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  1. I would rather make my own choice as to what news I watch, so years ago, i stopped watching all of them We also dropped our cable TV 8 years ago, and that proved to be a good thing. No more being fed BS and someone telling me how I should think, how I should feel, what I should support, etc. In my opinion, let the people decide. Most will watch whatever supports their various opinions and views/beliefs, which are often created for them by the very media they watch. It is a circle... I have found ALL media can spin what they want to project and it is how they shape public opinion. Propaganda is alive and well throughout media, and this has been ongoing for probably the last 50 - 60 years with it getting very bad in the last 20 years or so. There was a time when journalists delivered what they learned and did so without prejudice or bias. That is long gone in favor of the 24 hour "breaking news" cycle that is more entertainment than reality.
  2. UNSETTLING Discoveries That Might Change History

    So much history we literally have no clue about. So much history has been altered along the way, usually written only by the "victors" that can leave out so many very important parts and also leave out much truth that if recorded, would have made those "victors" story quite shaky. Contradictions alone can be mind numbing. It is always easier to just follow and accept the majority account of history, but dig a little deeper and one may find what they have been taught is not always accurate. Then you have those who will fight to protect the part that is not accurate. I think history is great, as long as there is a trustworthy source, and those are not always easy to find. I love learning new things, and sometimes those new things have changed my own thoughts and beliefs about history, etc. Hopefully, we all learn something new with the willingness to keep an open mind along the way. Truth is, we know very little, and what we think we know is often wrong Interesting, thanks B/A.
  3. It appears everyone today wants their 15 minutes of fame As far as minds being hijacked, that happened a very long time ago, long before social media. Thanks Umbert

    You are free to believe what you want Scott. We have been down this road enough. You go through so many different phases, it is difficult to know who the real you is. If you only want to dictate to others, you should say so in your threads, so no one will challenge you, because that is exactly what YOU want is NO challenge. Instead of discussion, you always end with your brand of threats from the angry god you serve. You really should look in the mirror before you condemn another person just on the basis that they do not agree with you. it makes you look very insecure in your own beliefs to conduct yourself in this manner. Have fun, but know that you do not fool everyone.

    Botzwana, don't met him intimidate you like this. I've seen it before from many, and do not allow their threats to play games with your mind. You have every right to question everything, always. You will never be condemned by asking questions, only by those who get angry with you for not bowing to their doctrine. This is the manner of threat many appear to enjoy making when you ask too many questions. Been down that road many years ago, it is THE main threat used to try and extinguish anyone who dares to question or who will not submit to their teachings. Using this manner of threat is a last ditch effort to sway a person. Don't fall for it. It is all some have, is to threaten when you do not agree. It shows just how dangerous this mindset is, and how strong the manipulation can be. it is destructive. Walk away and just let him dictate to others his twisted ideologies and beliefs that his god is about to condemn those who disagree. Don't try and change his beliefs as he tries with will just make things worse. You know how the script goes...if all else fails, proceed to issuing threats. Religion has its built in threat system, it is how people are manipulated into following the script. Perhaps he will ask to have this thread shut would be a good thing at this time.
  6. The Deity of Jesus Christ

    There are many modern beliefs that have their origins in some form of "pagan" religions. Certain ideologies and teachings stem from ancient thought. Some folks adopt them because they may fit with their particular views of our world. Some of those views can be pretty twisted, but there is little doubt as to some of their origins. Here is what I have found in many cases... Some folks are content with their faith, and practice what is most important, such as learning what it means to love each other, which has nothing to do with the warm fuzzy feelings often associated with "love". Others feel they must try and prove what cannot be proven, and in doing so they often toss aside anyone who does not believe as they do which is the opposite of humility. I have seen many discussions turn into heated debates and outright anger due to certain subjects. History shows us that some went as far as murder in the name of their god and we have seen this in modern times. Most religions insist they are the only true faith, etc. They also often teach the idea that those who do not submit will be treated to a plethora of sadistic measures to punish them. This type of teaching also has its roots in very ancient mythology but is apparently found to be very handy when it comes to the methods used to convince another, and if all else fails, pour on the horror show. It is quite effective...but also totally contrary to humility and love. Men have tried to fashion a god after themselves throughout history, and in doing so, they come up with some very strange and dark ideas as to how that god treats others. It ends up treating others in ways that vengeful men treat their neighbors who they are supposed to love as themselves. To me, it is all a matter of the heart. The bottom line is always treating others as we desire to be treated, which all of us have failed miserably at, but it is part of the human experience. It is a universal teaching of how we interact with others, and one of the most misunderstood. The most difficult thing to do is to love without bias, without expectations, and without trying to force others to believe the same as we do. We have been told that there is faith, hope and love...and the greatest of those is love, not creeds, or doctrines or dogma, but love. Love does not set out to harm others, true love finds ways to edify and practice kindness towards others. A rare thing today in some cases especially when it comes to certain beliefs. If that is so, that love is the greatest, then something went wrong a long time ago and the division we often see among folks is a reflection of that. I find it is profitable to try and never allow any ideology to come in between how I treat other people. It is a dangerous path to take when anyone places their belief above the value of their fellows, because it often leads to a violent end. Just my two cents
  7. The Deity of Jesus Christ

    If one researches the origins of these matters and ancient beliefs, they predate all forms of organized religion. The belief in a man "god" has its roots in much ancient mythology going back to Horus, Mithra, etc. The pattern has been followed throughout religious history, with much borrowed from ancient "gods and goddesses" in which there were literally thousands over many thousands of years. Ancients viewed the planets as "gods" and named them as such, the main "god" being the sun or "Son".
  8. Follow the money is the best place to start any asking the question "Who Benefits"? Good thing is many more folks are thinking critically and reluctant to accept official narratives and the spin placed upon these events.
  9. Interesting, thanks bigwave. One does not mess with the profits of modern drug cartels...and the US is their largest customer.

