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  1. I find it all to be hypocritical in many ways. Both sides have their own style of tactics usually to cover or hide evidence, or simply outright denial. Washington politics are dirty and both sides play the game well. Meanwhile, there are many other issues we should be focused upon rather than what a person did or did not do sexually 30 years ago. The amount and price of covering up various abuse claims within Washington is huge, it is not anything new and how those on the inside react to something of a sexual nature is comical, when they all know it is rampant on both sides. We have no idea who is telling the truth. Both sides should be heard and I hope this is not just more drawn out drama, because most folks are getting very tired of how politics is slowly destroying our land...and how politicians continue to think up ways to distract and divide.
  2. Jim1cor13

    Inside the Secret Moon Documentary

    Fascinating, all of it. A healthy reminder of how little we actually know about these matters and about what is actually "out there", let alone our own origins. We may never know, but it is all fascinating. I think the worst thing anyone can bring to the table of something of this nature is a closed mind. A closed mind suggests we think we "know" when it is evident we have little clue. Thanks B/A
  3. Good observation with Greg. You're right, he sometimes has broad swings in his enthusiasm I have found over the years most of these guys in one way or another have helped move a lot of metal, and the best way to do it is to publish articles claiming various financial fall outs. The entire globe is steeped in debt, and my hope is that the debt system finally fails but not likely in our life times. In the US alone, credit card debt if I recall correctly is OVER 13 Trillion. Seriously, this is bizarre, I think it is the highest consumer debt ever recorded. We seem to never learn when it comes to so much spending often far above ones means. Thanks B/A
  4. Parade has been cancelled as far as I can tell. Thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing. Trump nixes $92M military parade, blames DC for high cost Link:
  5. I am familiar with Greg. He has been touting this for the last 6 years or so. Keep in mind all the talk about systemic crashes usually serve one is often used to sell metals, gold, silver, etc. to others, using this kind of hype. One forum I read has been using this method to sell tons of metal to their subscribers, and most of the articles they post are simply fabrications in order to scare the people and push them into metals. Physical metals, god and silver are wise investments...but many have gone "all in" and they have lost their asses in the process while being told daily gold/silver is about to "blast off". They have been told this so often, most believe it. It is always about the money...those that sell talk about "fiat" currency, yet they love to make sales and take that paper to the bank. Thanks B/A
  6. Well said DoD. Truth is, parades are little more than showing off military hardware, no different than other countries who parade their weapons around the streets, while saying a bunch of words about the REAL force behind the weapons, the servicemen and women who operate them and sacrifice themselves for their country. But words alone do nothing for our Vets, many who are suffering. A parade not only falls short of true honor and respect for our service folks and vets, it is a waste of money that should be used to honor vets by actually improving their quality of care and treatment when they come home. Actions speak louder than a bunch of words, and our vets deserve more quality attention to their needs, better wages, and NO VET should be crippled with PTSD, driven to suicide which by the way is at 22 per day, nor should they be treated like second class citizens or end up homeless! I support our president, but true patriots who love their country should call this what it is...a waste of tax payer dollars that could be funneled into actual improvements for every Vet, rather than words of flattery and the parading of hardware. Our Vets deserve much better than this. Let's be honest with ourselves and call this for what it is...a show.
  7. Jim1cor13

    I am getting Married!!!

    Congrats Moose...and all the very best to you and your wife to be. I hope you get a really nice air conditioner for a wedding present! ;D
  8. Excellent, well said my friend. I personally understand all to well how cognitive dissonance can really hinder our learning, especially new things that may challenge what we think we "know". Too often folks get angry when their perceptions are challenged. I realized i would learn nothing if I continued allowing that to happen. It stunts true growth in my opinion. It is not easy to revisit certain things we think we "knew" to find out we knew little. I often wonder if we actually have our own original thoughts/ideas or if they are programmed during our lives and just accepted by us rather than questioned to verify their veracity. Too often I have found I was fooled, and I fooled myself while in that "cognitive dissonance" state of mind, which can suck the life out of a person and keep us locked in something that may not be good for us. Thanks Indy
  9. Interesting details from This fellow. Not sure what to think about it other than i know the earth is ever changing, land masses, etc., has been for millions/billions of years. Perhaps the manner in which these changes occur, other than volcanic activity, earthquakes, etc., is due to something of this nature. I don't buy into the global warming issue, although he makes a valid point about reduced salinity in the oceans, and that alone would/could affect weather. Thought provoking, thanks for this Indraman. I am always open to learn new things and I learned to question everything over the years, especially those things i had once thought I "knew", and it turned out I was fooled many times. I realized one day I knew little to nothing, being honest with myself rather than trying to protect my preconceived ideas about things we truly know little about. I would rather be honest with myself and open to new ideas, rather than ignoring evidence that could teach me something. Sometimes there are other motives in regards to these subjects, some use them to scare people, others use that fear to make profit. I do think there are changes going on and we really are not sure how it is happening, but this John Moore made some good points that I will follow up on and maybe learn something new! Thanks again Indy
  10. Jim1cor13


