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  1. I was surprised to read the other week the same trick was mentioned about "you will have to pass it to know what is in it" type of nonsense. Trump would do well to rid himself of the likes of Ryan, and there are many I think who are mis-directing him on several issues, those who have his ear. I am glad this "bill" was pulled, he did the right thing, but it should have been pulled sooner in my opinion. Jax, you are right, it is unconstitutional, all of it...BUT the government WANTS to control the medical system and all of it will likely go to single payer, which was the goal with ACA. It really is about control but sold otherwise. Even in a free market, cost of insurance will not go down much at all...the benchmark keeps rising, and so will insurance. At some point, we ALL will be priced out of it other than those who sit in DC who have the best insurance and perks, of course at the expense of the people.
  2. In my opinion, maybe you guys should ask Adam for your own little safe space, so you don't have to be exposed to such life threatening posts. Then you can go about your witch hunts safely.
  3. bang your drums

    Love the look on the guys face.
  4. Love it! Mmm...bacon! It causes the head to recline as one shouts its name...bacon! Thanks moose
  5. bang your drums

    The acts of random kindness is what life is all about. It doesn't matter what those people believe, or what political slant they are, they are people who need help. At that point in time, those who take action do not care about all the divisive tricks, they only see the person without bias. It renews hope that someday, mans inhumanity to man will end with an outstretched hand to one's neighbor which is the bottom line. All else is noise... Thanks LGD
  6. As the cat says: "I feel odd today, like something is hanging on me and trying to strangle me" Thanks Snow
  7. Well, whoever posted that must be a joy to be around Looks like the trolling just took on a whole new way of irritation.
  8. Today, most things are a 'false premise' unless of course that premise supports their opinions. "fake news" is everywhere, has been for ages, but some do not believe that as long as what they see, hear or read supports their opinions or views. As to your scenario yes, it is very real and happens daily. At some point, we all need help due to not being able to keep up with constant rising costs, etc., not to mention sh!t that happens unexpected in life. But in this case, the outcome was quite expected, but still mistakes happen and we all do stupid things. To some that means someone must not have 'planned' every step of their life to perfection, so they have no compassion or care about them. We all make mistakes, we all screw up at some point, but that does not mean government should be the ultimate safety net but yet it HAS been the public safety net in many ways for a long time, and it has now become expected. i do not think we should just swipe others away who need help because of "too bad for them" mentality. We live in a complicated world now, mostly made that way for us by both politics and religion, but that is another story and one that will likely never change. Thanks Shabs
  9. I would have told her inside the store was not the appropriate place to discuss these matters. I would not have exposed others who were just there to buy something to yet more political banter. I would suggest taking it outside of the store to discuss, but she would not have gone for that, because her whole idea was to get attention, proven by posting it on periscope. Some folks just do not know when to stop the BS and get on with life.
  10. Thanks Scott. No doubt ACA has been imploding since it began. But the overall health care system has been getting to that point even before ACA, due to costs which will take a long time to become fair. Trump knows this, and knows it will be a challenge. He also knows about the pharma lobbyists and others who have too many politicians in their pockets who also have profited handsomely from ANY government involvement within health care. The "swamp" is full of them One of the sections of the bill is said to wipe out the penalty, and then calls for insurance companies to issue a penalty of 30% added to the customers premium if they went more than 63 days without insurance. So how does that wipe out the "penalty" tax, yet the person will still be penalized 30% per month for 1 year? On a 400$ premium, that is 120$ per month X 12. Double speak I think as always. Still a penalty, just not being paid to the IRS it appears to me. https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-03-13/trump-warns-it-could-take-several-years-for-health-costs-to-drop President Donald Trump said it could take several years for health insurance prices to start to drop under an Obamacare replacement plan he is promoting, creating a rocky transition period that could pose a risk for members of Congress up for re-election next year and Trump’s own bid for a second term in 2020. In a meeting at the White House Monday with a group of small business owners, doctors and individuals who said their plans were canceled or that they saw a spike in health-insurance costs since Obamacare was enacted, Trump offered reassurances but warned that any relief won’t be immediate. “More competition, less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care,” Trump told the group. “Unfortunately, it takes a while to get there because you have to let that marketplace kick in and it is going to take a little while to get there. Once it does, it is going to be a thing of beauty. I wish it didn’t take a year or two years. But that is what is going to happen.” --- I hope he is right, costs must come down, or it will implode on its own. Maybe government should not be involved at all. That does not mean people cannot get help, it just means government oppression will be a little less in all our lives.
  11. No need to be sorry Shabs! Too funny... i don't need to have a 'safe place' because I get offended by a post.
  12. Paul Ryan says if their bill is not passed, the system will collapse. President Trump says it will take years before health costs will go down. So no one has the answer other than a dog and pony show. Until medical costs, drugs, etc., go down which is unlikely without proper competition within, these issues are not likely to go away. Insurance will continue to rise, etc. My goodness, how did folks ever survive without cradle to grave perks they are now told they must have? Sickness is big business, big profits. Those profits are expected to always go up, it is insisted upon by the companies shareholders. Major conflicts to face before thinking costs will go down.
  13. LOL Snow, I am glad you are crab free Just teasing with you...but being a cat, I really am glad no crabs OR carbs
  14. Thanks for the comments Strange thing is, many are realizing the connection between some vaccine problems in regards to the long term health of a child. I know folks who were harmed by certain vaccines, strange reactions, etc., that their doctors denied, but they knew the problems were not present until after a vaccine. Today, this issue has become a "politically correct" type of issue, where many not only believe in vaccines, they have no problems having their babies treated like a pin cushion. I find it quite odd. Not all are dangerous of course, many are, especially those given shortly after child birth. It is not a 'conspiracy theory', the ingredient list alone in vaccines is not something one should place inside their body, but again, most just do what they are told by the doc, often without a question. Baking soda works wonders for assisting acidic issues, but one of the main culprits is actually candida yeast and fungal problems. This is at the heart of both cancer and diabetes research is finding, These issues grow in colonies and over the long term, suppresses the immune system activity which opens the door to a host of health problems. Main causes for yeast and fungal infections are what Snowglobe mentions...too much white flour and sugar, processed carbs, etc. Salt used should be Himalayan or sea salt, not just table salt containing just sodium chloride and anti-caking additives. Boron is another powerful element that addresses so many issues as above, but also has a history of curing rheumatism arthritis, osteo, etc. Kills yeast and fungus, balances hormones to the point many women have been able to stop their hormone replacement therapies which has harmed many long term. A cheap and easy to use source for boron is Borax. A natural mineral called sodium-tetraborate. Yes, the same borax people use in their laundry. An 1/8th to a 1/4 teaspoon per day dissolved in a glass of water or solution works wonders. I know for a fact it works, but most have difficulty understanding its uses outside of laundry and consider it unsafe. It is actually less toxic than table salt, and has a myriad of benefits when taken internally. You can learn more about this suppressed info here along with dosing instructions. Fascinating story... http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm