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  1. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Russia's Self-Propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher System

    American firepower,
  2. Q, Is just gonna have a blast with this.
  3. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    This guy is a communist and an Iranian puppet. There is nothing good going to come out of him being PM. Adil Abdul-Mahdi al-Muntafiki (Arabic: عادل عبد المهدي المنتفكي‎) is an Iraqi Shi'a politician, economist, and was one of the Vice Presidents of Iraq from 2005 to 2011. He was formerly served as the Finance Minister in the Interim government and Oil Minister from 2014 to 2016.[3] Abdel-Mahdi is a member of the powerful Shi'a party the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, or SIIC. Long based in neighboring Iran, the group opposed a United States administration while holding close ties with the other U.S.-backed groups that opposed Saddam Hussein, including the Kurds and the Iraqi National Congress. Background[edit] He is a trained economist who left Iraq in 1969 for exile in France. He worked for French think tanks and edited magazines in French and Arabic. He was educated in France, and is the son of a respected Shiite cleric who was a minister in Iraq's monarchy. He attended high school at Baghdad College, an elite American Jesuit secondary school. Iraqi politics[edit] Further information: Government of Iraq from 2006 In the 1970s, Abdul-Mahdi was a leading member of the Iraqi Communist Party. The Party split into two separate factions, the ICP-Central Committee, which was more accommodating of the military governments that had ruled Iraq since 1958, and the ICP-Central Leadership, which rejected all forms of cooperation of what it regarded as anti-progressive regimes, in 1967. Abdul-Mahdi joined the ICP-Central Leadership, and continued being active until it gradually disappeared by the early 1980s. By that time, Abdul-Mahdi adopted Iranian Islamic ideas, eventually merging with the Islamists when Ayatollah Khomeini eradicated the communists and other liberal oppositions groups in Iran. Abdul-Mahdi continued his association with Iran and gradually amalgamated his group within the ICP-Central Leadership with the Iranians, rejecting his Marxist past and devoting all his group's time to propagating Khomeini's ideas in France, where he lived at the time. He eventually was made a member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, an exiled opposition party and militia that was formed by Iran in Tehran in 1982 but composed exclusively of Iraqi exiles.[4] In 2006, Abdul-Mahdi, outgoing Vice President in the transitional government, unsuccessfully ran for the United Iraqi Alliance's nomination for Prime Minister against incumbent Ibrahim al-Jaafari. He lost by one vote. He was reportedly considered to be a possibility for Prime Minister once again until Nouri al-Maliki became the UIA nominee. Subsequently, Abdul-Mahdi was re-elected as Vice President of Iraq. He exerted his limited authority in that role by delaying the first meeting of the National Assembly in March. He resigned from his position as vice-president on 31 May 2011.[5] In December 2006, the Associated Press reported that Abdul-Mahdi could be the next Prime Minister of Iraq if a new multi-sectarian coalition succeeded in toppling the government of Nouri al-Maliki.[6] In 2009, his bodyguards were involved in a bloody bank robbery in Baghdad
  4. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways. 😆
  5. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    I'm sure that someone will be in touch with you soon
  6. 'We're supposed to stand up to bullies' We were standing up to the biggest, racist, God Hating bully when we voted for Trump!
  7. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    You bad boy you Live for nothing, or die for something Actually we did, you might wanna try some Civics 101 Every person that has served in the U.S. Military took an oath. No I will NEVER raise arms against My America. But let me show you the oath that was taken and see if you can understand. "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic ; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." By threatening to illegally remove a dully elected POTUS the left is raising arms against our Constitution and thus America. If some people are stupid enough to join them then they are, "DOMESTIC ENEMIES". All former and current military personnel are subject by oath to take them out. We agree, 63 million is not enough, it should be closer to 100 million and most likely will be by 2020 I don't understand why anyone would use Spartacus as their shining moment in time. Spartacus had a few small victory's and was then killed and his entire army was crucified and lined the streets all the way to Rome. Cory Booker T. is an idiot. SPARTACUS Third Servile War Further information: Third Servile War The response of the Romans was hampered by the absence of the Roman legions, which were already engaged in fighting a revolt in Spain and the Third Mithridatic War. Furthermore, the Romans considered the rebellion more of a policing matter than a war. Rome dispatched militia under the command of praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber, which besieged Spartacus and his camp on Mount Vesuvius, hoping that starvation would force Spartacus to surrender. They were surprised when Spartacus, who had made ropes from vines, climbed down the cliff side of the volcano with his men and attacked the unfortified Roman camp in the rear, killing most of them.[20] The rebels also defeated a second expedition, nearly capturing the praetor commander, killing his lieutenants and seizing the military equipment.[21] With these successes, more and more slaves flocked to the Spartacan forces, as did "many of the herdsmen and shepherds of the region", swelling their ranks to some 70,000.[22] In these altercations Spartacus proved to be an excellent tactician, suggesting that he may have had previous military experience. Though the rebels lacked military training, they displayed a skillful use of available local materials and unusual tactics when facing the disciplined Roman armies.[23] They spent the winter of 73–72 BC training, arming and equipping their new recruits, and expanding their raiding territory to include the towns of Nola, Nuceria, Thurii and Metapontum.[24] The distance between these locations and the subsequent events indicate that the slaves operated in two groups commanded by the remaining leaders Spartacus and Crixus.[citation needed] In the spring of 72 BC, the rebels left their winter encampments and began to move northward. At the same time, the Roman Senate, alarmed by the defeat of the praetorian forces, dispatched a pair of consular legions under the command of Lucius Gellius Publicola and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus.