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  1. I agree, ChuckFinley! I don't think the Chinese and everybody else would be interested in this venture if they didn't think they could make it work by passing through Stable and Secure areas! Hey, insurers wouldn't insure readily pirateable cargoes, either! About a year ago, if I remember right, there was talk of running a fiber optic line through Iraq near where the Silk Road was supposed to go and that would take about a year to install. I may not be remembering all the details but they couldn't do that either if the fiber optic line would be interrupted due to terrorism, etc.! The Best Of Your Weekend To You!
  2. Thank You, TigerGorZow, My Friend! The Best Of The Weekend To You!
  3. Yeah, ChuckFinley - You caught me slackin'! Actually, I was looking for a map all morning that would show the IDF progress and came up dry. to TigerGorZow! Thank You TigerGorZow for the map fix today! In the mean time......................... Go Moola Nova!
  4. Yeah, Okane, me, too! Here is the translation - extremely wise words from CoorsLite21 - Thank You, CoorsLite21 Thank you for keeping all topics free and easy to use
  5. I am so grateful for the team of folks here at DV willing to share. I know I for one probably don't have it straight right out of the box so I appreciate others chiming in to help me get things straight. Just the shear volume of past news culminating coupled with recent seeming anomalies, I for one can't help but be optimistic - yet cautious on how I plan to evaluate options and execute once the real deal is announced. Thank You All!!! I am eagerly waiting some news from Adam. Maybe he'll do a drive by - or maybe he has better and more necessary things to do! In the mean time.............................. Go Moola Nova!
  6. All The Best Drunk_Viking64 on Your new adventure! Thank You for NonCircumvention and NonDisclosure! I understand commitments one must make and adhere to. Hope to meet you as circumstances permit. Have A Great Weekend, er, on Your new Ship with Your Crew!
  7. This article don't seem to make no sense. 21 billion dinars is about 17.7 million USD. For 360 projects, that is an average of about 49,300 USD. Maybe, here is hopeful thinking since the article mentions Eid al-Fitr, the 21 billion dinar is based on the updated budget and (here's a stretch) this value is based on the revalued IQD? Only a thought and a thought only. In the mean time.................................. Go Moola Nova!
  8. Back atcha, SgtFuryUSCZ! Yep! Pretty sure you two can afford the Nice Officer an explanation and he'll be on his way while I "tend to myself" and "freshen up"! Hope you two are doing well after the "bug" and "prescribed treatment". Looks like we may just have to put on our Best Game real quick! Hope You Two Have A Great Weekend! In the mean time............................. Go Moola Nova!
  9. Top Of The Mornin' You Ladies! I wholeheartedly concur! Go Moola Nova!
  10. What is happening here demonstrates why I want a reputable source like Adam to indicate a change in the IQD rate. The new CBI website is a surprise. The "test" website is a surprise. And, a few exciting things have been in the news and likely will be for the next while. All this to say to be cautious about interactions and involvements with other folks. Their methods have improved for their hawkish methods to take IQD from an elated and confident individual due to signed agreements put in place only later to find they were scammed. For example, this "test" site could have been shown to any individual to say their IQD exchange rate is 1 IQD to 1.20 USD minus the spread and they better do it now before it drops since the other major currencies (other than the Euro) have not gotten on board, yet, and when they do, the USD rate will tank. OK, this is just for illustration purposes but you all get the story line. I decided over six years ago to be prepared when this does happen to be careful about the scammers. I suspect many of you are of the same disposition. Sure, listen to, try out, etc. but exercise extreme caution and due diligence. I am, however, extremely grateful for the folks who have posted these sites and the issues associated with them. That is how we all learn and find out the real deal! Thank You! Go Moola Nova!
  11. Yeah, I hear you, DWS112! The thought crossed my mind the site was thrown out there for testing by some keyboard eager beavers (like us). So, I wonder what there test logs look like? In the mean time.............................. Go Moola Nova!
  12. Has anyone tried the converter (calculator) on the site Saradise and CoorsLite21 provided? The converter is a little squrrelly. When you type in .86, it shows 86. But calculates 1.032. Maybe an alpha test site. Can't wait for the beta or gamma sites! I'm a little about all this. Since their normal week is Sunday through Thursday and they will nominally be off all Sunday through next Thursday (June 25 - June 29) for Eid al-Fitr and maybe some other post Mosul ISIS celebration, we may not see any real action until Sunday, July 2 from the CBI as another member on DV pointed out. I am pretty optimistic and stoked. Anybody else? In the mean time............................... Go Moola Nova!
  13. Thank You, Shedagal! Just want to watch out for everybody. I had a close family member get scammed by a currency venture in the late 90's that had an offshore element attached to it. So, I was very leary about this one (IQD) and want to be very careful about how I proceed to prevent being scammed. I wish All The Best for Drunk_Viking64 and all those in a similar circumstance if it is the real deal associated with the IQD - or other ventures for that matter. I just hate seeing honest and hard working people taken advantage of or scammed. I certainly don't want to rain on anyone's parade and I just want to stay alert. I really think Adam and crew are on the forefront of this venture so if something were to happen or is (really, really) happening then he would implement the post event plans - soon enough when the moment is right for rolling out the program(s). As such, Drunk_Viking64's post may not have anything to do with the IQD or any other foreign currencies and he is very wise in how he chose his words. I do appreciate him posting to say farewell so we know he is on to better things and not suffered some malady. Thank You again, Shedagal! In the mean time............................. Go Moola Nova!
  14. You know, from the picture, it looks like this guy is saying, "...................and then after that, we ran into this big ole pile of CRAP and got all covered with it! So, I'm telling you, "DON'T DO THAT!!!"" Anybody else think that? Just askin'! In the mean time................................. Go Moola Nova!