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  1. Agreed. This may be the best thing that has happened. Sadr may be the only thing to stop the jockeying back and forth between Baghdad and the Kurds.
  2. Integrativedoc

    Is this true?

    How much did they have in circulation then and now? There you may find your difference just as Iraq.
  3. Unfortunately they can go like this indefinitely. Until they initiate a currency law and stop using the dollar for government operations outside the country; they don't have to change anything. Just use the oil money.
  4. maybe 120,000 is target given the rate on the temporary CBI site being 1.2
  5. Integrativedoc

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Has Adam posted any pics, from his sources, of the Displays at the malls?
  6. Integrativedoc

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    This one sure is pulling everyone out of the woodwork! LOL
  7. Integrativedoc

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Definitely be interesting to see the display with English translation. Surely Adam's contacts will be able to get pictures and interpret.
  8. Integrativedoc

    Number of Dinar in circulation

    They do have reserves ( in dollar amounts ) to cover 160% of the dollar equivalent of the circulating dinar. It's pretty simple.
  9. Integrativedoc

    Number of Dinar in circulation

    Your dividing dollars in reserve by dollars equivalent not dollars by dinar in circulation?? Those numbers don't make sense
  10. Integrativedoc

    Number of Dinar in circulation

    Watch it're gonna wind up in the Lopster tank! I have the same concerns. The only thing I hope is that they haven't been printing new notes for some time and that the people have been destroying the notes to the point that as they remove the damaged notes then there is a significant reduction in circulated dinar that really isn't published. The thing that concerns me is when they came out with the 50k note. Everyone jumped on the "note count" band wagon. That makes no sense. (1) 50k is equal to (2) 25k. Same # dinar, half the "note" count. The reality though is the actual number of dinar out there. We hope that, being a third world country, and knowing that when they get out of a cab they tare off a portion of a note to pay for the ride; that there is much more destruction of viable notes than we realize. At this point I REALLY DON'T KNOW. Hoping!
  11. I guess you've never studied attendance and vote records of OUR Congress....... LOL
  12. 71 words to be agreed upon potentially is between us and what we seek?!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?
  13. Unless this is all being orchestrated. Iraq is not that big. Not a lot of travel time to shake hands with constituents then get back to work
  14. Build a great big beautiful WALL! Y'all have plenty of money!

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