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  1. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast was almost 100 years ago, on June 8, 1918. What makes this eclipse extra special is that it is the first time since the total solar eclipse of January 11, 1880 that a total solar eclipse will occur exclusively over the continental United States—no other country will see totality, though many countries will see a partial eclipse of the Sun. About 14 states will have parts that go dark...for about 2 minutes. It will be a total solar eclipse, just like many before it. Why some have to push it to being something other than what it is is baffling. Are some folks that hungry for some form of dramatic life slaughtering event? Some are making this some form of sign or omen, which is pure BS and nothing but fear porn. Make a video about it, tell everyone to be afraid, and well, people become afraid. Remember for those who will watch this, protect your eyes. Otherwise, How about we just enjoy the spectacle and leave the "end of the world" crap to those who live in that mindset. Here is some good data about eclipses here for those interested: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/ Thanks B/A
  2. Hi dear You are right, and once again we have another media frenzy, and now we have many repubs who are telling the president "fend for yourself". To me, it all appears purposeful, including Trump's own party who has more than a few opportunity seekers that instead of supporting Trump, they are looking for the blood in order to strike against him. This in my opinion, is a concerted effort by the cess pool. Trump has made his share of mistakes, mostly with his own mouth, but he has also done some good things that should be noticed by the people. Instead though, we are watching a growing circus which the media and I mean ALL the media, doing what they do best, shaping public opinion one fabrication at a time until it appears to be "truthful". In my opinion, we do not need any more reasons to be divided or to hate each other based upon political jargon...what we need is for all of us to realize how we are being toyed with by "poly-ticks" as RVME would say. If that ever happens, Washington will be pissing their pants.
  3. Hey B/A Little is really as it appears in many things, especially markets and the manipulation within it. I agree with you that metals are a good hedge, this includes gold, silver, copper, platinum but it takes more to understand the relationship than what I have seen so many doing for the last 10 years or so. There is more to it than just stacking and thinking one is going to be exempt from any problems. In my opinion, the debt issue on a global basis is a valid concern, beyond what most of us think. Larger than what most of us realize and it will take its toll at some point. When fear begins to rule the markets during corrective activity, there really is no avoiding some getting bruised. Those times require back up plans such as metals for instance, which are a valuable things to store, but not necessarily a store of value if that makes sense. The things you mentioned will all come home to roost at some point, most will be caught off guard because once again they believe we will never see another 2007 - 2008 style implosion, but we will. In the heat of the moment, when it happens, the time to make backup plans is gone, so now is the best time to place a percentage of a portfolio into something like metals, particularly gold and silver. Not going "all in" like those that sell physical metals love to say. One should never go "all in" when it comes to investing, that is a recipe for poverty. problem is there are many die hard metal bugs out there who have no choice but to stay the course, because they have went "all in" and the last 5 or 6 years has hurt some, destroyed others, and some are staying in by their own choosing because to sell now would result in terrible loss after buying in the metals at market highs. Know for certain that what we see today will change down the road because that is the nature of markets. There is no such thing as limitless growth, growth happens in cycles, boom/bust so they say. When things are relatively stable, that is the time to plan for the day it becomes unstable and fear rules the markets. Times of fear make for some obscene gains IF one has done their research and does not follow the crowd over the cliff edge. Another area to look at is playing the VIX, or its variants, which measure the volatility and fear in the market. these are quick hits, and should never be done long term in my opinion. Using options are wise, but very short term if possible.
  4. Everything runs in cycles, markets included. Good times and bad. The idea is to be able to be flexible and adjust positions accordingly, always using firm risk management. As far as gold goes, it has been hyped for decades to eventually reach up to 50,000$ per oz. The 50,000 figure came from Jim Sinclair, and many within the business thought he had finally lost his mind, but he has backed off of those figures. A few others have made similar claims and many followers of these various people slowly became angry because they bought the top of the market near 2,000$ an oz. and were convinced it would go to 5,000$ per oz at the time being encouraged to "stack" often by those who were SELLING the physical. So we see there is always a motive for hype. They only have themselves to blame due to their own refusal to try and see things without their biases, but those they followed helped create that state in their minds, and they lost big time. Any future market shocks can usually be managed as long as one understands how to control greed...and humans have not done a very good job at that. Thanks B/A
  5. I know that about 7 days before the event, craigslist was used to advertise for the usual "actors" that often show up in these events. The ad was taken down quickly of course, but I did see it personally. The offer was for 25$ per hour, so I am sure it attracted many who needed the money, and were willing to play their role for pay. These ads are also used to recruit "crisis actors" shortly before certain events. I have seen those also which lends to the idea that much appears to be staged in today's hunger for drama. This is how things work now, and a lot of it is indeed staged. it gets the desired reaction time after time, usually more division and fighting and more distractions among the people.
