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  1. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    I don't think they would've mentioned the coins if the problem wasn't the bulky smaller, current bills. They've been complaining about merchants doing this for some time now. I believe that any increase in value adds to the confidence in the CBI's "product" - the national currency. I think that the lack of credibility in Iraqi banking causes doubts regarding how the CBI feels the public also views them (CBI). Guilt by association, so to speak. If they can instill more confidence from the public, the more receptive they will be when the "education phase" of people and bankers starts (see articles above). Confidence in the CBI/GOI/currency value is the goal. Change is often painful. Remember, they're going to essentially be asking POOR people to trade in bills with numbers in the thousands for shiny new ones with MUCH smaller numbers on them.
  2. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    I believe that they are referring to a merchant practice of refusing to accept wheelbarrows full of the CURRENT lower denominations, because they are practically worthless, and take too much time to count in the busier businesses. STILL, the fact that it is newsworthy works in our favor. ANY awareness of the problems with their sorry excuse for a national currency value just puts more pressure for those running for office (and the CBI, of course....) to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  3. No Quorum? Wait here, I'll run for help.
  4. CBI News 04/09/2018

    Looks like someone is finally confident that they've effectively destroyed any and all evidence of their theft, and daring anyone to prove it. Clever devils.
  5. With regard to problems which impede Iraq's accession to the Organization, Zndjeli pointed out that "Member States in the WTO insists on the need to end the file of Iraq's debt in full, and considers this a key condition to allow Iraq to enter as a key member of the Organization." This is why I think that this accession to the WTO isn't going to be happening in the very near future. Any WTO member that has Iraqi debt can hold up this process until they get "satisfaction". I'm not saying the WTO can't or won't find a way in for Iraq, but not quite yet. Accession to the WTO is NOT needed for the RI / RV. BUT.....the very fact that there is "talk" about this bodes well. It's almost as if people in the know are looking towards what lays next after sudden monetary reform.
  6. There's still more work to be done before full fledged membership happens. However, any significant progress in this area is a confidence marker for whomever is making the final decision to go "international". NOT required for the RI / RV.
  7. You go right ahead and keep taking those risks!
  8. This seems a tad bit odd. A culture based on postphonement, without any warning that I'm aware of, suddenly does the opposite of what one would expect: They did something two days EARLIER THAN PLANNED? I'm not saying that this means the RI / RV is imminent. Just strikes me as being very peculiar, that's all.
  9. Yeah, it's ready. They're holding it for just the riiiiiiiight timing.
  10. Running billions of DOLLARS in deficit. Reconstructing at least a quarter of the country. Building a new international airport. Where's all of this money coming from? Hmmm.
  11. I think the best thing about Dinarvets is the abundance of level-headedness combined with just the right amount of skepticism. With all of the great news of late, we need to remind each other that the last quarter of the track leading to the finish line may very well be the hardest. Thanks to all of you who take your valuable time to bring the news and to help others to understand!
  12. Synopsis, maybe you should open a clinic for Dinaraholics. We've seen some fairly spectacular flameouts over the years, and some of them "blowed up real good"! A lot of those seem to have happened when it was assumed that we were "close" to a major breakthrough, and some people got overly ANXIOUS, caught between recent good news and their immediate monetary needs. Setbacks at that junction can make people react badly to even the slightest negative turn. Your example above is a great example of how we can coach our Dinarvet friends through the rough patches. ( I found your response to Carrello, in it's entirety, hilarious, tho )
  13. Publicly post their attendance % and votes on the issues. Also, list ALL of the laws that they couldn't find time for.

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