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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    This is all my opinion ONLY that is very strong and may not be entirely accurate so I want to make the disclaimer if You choose to read. I must say I am disappointed by the individuals calling Adam to task for offering astronomically beneficial services post event for the highest return on the conversion of IQD, banking advice, investment advice, and other tools for safety, security, and legacy purposes. There are exceptional individuals who have also secured IQD who take advantage of these services offered by Adam (and Affiliates).that, based on common interest, can provide further advice for maintaining the highest benefit for this investment post event. I did my research going into this IQD investment. I checked out the claims and stability of this site. I waited about four years before I jumped in to nearly all the OSI services. If the IQD was a scam, how come the IQD could be sent back to the licensed currency dealers to convert to another bone fide currency although at a loss pre event? Wouldn’t some authority have stepped in by now and shut this nominally 10 year old DV site down if something illegal was going on? I know I will need A LOT of advice post event to do EVERYTHING necessary for minimizing taxes short and long term along with privacy so that is why I am here. Make no mistake, in my very strong opinion, Adam, DV affiliates, DV members, post event service providers are ALL service PROVIDERS NOT service PERFORMERS. No one but me bears the risks for my PERFORMANCE decisions. The services acquired here are not an insurance policy to avert personal decision consequences. No one is EVER responsible for my vulnerabilities or stupidity. There are, as it should be, many things I will have to do for myself for Safety, Security, AND Legacy purposes. I believe in the 10/90 principle for this investment. 10% of the work pre event/90% of the work post event. Are You ready? I am trying to be mentally and emotionally prepared like focusing on the race before it gets started. Sure, a lot o fun things and to celebrate since we all “Made It” post event and to kick off new relationships on common interest. Zipped lips now and after the event is likely key to all this. Too many cards on the table and especially to the wrong people could make one and others a target. Money does funny things to people especially those that think some windfall some one else has is theirs, too. My opinion is if (figuratively) some one else thinks they have the uindenialbe right to stick their hand in my pocket, then they will have no problem slicing my throat in a heart beat if I try to yank their empty hand out of my pocket. “There is no honor among Thieves”. I used to think people steal and then have no honor. I have come to realize the people without honor are the ones in the company of thieves. I would suggest considering who You have told about this investment. Are they honorable? What will they be like after the event? Have these same individuals told anybody pre event what You have done and Your arrangements or will they disclose these things post event? Will they pepper You for information about what You are doing post event and then disclose the information to others? Loose lips sink ships. Typically, vulnerabilities extend past the individual knowingly or unknowingly who divulges information of interest to others pre and post event. It is important to know who to trust pre and post event. I do not know for sure but I suspect there is a gang plank on the post event DV Cruise (er, Pirate) ship for the loose lippeers. Well, OK, maybe not the best analogies here but my sentiments only. I really appreciate EVERYTHING, Adam, DV Staff, DV contributors, and post event affiliates have done, are doing, and will do for the paid service clients. Well, OK, I was really, really hacked (I don’t know if You could tell that ) about what was said because it shows a significant lack of research, reason, AND consideration regarding this investment and with regard to the pre event paid services provided here. I still occasionally see what I can find and I have found no more reputable site and services. I suspect I along with a lot of other folks will be very disappointed in paid service clients who figuratively stand in the middle of the room bawling because they are not being spoon feed the things they could and should have been doing for themselves that only they can and should do for themselves. This will clog up the process for the other paid service clients - if they let the tantrum begin and continue. Asking for help, ABSOLUTELY, and understanding others who are saucered and blown need to be processed as well and may work through the process faster should always be in mind. I plan to stay Calm, Cool, Collected, and then do what I need to do realizing others need similar advice and can have their items processed so I may need to return to the line to make the most of the services being Provided - and others, too. Well, OK, I am off my soap box now. I am really excited about the times!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY!!!)!!!
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Thank You, Adam, for the very positive post!!! Thank You especially for all You and all Your affiliates have done and are doing for us!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY!!!)!!!
  3. Is he losing it???

    I think this depends on experience. Two tactics I observed in the 1970's through today because the Left is really not that responsible or can really articulate anything of resilient value. The first tactic is the government is the answer to everything (we all know what debilitating problems that created through today). The second tactic is to penalize to the extent possible people who think and act for themselves AND benefit without government direction or assistance. The "company line" the Left enforces is the government provides irrefutable understanding and provision so the Left has very little to think about except to parrot what their Evil Task Masters want them to that includes vehemently and brashly adhering (sometimes violently) to some reprehensible modicum en masse to restrict or impede responsible individuals in due process of daily affairs. The Left also uses a backup tactic frequently if their agenda is being impeded that is to inflame the Left constituents with a very low I.Q. emotional issue. True The United States Of America Patriots in the active discharge of their responsibilities can and do articulate what they are doing and why they are engaged in their activities because they are keenly aware of why they are engaged in those activities and the framework for those activities. The Left goes berserk when they listen to a True The United States Of America Patriot because they can not think or act outside of their programmed (propagandized) very low I.Q. emotional state due to the government entity they adhere to will be compromised materially or ideologically and no longer provide direction or material provisions for them. In short, the government is the Left's ideological and material pacifier they RARELY get weaned of so they attack True The United States Of America Patriots.
  4. Is he losing it???