  6. Looks like there will be more places to swim! If I recall correctly, this has been an ongoing topic for a long time. Over the decades, this exact scenario was to happen before the year 2000. Attached to it has often been much religious posturing and various groups or sects using the scenario to instill fear and apprehension into their followers which of course is always the motive in "end times" mindset. Over millions of years, this earth has undergone many changes, it is likely to continue and a large part of it is due to the things that are common here such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic activity, etc. Ancient folks had no clue as to what they were witnessing when the earth shook, or a mountain exploded, so they began to associate it all with an angry deity, which to this day is still popular superstition and actually taught by some groups. As for this mapping, it has been credited to various people, Cayce among them, and they appeared to have borrowed from each other, etc. One thing is for sure...there will never be an end to all the things people will come up with to continue to scare others and manipulate their emotions. It is part of being a human, and when we do not understand some things, we tend to associate them with some manner of superstition to try and explain them, which just makes it worse for those who live in fear and dread. Thanks B/A, very interesting but I do not give it much priority. I can do nothing about these things and try not lose sleep over what I cannot alter or change. Many extinction level events have been seen on this earth, and there will be more. Each person will have to approach them as they see fit, some will go too far and usually will seek their 15 minutes of fame and sell books based upon these matters, and you can bet fear will do the selling
  7. She does bare some responsibility Moose...how else would you interpret "Please press one"
  8. It is troubling is it not? Botz: It is always EASY to tell others to "let go, let god and forgive". That is often just a justification to do nothing. Obviously, it bothers you, you are thinking about it and probably would enjoy giving him a sore face. Just remember, whatever you decide to do, people change. What he once was it is likely he is that no longer. Most of us went through the phase of being destructive in life, and towards other people. It is human nature to want revenge, or to justify hurting someone else in the name of religion...it happens all the time. Here is a question for you: If you were standing in HIS shoes right now, and it was YOU who burned his house down, and he came across you, how would you want HIM to treat you? We often refuse to put ourselves in the others shoes and walk a few miles in them, but it is the only way to judge fairly. The bottom line is this: treat him as you would want him to treat you if the situation were reversed. That is the bottom line and all else is hot air. No reason to let it eat at you after this many years. Only you can decide your path and how you will treat him.
  9. Glenn was much more talented than most realize. Excellent guitarist, and well rounded in his abilities. Great entertainer also! Thanks for the memories Glenn, RIP my friend. Thanks RVMe for the post.
  10. Fair enough BJ, I agree. His direction in some cases makes little sense. One would think the focus should be upon corruption, but it never seems to actually get started to address it, rather the same old "drug war" nonsense which in my opinion appears to be protecting the pharma complex and its profits more than actually going after the real drug problems which happen to be pharma drugs on the street such as opioids and other pain killers. In my town the problem is heroin, definitely NOT cannabis.
  11. Graham, McCain, Ryan, and a few others within his party do not like Trump. I had thought from the beginning his fight would be more with his own party which seems to be the case, but he still has decent support overall. I think he is disappointed at a lot of it, but little he can do until the circus calms down. Trump made it clear he was not going to pursue Clinton's many scandals, as seen here and in many other articles: http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-charges-Hillarious-clinton-lock-up-2016-11 although some of his voters did vote for him based upon a few campaign statements that implied he would go after Clinton. Many in Washington think that would be a major mistake, I personally think she should not be the only one pursued because the "swamp" is huge. I am not a fan of Sessions personally, although I think he is one of the good guys, some of his pursuits are to me a bad direction while other more pressing issues are staring him in the face and he is not addressing those. Too much confusion going on and add to it leaks that are very likely coming from some of his own, he knows it is a mess and is trying to get on top of it. The latest is a possible investigation into Reince Priebus: https://www.wsj.com/articles/scaramucci-says-split-with-priebus-may-not-bereparable-1501172308 We are watching a bunch of egos battling it out, and in Washington this is par for the course while we the people look on often unable to make much sense of it all. It is called politics and it can be very dirty among the children which is how some of them are acting and the nation suffers because of this.
  12. I have a tendency to stand up for what i believe is fair, which means I will stand up for anyone if I feel they were being manipulated or treated unfairly no matter how much they may be disliked or how much they may dislike me. Fair is fair. Of course, when I do this, what usually happens is i get labelled as is typical, with being a "commie", a "liberal", or whatever is the latest reaction getting label of the day. I am not defined by some overused labels, but that is how folks often react. We cannot seem to get passed the schoolyard tactics, and actually have constructive discussions on this board in too many cases. Some threads just tend to go south when they deal with politics or religion, it is the nature of the animal I guess and the emotional attachments that go along with it. I know, it makes no sense, but this is how I live my life online and off. If that makes me a bad guy, so be it. it would be nice if people could make their point without tearing into another. Doing that just destroys their message. i know enough folks who have allowed political issues to tear apart even their own families and destroy meaningful friendships. This is not normal behavior in my opinion and goes at the root of all that is wrong in our land today, no matter the party label or ideology attached to it. We are ALL in this together...the moment we actually realize this could be powerful, but that moment never seems to get close. Have a good day Shabs
  13. Here is an interesting article from back in the day. Strange how it was squelched so quickly at the time. http://www.voxfux.com/features/bush_child_sex_coverup/franklin.htm
  14. Sorry LGD, but you keep accusing others and fail to look at your own self in the mirror. You can accuse me and try and label me all you desire, but you have no clue. It is ok for you to accuse another and even question their faith, while pretending to be showing them something. You do not even realize the very same things you accuse "liberals" of doing you do the same. Belittle, accuse and then complain when someone calls you on your tactics. You are better than that, so examine yourself before you accuse others of doing what you started in this thread. Now maybe we can get back to the topic at hand. Have a good day and don't let so much of this get you down either. You take it way too personally and that does you no good. It is OK to disagree. Just let it at that and move on. You are making many assumptions, while missing the points being made. Everyone has an opinion...just because their opinion does not line up with yours, what purpose does it serve to get a parting shot in to try and render them invalid? Do you not see how it works?
  15. You my friend are ALL class AND you are able to think for yourself. Never allow anyone to change that quality about you Shabs. Some enjoy targeting you and toying with you which can be fun, but not when it always seems to get personal and disrespectful. You know how the game is played...if you do not fall in line with the majority, someone will always try and pull your chain and make stupid accusations to get a reaction. Some just are not happy unless they have a target to pounce upon and play with. As we can see, politics and religion are usually the empty tools used to keep up the divide. Maybe some day we can look beyond it all, but doubtful.