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  1. Here's an idea......why don't they pass a bill that lowers the quorum requirement? It would prevent any one party from holding the Parliament hostage. That way, if a party was trying to stop the passage of a certain bill, they would HAVE to communicate and work with one other to do so - more than likely through quid pro quo ( "if you help stop THIS bill, we'll help you PASS yours"....). just sayin'.
  2. Seems they're p*ssing all over themselves just jockeying for whatever they can scam next.
  3. I wish they'd just give them 14% this year, and hire an outside third party to conduct a census (quickly) for next year. Any cheating or intimidation gets them the 12.67% for 2019. Anyone receiving ANY government payments HAS to show ID and open a bank account for direct deposit. Now, is that so hard to figure out? Eliminate the filthy b*stard, middle-man thieves.
  4. From the Media Office of Abadi

    I think he's talking about a new "toaster giveaway" promotion to get people to open checking accounts. It'll be HUGE.
  5. Does anyone else think that Iraq NOT being "handed" $88 BILLION dollars might be a GOOD thing? Giving them that much money would be like slipping an alcoholic a bottle of Jack for Christmas. So, I have to imagine there's a "Plan B". Now, where on earth would they find a way to obtain the wealth needed to import all the materials for a major face lift to their war torn cities? What economic move could they make? Hmmmmmmm.....
  6. They want to outlaw the firing of guns during celebrations because it's dangerous. The knuckleheads call it "fire prevention" ! HA!
  7. Seems like they need to PASS the budget, in order to amend what's IN the budget, later.
  8. Jubouri didn't get the budget on the docket following the rules, then proceeded with a "reading" after the Kurds walked out, claiming he had a quorum when they started the session. No, not playing fair, but I AM encouraged that SOMEONE is showing a sense of urgency! Now, if they were to increase the value of the dinar VERY soon, the Kurds would receive (net) MORE than the 17% would have produced. Even if Jubouri explained this, the Kurds wouldn't believe OR trust him (probably rightly so, given how they've been screwed in the past). It's my understanding they need the budget done BEFORE the Kuwait conference - hence the sudden Git-that-hitch-outta-their-giddyup.
  9. CBI News 01/29/2018

    So, what are they buying the Yuan with? New funds (adding to the reserve) or current CBI funds (neutral to the reserves)? Dinars or dollars?
  10. Finally, some REAL progress.
  11. I, for one, think all of us here at DV would have been tragically scarred for life if he would have went out in this manner.
  12. It's a 2003 version of the 10,000 Iraqi Dinar note, which differs slightly from the 2013 version. Still current legal tender. The four dots after the one are zeroes. LINK
  13. Maybe the auctions drop off a bit after the Jan. 31st deadline to submit a $100K "deposit" with the CBI/GOI. (Maybe they could just END them with an RI/RV)
  14. Screw the deductions. They should get paid ONLY at the END of each and every meeting. If they were on time to start the meeting, they get the whole payment. If they were late, only half. Problem solved. Next? After all of these years in this, I think most any member here at DV could run that shiitehole better than they can.
  15. If Kuwait is throwing a donation party, they HAVE to be on the up-and-up with them. Almost seems like a baby shower.

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