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  1. I agree, TigerGorZow AND The Best Of Your Evening To You! Go Moola Nova!
  2. Me, too, GypsyGirl11, me, too AND The Best Of Your Evening To You! Go Moola Nova!
  3. More good news here!!! From the article, I like the terms: Foreign Direct Investment Maintaining Balanced Economic Growth (in these countries) Exchange Rate One Of The MOST IMPORTANT POLICIES Maintain The Stability Of Macroeconomic Variables More Disciplined APPROPRIATE Exchange Rate Policy Lookin' Good leading up to the Kuwaiti Conference!!! Go Moola Nova!
  4. I may be reading way, way too much into this but it appears as if the "dinar (whoops donor) conference in Kuwait" is a key event to determine what direction this speculative investment will go. Let's see. Today is January 17, 2018 and there are 28 more days until the end of February 14, 2018 (last day of the three day conference). I suspect there will be all kinds of news piling up to and through the "dinar (whoops donor) conference in Kuwait" including progress on the HCL, Article 140, 2018 budget, and a few other associated and not so associated goodies. I kinda feel like I am a little kid that CAN NOT wait for Christmas. 28 days is a long, long time. Hey, Christmas may come early this year so the "large number of countries" and "specialized investment companies" are primed and ready to go for the "launch"!!! DISCLAIMER: This potentially viable scenario is in no way investment or deinvestment advice for this speculative Iraqi Dinar (IQD) investment. Each person is responsible for making their own assessment of this speculative IQD investment to include the potential consequences or benefits thereof with associated value and timing. The statements made here are pure conjecture based on a potentially viable scenario!!! Caveat Emptor!!! But hey, this appears to be looking really, really good!!! And (of course)................................................................ Go, Go, Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY!!!)!!!
  5. 10 Years Later AND The Best Of Your Evening To You! Go Moola Nova!
  6. Yeah, I hear You, ChuckFinley! Looks like quite a few really good things going on in Iraq with a few bumps left to address. I liked the commentary where reconstruction needs to get started to prevent any adverse consequences. With all the investment opportunities with the untapped natural resources and the strategic location of Iraq, I suspect things will smooth out. The Best Of Your Evening To You, ChuckFinley! Go Moola Nova!
  7. Looks like the message is LOUD AND CLEAR!!! Go Moola Nova!
  8. Looks exactly like the 2016 Presidential Voting Demographic like that is exactly how the Californians cast their Democratic Votes!!!
  9. Hey, what's the hurry???!!! Looks like somebody(ies) are using their keester kickers behind the scenes so the "Iraqi Boys and Girls Git 'er Dun" (borrowed from an astute poster here at DV) like PRONTO!!! Go Moola Nova!
  10. Thank You, DinarThug, for tirelessly posting this AND ALL the other great articles!!! The Best Of Your Week To You!!! All I have to say to the quoted statement is "BINGO!!!"!!! Time is of the essence, in my opinion. The reconstruction and economic development, in my opinion, needs to be at a sufficient level that Iraqis feel the current GOI arrangement benefits them and their well being. Maybe Sadr will rattle some swords here to get everyone off their keesters to get the reconstruction and economic development underway in Iraq like PRONTO!!! Go Moola Nova!
  11. .......................we can all go home AND I'll hand deliver Your selection of Your favorite Tim's!!! Deal, Wiljor Brother???!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY)!!!
  12. The Best Of Your Day To You, Floridian! I am not totally sure how everything is connected. I suspect the money changers having to put up big guarantees is specifically related to the CBI daily currency auctions whereas the 2% spread is with regard to the CBI various branch rates to the private banks, etc. Looks like the CBI currency auctions are 1,190 IQD = 1 USD whereas the CBI various exchange rates with the private banks, etc. is 1,250ish = 1 USD. This likely has to do with the Multiple Currency Practices (MCPs) that is supposed to be within the 2% band. This is why I think highly integrated exchanges electronically between the CBI, CBI branches, and the private banks could occur simultaneously to eliminate the MCPs and associated corruption provided sufficient electronic integration is in place. Just my opinion and Go Moola Nova!
  13. I am just trying to keep up with You, Bama Girl!!! You Go, Girl!!!! Well, OK, Thank You for the kudo considering the class of all the folks such as Yourself here on DV!!! The Best Of Your Week To You AND All DV!!! Go Moola Nova!
  14. The Best Of Your Week To You, CaptainBVI! I like Your analogy, CaptainBVI! The 2% spread is something shared by astute posters from some time ago. I am not sure how applicable that is at present with the conversion to paying salaries electronically and all the integration that has occurred with the central and private banks. I suspect there could be a “go live” date where all the systems operate off the same conversion electronically provided the central and private banks are sufficiently integrated. I suspect this will also simultaneously eliminate associated corruption at the various venues. I suspect there are things on paper, proper protocols, holding periods, etc. I also suspect these could all be ignored provided all the risks have been identified and eliminated. For example, the 2% spread between the Iraqi Market Rate (nominally 1,250ish now) apparently would need to be held for 2 months. I suspect this was due to ensuring the exhcnages were occurring properly and there was no corruption involved. With the ultra modern banking systems, I suspect this is a flip of the switch provided comprehensive integration is in place and maintained between the central and private banks outside of a semi manual system that is practiced today. In my opinion, there is urgency to get everything up and running for the tsunami of foreign investment that is about to hit so that all the multitude of transactions are real time and not once a week day through the CBI currency auctions while simultaneously eliminating associated corruptions. Let me know what You think. My opinion here for sure. And (if I may add).................................. Go Moola Nova!
  15. Top Of The Morning To You, Climber7! I suspect You are referencing the 2% spread in the markets which then is 1,190 x 1.02 = 1,213.80. The markets in Iraq are nominally 1,250ish. I suspect, though, with all the banking system integration(s), potentially the 2% spread will not need to be met since all the conversions could occur electronically and instantaneously to curtail any associated corruption. Just my opinion and Go Moola Nova!

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