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  1. Oh, Yeah, ChuckFinley My Good Friend, Oh, Yeah!!! Go Moola Nova!
  2. Synopsis

    Sadr: Re-instate The IQD Immediately.

    Have a Great Night, Idplzr, and Thank You for the compliment as well!!! In The Mean Time........................................ Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  3. Synopsis

    Sadr: Re-instate The IQD Immediately.

    Idplzr, dude, You have been posting like nothing else today!!! Good Show!!! You must have one fantastic caffeine buzz going or You are hyped on thinking about Your elk hunt this fall!!! (I like either option but would like to especially have some coffee in the mornings before the elk hunt) The Best Of Your Day (and elk hunt in the fall, too) To You, Idplzr!!! And (of course)................................................. Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  4. May want to consider the quote of Ronald Reagan starting at 4:14, "Well, the trouble with our Liberal Friends is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so." h.a.n.d. (everybody - of course)
  5. Foreign Currency Selling Window for 24/5/2018 that performed on 23/5/2018 Announcement No.(3705) Sale Date - 24/5/2018 that performed on 23/5/2018 Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 144,476,489 Total sale cash 33,610,000 Total sale amount 178,086,489 Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar. So, the market purchase price (119,000 IQD/100 USD) is the same as the CBI currency auction selling price (1,190 IQD/1 USD. I wonder what pressure this is putting on the value of the Iraqi Dinar???!!! I dunno but it sure looks good!!! In The Mean Time................................. Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  6. Synopsis

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    Thank You, Adam, for the update and I must say Platinum VIP is really, really good for me!!! Go Moola Nova!
  7. Synopsis

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    There are related small business persons playing by the rules that suffer loss of business and then go out of business because of area persons hiring illegal immigrants. So I think there are a lot of private citizens who do care.
  8. Synopsis

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Hi Mammaw! Adam seems to indicate here he may not post much during Ramadan since he doesn't seem to think much, if anything, will happen with regard to the Iraqi Dinar during Ramadan ending nominally on June 15 or so. Go Moola Nova (Anyway DURING Ramadan!!!)!!!
  9. Synopsis

    Wikipedia Dinar Description

    Here is a link to the associated CBI website page to note the valid and circulated notes. The 2003, 2013, and 2015 series (post Saddam Hussein era) notes are all valid notes except for the 50 note that has previously been recalled (second link). Provided the Iraqi Dinar You have is bone fide of the noted three series and not counterfeit, You will be fine. Go Moola Nova!
  10. Synopsis

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    That might depend on what company a person works for. As a pre employment qualification for a company in a border state, I had to supply the necessary documentation to demonstrate I am an actual The United States Of America Citizen. At the time, I was told it is a big deal with The United States Of America Immigration to have improperly documented workers with associated fines for the company and potentially criminal charges for associated company employees depending on the related offense(s). I was also told The United States Of America Immigration did unannounced visits occasionally to check compliance.
  11. My opinion is there was a change in the system configuration that has previously unassessed and unknown non functionality. Once the root cause is discovered, the the bank can pay as noted on demand. The bank does not have control of system configurations outside of the bank. In this case, the CBI needs to delve into the exact nature of why the bank can not pay on schedule because of seemingly benign and innocuous system configuration changes or normal updates or upgrades that did not solve the intent but causes the problem now. This may also be due to system services provided by an international entity that may have done something but are unaware or not forthcoming with what they did to cause the problem and work to apply the actual solution. So more drama for a while. Could it be related to a RI/RV of the Iraqi Dinar like this may as well be a distraction? Remains to be seen but human error is more likely the reason to me. Just my thoughts, opinion, and In The Mean Time........................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  12. Synopsis

    Silly Smiles

    And, WE ALL Greatly Missed You Two As WELL!!! !!!SgtFuryUSCZ!!! Welcome Back!!!
  13. Thank You, Wiljor Bro, AND The Toast To You As Well!!! Your choice of beverage (hot and fresh cup of Tim's brewed by the local experts) is superb, of course!!! I dunno if this is our week or not but here's to hopin'!!! Yeah, Floridian, I really question "lightning speed" as well!!! Well, OK, we can hope somebody(ies) have the nice hot poker prepped and ready to apply to "encourage" the "lightning speed"!!! In The Mean Time........................................ Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  14. I am not sure if this is an indication of the imminent release of a report by a major international credit rating agency for a foreign investment worthy credit rating due to the notation, "especially after obtaining a good credit rating"!!! Maybe the coming days will tell???!!! In The Mean Time...................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
  15. Maybe it is just me but I think this is a SMOKIN' () statement by the likely to be reappointed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Sadr was also noted in one of the articles above that Iraq will be Sovereign apart from external entities. Hopefully this is a reference to booting all of the Iranian influences out of Iraq to include the IRGC and Qassem Soleimani. Ali al-Alaaq was noted as saying the currency reform implementation was waiting on the right environment for implementation. I suspect this is one of the main, if not the only remaining, considerations for the currency reform to be implemented. I find the other reference to : So, this may exclude Hosyhar Zebari and Massoud Barzani while for sure Nouri al-Maliki. All in all, the way this is all shaping up for, the new Iraqi government, we may just be in the best position possible to get the key items implemented at lightning speed to include the currency reform! In The Mean Time................................. Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!

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