    Well, it could happen of course, but I have heard these claims for the last 10 years, and some of them have been out there for at least the last 40 years. No doubt there are some things we are repeating such as housing mortgage problems and over zealous lending habits, but the country is in better shape than it was under Bush, when he authorized bank bail outs, etc., and that program continued to grow until it hit trillions under Obama, etc., mostly because the true depth of the crisis at the time was much worse than initially thought. But fact is, bailing out the criminal lenders was a bad idea long term and sent a horrible message that they got away with their crimes...which for the most part they did. Then to strap we the people with the bill? I never understood how more were not outraged at that move. We are making similar mistakes again that we saw in 2006 - 2008, and that worries me, but at least for now we are in a bit better shape. How long that lasts is anyone's guess. I hope the president realizes we cannot go down that road and heat up things too fast, but for now, the financial shape of our country is in a much stronger condition overall, but there is always more work to do. Thanks B/A
  11. Hey Umbert! Thanks, doing ok here i think. Working on some new music and busy with other biz stuff. Hope you are doing well also, thanks for chiming in :)
  12. Excellent point. I have wondered the same. It appears that every time there is talk about this, or someone claims to have seen this planet it, it is always something caught on someones cell phone or it is some form of artist rendition. I would think if it existed and some claiming to spot it, then there should be clear evidence rather than a drawing or some artifact on a cell phone. Remember the craze the last few years of some saying they saw 2 suns and the second sun was supposed to be "planet x" etc.? Same thing, an artist rendition or footage from a cell phone, never from telescopic origin. I look at motive, and sometimes I think it is just toying with folks. Thanks...
  13. Hi Pitcher Thanks for this. The good news for the people of Iran who happen to be beautiful intelligent folks, is that many are turning against the religious tyranny they have lived under and has been a part of their culture for so long. They are tired of living under that type of tyranny, and many are rising up against it. They are tired of being threatened at every turn by their rulers and being forced to submit to their many decrees. They are just one of several countries ruled by a theocratic style leadership. Perhaps the people will finally get to see a change in their form of government with people who do not want to continue being ruled by the oppressive type of government they have lived under for so long. One way to achieve this is to hit them in the pocket with something of this nature that affects a major commodity such as oil and trade. I hope the people win in the end, I hope that for everyone actually. Have a good day!
  14. Interesting subject considering so much we don't know about what inhabits space or those things that repeat their appearances (orbits) over many thousands of years. I tend to think most of what we see or hear about in regards to this subject has happened many times throughout history. The ancients would see these things and of course spread fear to others of an angry god or goddess coming for them, or certain of their many gods were fighting each other for supremacy, etc. Most of that thinking still exists today, only it has morphed into "end times" mind set, with the belief that certain events seen are a "sign" of some manner of impending doom. Same mindset, different time in history, but they all still pack the same punch for those who believe an angry god wants to wipe us out. It is baffling why so many try and make certain events out to be some form of doom...and then go on to profit from that fear by selling their wares and books. Recall the hysteria about "blood moons", another so called sign? It was bizarre how a few spread so much disinfo about an event that has repeated throughout history, yet we are still here. Wrap these events up in religious superstition, and it always packs a major punch to those who believe them, those who actually can't seem to wait for some horrible destructive event so they can claim it was the act of a god. History is ripe with stories such as this, and some think what we see today is "new".
  15. I am not a Jones fan. I have personally caught him in too many lies and fabrications over the years. Blatant lies that he used to manipulate his base regarding a variety of subjects. One thing I know personally, and that is I do not want anyone, left, right or in the middle dictating to me what I can watch, listen to or read. No politician should dictate that choice for us yet amazingly some from both sides actually support that. This is a bad precedent that could end badly for everyone. Let's encourage thinking for ourselves, making our own choices as to what we decide or not decide to read, watch or listen to. Censorship is NOT an option in a free society. Freedom of speech and freedom to choose must survive or we open a door to something potentially very ugly.

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