    A very accurate and descriptive observation, CAZ1104, of the liberal mentality, practices, AND appearances!!!
  5. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    WOWZERS!!! Same thing on Google Finance Just Now!!! About 22,400,000 results (0.36 seconds) Search Results 1 US Dollar equals 599.40 Iraqi Dinar Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY!!!)!!!
  6. Is he losing it???

    Hey, YOU know what YOU need to do since YOUR People Skills AND YOUR Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftist Condescending Social Programming ARE UTTER FAILURES as we ALL Know!!! #CHEEKYAINTWORKINGTODAYLIKEANYOTHERDAYANDCANTHIDETHETRUTHOFWHATYOUREALLYARE Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Posing As Life Coaches But Are Really Failed Reeducation Propagandists To Much Wiser True The United States Of America Patriots
  7. Is he losing it???

    Offering a helping hand for You IS NOT disingenuous at all regardless of the contrary responses You have to the sincere and adequate help offered. The matter(s) articulated are with reference to viable and sustaining principles rather than an individual (whoever that may be in any given instance) or identifiable group or any Political Party affiliation whatsoever for which You find incomprehensible. Unfortunately, the Evil Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftist Task Masters have extensively eaten YOUR Snowflakes and Buttercups brains for regular breakfasts so You, the "faithful", function only to parrot and actively promote their Evil Task Master's Agenda at every possible opportunity leaving very little to no "source material" remaining to effectively regenerate to a reasonably functioning, interactively conducive, and healthy optimistic state because of the exercise of viable and sustaining principles. “We the willing, led by ardently helping the unknowing (You), are doing the impossible for the ungrateful (You). We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.” Elistist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Parroting Their Evil Task Master Chants Thinking True The United States Of America Patriots Will Chant Along
  8. Your cognitive dissonance, transference neurosis, willful ignorance, tactical stupidity, cheeky demeanor, and all other imbiciliatory behaviors have really kicked in today. SgtFuryUSCZ’s comments are entirely accurate and fit for purpose while NOT at all silly. SgtFuryUSCZ!!! Elistist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Silly Snowflake and Buttercup Idiot Brigade Communist Propaganda Miscreants
  9. HEAR!!! HEAR!!! Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Comrade Communist Propagandists Trashing The United States Of America Constitition TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights Because They Think A Trashed United States Of America Is Good For EVERYONE ELSE
  10. Is he losing it???

    You ARE NOT a Jedi Master like You think You are attempting to apply mind control!!! Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Attempting Mind Control Of True The United States Of America Patriots That Only Works On The Snowflake and Buttercup Idiot Brigade Crafted By The Likes Of Nikita Khrushchev
  11. Is he losing it???

    WOWZERS!!! The Snowflake and Buttercup Idiot Brigade is out in force and all up in arms AGAIN today to attempt to destroy reason AND True The United States Of America Patriot Patriotism!!! Elitist Socialist Liberal Leftists - Nikita Khrushchev's Poster Children Propaganda Machines Because They Just Can't Win Against Reason AND Demand Attention
  12. Looks like there is 0.77 x 48 trillion dinars = 37 trillion dinars remaining in home-based deposits. This is the section Yota highlighted. Although not mentioned here, I wonder what this implies for other facets of currency reform that could possibly include the lower denominations. Without a shift in the currency policy and practice, what would be another compelling reason for the CHUNKAE' MONAE' to be pulled out of "home-based deposits" and deposited in the banks? For their Sunday through Thursday work week, the last full week in April starts on Sunday, April 22 and the work week ends on Thursday, April 26. The elections will be held on Saturday, May 12 that is 20 to 16 days ahead of the elections. I am not sure what this implies about the timing of all this. Could be somethin'. Could be nothin'. In The Mean Time.............................................. Go Moola Nova!
  13. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Two weeks from today is Tuesday, April 3. I can’t think of anything specific on that date. Parliament is supposed to have their last session on Thursday, March 29. Sunday, April 1 is Easter. Maybe they’ll have a holiday during that time. Oh, Yeah................. Go Moola Nova!
  14. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Yes! I just looked it up. It was Tuesday, March 6! Go Moola Nova!
  15. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Hope You Are Having A Great Day, Navira45!!! Could You elaborate on Your statements here? Is this Your assessment or could You disclose where the information came from? Thanks! Go Moola Nova!

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