    Some interesting history/details about this subject called "hell"... and how it has affected its adherents. if one were to go back and study ancient myths, they would see how "hell" came about long before christianity reintroduced it. All cultures have had some form of this myth as well as many different religions/beliefs. The actual word in hebrew that was used is "sheol", and in greek it is "hades", or "gehenna", or "tartaros", coming from Greek mythology. The word used by translators is often derived from their own bias, a place called "hell" which was borrowed from the Norse goddess name of "Hel". Interestingly, The word tartaros (The verb tartaroo, from the noun tartaros, means "cast into tartaros.") comes from Greek Mythology and was a deep abyss and a place of torment where the Greek gods banished their enemies. The use of this word in the New Testament is a clear case of a Greek influence on the New Testament text. This mythology has been used for thousands of years to instill fear and dread into the hearts of various religious followers, to this day. The idea is completely contrary to true justice, which always seeks correction and restoration rather than the myth of a place of fire and endless torment adopted by some very twisted minds. If one is not fearful of researching origins of various religious myths, there are some excellent resources that go back to all the familiar gods and goddesses through history, and detail how religions have borrowed from them, such as Horus, Buddha, Mithra, etc., and how various cultures reacted to these stories as well as added to them according to the traditions of their families and cultures. They included ideas such as "gods" being born on December 25, similar events such as we can read in the bible, etc. There is nothing new under the sun... Very similar stories, phrases, subjects to the point that it can not be ignored. Everyone chooses their beliefs, usually based upon tradition, culture, etc. if we were born in a different culture and religion, that is what most would follow without question, it is just how it works. ALL believe their religion is the "only true" way and many have been killed or harmed by those various beliefs and forcing them upon the unwilling, with the old threat of "convert or die". History is ripe with this sad state of affairs. I have known some folks who were ruined because of the fear they were taught about these myths, "hell" being one that has been at the root of many religious related suicides and ritual abuse and murder such as the justification to kill another based upon their refusal to convert, or based upon the fear that a person was a 'devil' and needed to be burned, etc. Each year, many harm themselves by cutting their own flesh in an attempt to gain favor of their god and avoid judgment/punishment, etc. It is often cited as the main reason for some to express the reason as to why they follow a certain religion or god, because they were terrified of this teaching. Often their choice was not based upon a loving creator figure, but rather a loving creator figure that threatened them with endless torture if they did not submit and "do what he said". This is not "love", it is bondage. This is not how a loving father or mother would ever treat their child, but it IS how mythology would because there are literally thousands of gods and goddesses and the competition between them demanded some manner of struggle and place of torture when one would defeat the other. Classic mind control but such a very fragile subject, that most dare not look too deep into it due to their own learned religious superstitions. This is one of the most volatile and divisive religious subjects with some defending it and using it as a tool to get "conversions" or just to threaten anyone who does not submit to its teachings. Books such as "Dante's inferno" told about many of these myths, some believing the book to be "true" while others understood it for what it was. You can read more about the various versions of cultures here:
  11. Oh those pics...mhmm...I mean articles were very interesting
  12. It is a bizarre world Shabs, did you read some of the comments after that article? Hilarious!
  13. He always seemed to have a smile on his face , can't imagine why Thanks Umberto
  14. NBA star Kyrie Irving and flat earth

    I recall reading some time ago some documentation about the "flat earth" theory and how it got fueled in its promotion. Very much like a psyop, it was an interesting read with several intel agencies using it as a test, etc. Try going to a flat earth related forum, and dare to question its validity. Why do some folks have to get so angry and defensive when someone questions this theory? The moment I saw how those who questioned it were treated, it was obvious how it is promoted Tactics are always: Belittle the questioner, tell everyone who does not believe it they are "sheeple", and tell those who do not believe it they are obviously "trolls for NASA". Apparently if it is a psyop, it has worked well. You know if the internet says it, then it must be true I am all for thinking outside the box, outside the typical narratives of how we should think and feel and believe, etc., it is how we can learn many interesting things, but there are some things that just are not worth the effort. Just my two cents.
  15. It would appear Mr. Moore thinks quite a lot of himself. To me, whenever someone uses the idea that everything they do is "god", as if that somehow underscores whatever they do, and should not be questioned. That is a very old trick, often used by both politics and religion to make the person appear as a chosen one in their particular position. I think folks need to be aware of how certain tricks are played and how those who play them believe it gives them an advantage. The only advantage it gives is they know their claim will appeal to enough people that are their target supporters. the veracity of their claim is always suspect. Just my thoughts...thanks B/A

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