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    Owner of Silver Greetings Thinks Iraq will LOP

    Saw this article about redinomination unlikely priority for CBI pot Sept 25 2010 . Look in banking and finance page two article hope its true just picked up another million today, fingers crossed http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/201...for-the-dinar
  2. Stumbled upon this while looking for info. Iraqi Buisness News article about redinomination you have to look around a bit .Select buisness and finance and on second page article from sept 25 / 2010 redinomination unlikely priority for CBI and other interesting news. Good to read because I just bought another million today, fingers crossed. http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/201...for-the-dinar

    Buying Dinar from ?

    Hi all. New to this site I have been enjoying sort of all the info from all, dont hear much up here in Canada only on the net. I got into this back in 2005 , was looking to buy another million today from Bank where I got it 5 years ago in Alberta Canada but they stopped selling a couple of years ago so I was told .no reason given,indifference on the other end of the line. Was thinking of getting it from eDinarfinancial has anyone dealt with these guys? Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for the info.

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