or about twice as long as the stimulus law (the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”) that President Barack Obama signed less than a month after his inauguration in 2009. As CNSNews.com reported in 2009, the House Appropriations Committee, in the then-Democrat-controlled Congress, released Obama’s stimulus bill in two PDFs less than 24 hours before the House was going to vote on it. One PDF was 575 pages long and the other was 496 pages long, making the entire stimulus when published in that form 1,071 pages. In the format that the Government Printing Office eventually used to publish the final text of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” the law comprised a single PDF that was 407 pages long. The pages in that PDF included an average of approximately 430 words each, making Obama’s stimulus law approximately 175,000 words long. On the House floor this past Friday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) said that House Speaker Paul Ryan had told him that members would have 72 hours to read this new spending bill and that a vote would be held Thursday. “I talked to the Speaker, Mr. Ryan, and to the majority leader standing right there on the floor just hours ago yesterday,” Hoyer said on Friday. “It is my understanding that the speaker’s intention is that we have a bill filed Monday night so, in the speaker’s words, we can give 72 hours to review that bill and then pass it on Thursday.” To read all 1,665 pages of the bill over three full days, a member of Congress—or a citizen—would need to read 555 pages per day.
  8. Fox was not ignorant of the growing problems and accusations. It did not happen over night, but they did give a blind eye to some of it in part due to the amount of ad dollars Bill brought in. Never ignore the fact it is always about the money, until that money starts to pull out, then someone has to act astonished in order to hopefully keep those ad dollars coming in. I think he will show up on another network within about 6 months time and his condescension will be back, along with his screaming at some guests. I wonder if anyone ever told him "don't raise your voice, improve your argument"?
  9. All the best to you TD. It can sure be draining, and I hope you are doing ok your self. Thanks for letting us know how Amanda is doing and what she faces.
  10. I don't think you are alone Karsten. You are being honest with your self, and are not afraid to imply that we may have a problem. My question that I ask constantly, is what do we the people do about it? We can work on a local level, inform and collaborate, talk about these matters, but that is as far as it goes, because people feel they have no voice. Some are afraid to speak their concerns because they get mugged by the cheer leaders who refuse to open their eyes, and admit if anything is going to change this country and return it to a constitutional republic, it is going to be a united people who have had their fill of a two party system sham. Will that ever happen? All we can do is our part, local level, educating ourselves and stop believing that our current political system can ever offer solutions. How many times must we be fooled?
  11. No, no point was missed. Just adding a few thoughts to the conversation. Have you been able to view the video yet? Your thoughts about the last 8 minutes or so? Thanks.
  12. Quite true indeed, it has always been this way with far too many getting caught within it. Here is an interesting detail I think in keeping with the subject, it goes way back to 1871. http://www.federaljack.com/slavery-by-consent-the-united-states-corporation/
  13. If you get a chance, you really should take a look at the details DM. He also discusses after the 12 minute mark about Genie Energy company, who is involved, on the advisory board, such as Rupert Murdoch who mentored Kushner, Kushner, **** Cheney, James Woolsey who Lee states is a rothschild. Brings the Syrian conflict into better perspective outside of the narrative believed. I am not sure about if Trump had to concede to those positions, apparently Ivanka has been very involved in some of the recommendations also, along with Kushner. We really need to be aware of those around the president, and yes, he is responsive to the people, but how long will this last considering if those close continue to refer and advise him in the current direction? it sure did not take long to focus on getting at him via his own family and their connections. i hope he spots these matters before he forgets why he was voted for. Thanks
  14. Please watch and listen carefully before reacting. The information in this video by Lee Stranahan is verifiable, not conspiratorial, and should be looked at closely. Lee voted for and supports our President but not a few of those who surround him. We who support Trump and are not blind to the wiles of the globalist agenda, need to keep up with those who have strong influence over Trump. We cannot allow yet another President to be side tracked in favor of an agenda he did not campaign for. Keep in mind, the associations of those Lee discusses. This is NOT an angry rant or desire to hurt anyone, just the facts about those close to our president. Thanks for watching and listening, please share your thoughts and please stay on topic. We are all in this together, we are the people, we cannot afford to look the other way in some of these matters. Thanks