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  1. Great Story, RMC10! Go Moola Nova!
  2. Yep! Pretty sure we'll need some DV cruise therapy after this all hits! Go Moola Nova!
  3. Looking forward to meeting you, too, Presence! Go Moola Nova!
  4. Hey, BoosterBGlee, that's my line! But you have stated that so eloquently! So, by all means, Carry On! Hope you are having a Great Day and will Have a Great Weekend! Looks like we will get to meet soon as well as all the other DVers!
  5. Oh, Yeah, ChuckFinley, and getting better by the second! Trust you are doing well, too. Look forward to meeting post event! Thank You, NannaB! Not Nite, Nite time yet is it? Looks like some more fun yet to be had here tonight. All The Best! Go Moola Nova! P.S. You All, I ran out of emeralds so will have to stop back later. This stinkin' 200 emeralds a day limit is killin' me!
  6. Thank You, BKeiller! "Cheers! Thanks for all of a your insights, too, Synopsis. (I am sure the Iraqis are just trying to avoid history repeating itself?)" We can only hope the Iraqis are keen enough to avoid future issues by learning from past history. However, international friends and family may have told them to do this. Another thought that crossed my mind is tensions with Iran may heat up and the Strait of Hormuz would put a monkey wrench in Iraq oil shipments by an Iranian blockade. With the recent talk of Iraq going to a whooping 8 million barrels per day at some point, I wonder if the huge uptick in Iraqi oil volume is to replace what is to be shut off from Iran. Just thinking out loud here. In the mean time................... Go Moola Nova!
  7. The main CBI office is in Baghdad. There are three CBI branches in the North - Mosul, Erbil, and Solaimani - and one CBI branch in the South - Basra. Mosul is likely disengaged at this point but the other two may have presented a concern. Basra is in the South so may not have issues like the branches in the North. The article does mention all cargo planes for all provinces although the ban seems to now be lifted in entirety that would have gone into effect May 1. I don't know if the ban had anything to do with hard currency moving around via cargo planes so a centralized inspection was planned to be instituted or maybe what ever they were concerned with is now believed to not come to pass or maybe they have another work around to address the issue. May 1 may tell. We shall see! Go Moola Nova!
  8. I wonder if Trump is going to do some keester warming while he is there. Or maybe check on the operations and render the, "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" Seems like they should have already gotten the message and are scurrying to git 'er dun to avoid any "undesirable attention" when Trump shows up. Just thinking out loud here. In the mean time...................... Go Moola Nova!
  9. Keen observation, BKeiller! Go Moola Nova!
  10. Oh, really? Your arrogant ignorance betrays you. Go back to school. Your "insight" is no more use than dung here. Yes, you are ignorant, really!
  11. The question I have is, "Would Theseus like to graciously concede the scoop he has so rigorously been using to dig himself a hole in the ground?" Well, there are owls that use burrows for habitat but that is another illustration for another time............ OK, here is an illustration to help understand communication and perspective dynamics.............. Paper (B.S.) Light Bulb (heat) Pen (some know in other scenarios as pencil) Rock (Intellect, Brilliance) Scissors (viable intimidation) Bat (Deflection or Distraction) So we all know Rock/Paper/Scissors. There is a variant Rock/Paper/Pencil/Scissors. The variant is a misunderstanding of actual interaction dynamics. The primary and undirected dynamic on a comparable level is B.S., Intellect (Brilliance), and Viable Intimidation. This, of course, has higher levels. A higher level of B.S. covers over the lower level of B.S. with it's own aroma. The higher level of Intellect (Brilliance) pulverizes the lower level of Intellect (Brilliance). And the higher level of Viable Intimidation renders the lower level of Viable Intimidation inoperable. However, the higher level of Heat compliments the lower level of Heat. The higher level of Deflection or Distraction compliments the lower level of Deflection or Distraction. And the higher level of Policy (Pen) compliments the lower level of Policy. So one can see, if only for illustration purposes, the interactive dynamics and the interdictory dynamics. Say a whole bunch of B.S. is being applied to Brilliance. Well, just turn on the light and turn up the heat! The B.S. then dries up and glances off the Rock. Say Intellect (Brilliance) is being used to smash the Viable Intimidation. No problem, just use the bat to deflect or distract the rock and the scissors is spared. Say Viable Intimidation is intent on cutting through the B.S. Well, Pen trumps everything instituting policy and Scissors will have to find another way to cut through the crap. Well, OK, I may have an I.Q. above the band of most folks. You know what? That doesn't really matter. I have found it is far better to be sincere in how I value people and to actually work with them on the issues at hand. I have worked with educated idiots and they do far more damage to an operation or organization than any sum of oversight from the most sincere. God Help Us. Really. Just because a plan is published with any degree of acknowledgement or broad based agreement, does that really imply a particular (stated) outcome? Say, for example, does a deck floor plan really matter to the folks on a sinking ship? Just food for thought. Love You All. Go Moola Nova!
  12. I really appreciate all the behind the scenes hard work you, Adam and affiliates, are doing to provide value added services for folks who have participated in programs you have and are offering! Thank You for the short and to the point update! Yeah, I lost my enthusiasm, too, for the stinkin' HCL some time ago. I look forward to further updates you may have for us in the near future. In The Mean Time......................... Go Moola Nova!