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  1. I am all for soon - looking forward to meeting! (Please be careful with the Exacto-knife!) Go Moola Nova!
  2. Yeah, I hear you, OlivesMan! May want to verify the toothpick material - don't want no surprises! Go Moola Nova (and hurry up!)!
  3. Hey, maybe we all will finally get to see each other within the week or so! Go Moola Nova!
  4. The price shown is per $100. So the sell/buy is 1,258/1,256. Quite some time ago, I was thrown off, too, by the price per $100. Yeah, I and a lot of folks would like to see a sell/buy of 1.258/1.256 = 1 USD! Go Moola Nova!
  5. OK. I missed your point(s). Thank You for the compliment. Go Moola Nova!
  6. Thank You, 2Fast4U2C! You, too, Keep up the good work! Go Moola Nova!
  7. Thank You, DinarThug, for posting this fantastic article! Go Moola Nova!
  8. This last article could be a piece of misinformation or Abadi is providing a cover for what is about to happen. The section, "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is not interested in ending Iranian Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) suspicious role in Iraq as they are part of his regime, an Iraqi political analyst said on Wednesday. In an interview with al-Rafidain TV, Nizar al-Samarai said that Abadi has the ability to eradicate IMIS from Iraq but has no desire to do this as he consider them as a punishment tool that he could use against his rivals." is bizarre at best. Now if Nuri al-Maliki was substituted for Abadi, I could fully believe it. I suspect this opinion piece is a Maliki driven piece and does not in any way reflect Abadi's actual views. This may be a desperate attempt by the miscreants to deceive the Iraqis. i suspect, though, the Iraqis know better. Hey, I'm pretty sure all these IMIS and likewise miscreants are in the gun sights now. SURPRISE - YOU'RE ALL DEAD MEAT ALREADY!!! Yep. DJT, Mattis, and like minded folks are in the implementation stages, if only for establishing logistical elements, now. HERE COME THE B-52s SO YOU BETTER DUCK AND COVER!!! SORRY (NOT REALLY) DUCK AND COVER AIN'T GOING TO HELP YOU!!! May be the dying gasps of Maliki and associates' power. Can't be eradicated soon enough. Go Moola Nova!
  9. Too be honest, 2Fast4U2C, I have no idea and can not offer any solid information. One of the lowest Iraqi regional value currencies compared to the USD is the Saudi Arabian Riyal. Today on the SAR is trading at 3.74958 SAR = 1 USD or 1 SAR = 0.266693 USD. The highest Iraqi regional value currencies compared to the USD is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Today on, the KWD is trading at 0.304615 KWD = 1 USD or 1 KWD = 3.28283 USD. My opinion is the value of these currencies bracket the potential value of the IQD vs. KWD for the IQD to be a desired currency for trade purposes in an open Iraqi market internationally. Notionally, from the numbers purported previously it could be in the range from 1 IQD = 0.1 USD to 1 IQD = 3.86 IQD and may include some type of float. I simply do not know. I suspect this is a very, very tightly guarded rate to prevent any speculation from crashing Iraq's and, potentially, other world currencies once Iraq goes full bore to an open market internationally. For the date, I do not know, either. I suspect this is also tightly guarded and may not even be decided at present. Due to Iraqi and international indications coupled with the potential for Iraq to fracture due to sectarian violence once ISIS controlled areas is fully wrested, I suspect the economic reforms will need to hit WARP 10+. So, I am a proponent of in the very near future rather than months to years down the road. Otherwise the gains to date could be wiped out and throw Iraq into a very destabilized GOI period. I don't think those invested and active in Iraq's social, political, and economic well being will allow that to happen. I do think the conditions for the IQD to revalue have never been more solid than now and will be even better once ISIS is announced to have been wrested from Iraq but may be as soon as ISIS announced as wrested from all of Mosul. As always, just my opinion and I would never encourage anyone to use my opinions as a basis for their actions regarding an IQD revaluation. As such, I would neither encourage getting more IQD or dispossessing IQD at any time in the past, present, or future. Each person will have to make up their own mind and take full responsibility for their actions for benefits or consequences for their decision(s). Go Moola Nova!
  10. I agree, TonyGrasso (and TirgerGorZow)! There appears to be doom and gloom from various, how do I put it, hmmm..........unawares?, that Iraq is entirely in shambles and their infrastructure is not quite in the Prehistoric or Stone Age, yet. Well, well. Granted - ISIS areas have been decimated. But what about the rest of Iraq and Kurdistan? Sure, the infrastructure needs attention but can function until the upgrades are applied. Except for the telecommunications and banking systems. These babies are ultra modern and, granted, need to be rolled out in more areas. However, high impact and key areas are functional to likely include international interfaces necessary for Iraqi full international integration. But what about the rest of Iraq (non ISIS areas)? Yep. Pretty sure the ball can roll hard and fast in these areas with some "economic encouragement" to foster the rocket assent of the decimated areas of Iraq to normalcy and beyond. Take East/West Germany after the fall of the wall. I suspect similar elements apply to Iraq. Granted, Germany now has issues regarding their immigration policy but overall, East Germany was lifted more toward the economic well being of West Germany much more than any detriment experienced by West Germany due to East German issues. As always, just my opinion and Go Moola Nova!
  11. Here is an interesting statement, "He said, "This measure does not include the presidencies of the Republic, the Ministers and the House of Representatives and the State Department that the conversation, it will be either by the Supreme Judicial Council or the presidencies of the competent courts of appeal," noting that "the purpose of the resolution is to bypass the administrative central" I having been looking for Supreme Judicial Council and Federal Court news pertaining to dealing with corruption in the GOI specifically relating to Maliki and cohorts. What I find interesting in the statement is "presidencies of the Republic" is mentioned. This may or may not include the Vice Presidencies of the Republic. I hope it does not include Vice Presidencies of the Republic so Maliki and other Vice Presidents (if warrented) are indicted, convicted, and prosecuted. I may be optimistic here but "bypass the administrative central" may be code speak for averting the lie, deny, and deflect mechanism Maliki has in place in the administrative central so Maliki can finally be, well, you know, like disposed! I'll wait for more clarity. In the mean time................ Go Moola Nova!
  12. I wonder if this flag raising issue is a False Flag to detract attention from something else that is going on! If so, I wonder with the, "something else that is going on" is? Hopefully it is all good and not something stirred up by Maliki or Iran or something like that. Go Moola Nova!
  13. Well, this is good news! Thank You, DWS112, for posting! I like the part of the article, "adding, that the statement, which will focus on oil and gas and public loan contracts". Hmmm..........................oil and gas? The Kurdistan Parliament is now on board with oil and gas like some oil and gas agreement? Would public loans be granted in this current environment of fighting corruption with e-commerce being implemented and electronic financial transactions in place to trace funds? The Kurdistan Parliament is saying, "Hey everybody, don't do bi'ness with the self ascribed but expired Government of Massoud Barzani"? Potential oil and gas agreement in place while ousting major Kurdish corruption at the same time? Two big ole fat birds at the same time? WOWZERS! WOOHOO Everybody! Lookin' Good! Go Moola Nova!
  14. Good Morning, Yota, and all DV! A few articles back is this thread, "The joint statement , " We can not defeat terrorism only fully a military victory, as the two leaders agree on the need to strengthen the partnership between the two countries to include the political and economic fields through joint strategic framework agreement." He pointed out that "officials of the two countries will talk in the next coming months about the steps to be taken to strengthen economic ties and encourage investment and expand the horizons of cooperation in the energy sector, and strive to create new opportunities and strengthen cooperation in education and culture sector." He explained , "We seek to achieve common interests and promote the welfare of the two countries, the United States commends the vision of Prime Minister al - Abadi to build a strong and diversified economy in Iraq, is able to meet all the needs of the Iraqi people." He noted that " the United States strongly supports Iraq 's partnership with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will continue in coordination with the Group of Seven industrialized nations [7G] to help Iraq to achieve economic stability and implementation of reforms it needs."" OK, so this is a joint statement. Pretty sure DJT is more earnest on the timeline and requirements than other Iraqis in times past. Also, pretty sure if Abadi moves strongly on the Iraqi side of the Strategic Framework Agreement, Abadi's role and influence will only increase. Not sure what "next coming months" means. Pretty sure it doesn't mean perpetual delays for inconceivably lame excuses. I suspect, too, that terrorism will be expanded beyond just Daesh and be broadened to include Iran. Pretty sure Iran doesn't want Iraq to succeed and is a substantial reason for all the delays in Iraq. The agreed and being implemented Strategic Framework Agreement is likely a strong driver to clean up whatever messes there are to impede the implementation. Benefiting the Iraqi people and quick is likely another driver to get this all implemented to avert sectarian violence with possible escalation to a Civil War. Lookin' Good! Just my opinion and Go Moola Nova!