[25] The two legions were initially successful—defeating a group of 30,000 rebels commanded by Crixus near Mount Garganus[26]—but then were defeated by Spartacus. These defeats are depicted in divergent ways by the two most comprehensive (extant) histories of the war by Appian and Plutarch.[27][28][29][30] Alarmed at the continued threat posed by the slaves, the Senate charged Marcus Licinius Crassus, the wealthiest man in Rome and the only volunteer for the position,[31] with ending the rebellion. Crassus was put in charge of eight legions, approximately 40,000 trained Roman soldiers,[32][not in citation given][33] which he treated with harsh, even brutal, discipline, reviving the punishment of unit decimation.[31] When Spartacus and his followers, who for unclear reasons had retreated to the south of Italy, moved northward again in early 71 BC, Crassus deployed six of his legions on the borders of the region and detached his legate Mummius with two legions to maneuver behind Spartacus. Though ordered not to engage the rebels, Mummius attacked at a seemingly opportune moment but was routed.[34] After this, Crassus' legions were victorious in several engagements, forcing Spartacus farther south through Lucania as Crassus gained the upper hand. By the end of 71 BC, Spartacus was encamped in Rhegium (Reggio Calabria), near the Strait of Messina. A modern depiction of the fall of Spartacus. According to Plutarch, Spartacus made a bargain with Cilician pirates to transport him and some 2,000 of his men to Sicily, where he intended to incite a slave revolt and gather reinforcements. However, he was betrayed by the pirates, who took payment and then abandoned the rebels.[34] Minor sources mention that there were some attempts at raft and shipbuilding by the rebels as a means to escape, but that Crassus took unspecified measures to ensure the rebels could not cross to Sicily, and their efforts were abandoned.[35] Spartacus' forces then retreated toward Rhegium. Crassus' legions followed and upon arrival built fortifications across the isthmus at Rhegium,[citation needed] despite harassing raids from the rebels. The rebels were now under siege and cut off from their supplies.[36] At this time, the legions of Pompey returned from Hispania and were ordered by the Senate to head south to aid Crassus.[37] While Crassus feared that Pompey's arrival would cost him the credit, Spartacus unsuccessfully tried to reach an agreement with Crassus.[38] When Crassus refused, a portion of Spartacus' forces fled toward the mountains west of Petelia (modern Strongoli) in Bruttium, with Crassus' legions in pursuit.[39] When the legions managed to catch a portion of the rebels separated from the main army,[40] discipline among Spartacus' forces broke down as small groups independently attacked the oncoming legions.[41] Spartacus now turned his forces around and brought his entire strength to bear on the legions in a last stand, in which the rebels were routed completely, with the vast majority of them being killed on the battlefield.[42] The final battle that saw the assumed defeat of Spartacus in 71 BC took place on the present territory of Senerchia on the right bank of the river Sele in the area that includes the border with Oliveto Citra up to those of Calabritto, near the village of Quaglietta, in High Sele Valley, which at that time was part of Lucania. In this area, since 1899, there have been finds of armour and swords of the Roman era. Plutarch, Appian and Florus all claim that Spartacus died during the battle, but Appian also reports that his body was never found. [43] Six thousand survivors of the revolt captured by the legions of Crassus were crucified, lining the Appian Way from Rome to Capua.[44]
  8. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    You don't get to manipulate words here. I'm a conscientious objector myself. I am only telling you what the masses of people who voted for Trump will do without question if he is illegally removed from office. You try to twist words and make it like we're the ones coming unglued, but it is the left that is currently shooting people at baseball games and beating people up in the streets because they are having pro-life marches. You question weather in military in this country would allow such a thing to happen. I suggest and submit to you that the military will most likely be leading the way. I know it's difficult for you to think like a conservative but ask yourself one real serious question, why did Trump sign the most egregious funding bill in history that he swore he never would do? The answer is almost a trillion dollars went to the military. Believe you me when I say this, they are on his side not yours. I make these statements knowing full well that I would never do anything to hurt another human being. My faith has grown to a place where if I need to do that I will call down fire from heaven just like the prophet. Yes I actually believe that. I'm telling you in hopes that you will listen and back off, let things work out the way they always do. Cuz if you don't you are going to make one heck of a mess for you, your daughter and my daughters. It isn't pretty where we're headed. I've seen it in other countries you don't want to go there. Back off. Tell every liberal you know Let it go it ain't worth where we're headed.
  9. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    Actually I'm not so sure anymore. What I'm seeing from the left is nothing short of starting an actual coup. They say that Trump is off the rails but they're the ones that are losing it every day on TV.
  10. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    No! That's not what you're hearing. As usual your parchant for twisting words and manipulating situations is wrong. I'm saying if president Trump is removed by office for anything other than an election there will be civil war. You may twist meanings all you want but as everyone knows the only one committing violence at this point is the left. Again removing my president illegally and you're going to find out what Admiral Yamamoto found out after he awoken the sleeping giant. violating the Constitution and illegally removing a duly elected president is an act of War. That's what I'm saying, is the left ready for the consequences of their actions? You may call yourself an American but if you go along with an illegal action like what I am suggesting you are anything but American.
  11. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    Funny how you missed the threat of all-out Civil War in the analogy. We're not playing Shabbs. You're too busy using word riddles and playing games to realize that you're kicking the nuts of that sleeping giant. Wake up buddy.
  12. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Trump Unfit For The Office Of POTUS?

    My God, you really believe that? And what is worse is you actually think people are going to roll over and forget about it, and say oh well we tried. " What you are suggesting is like one man sleeping with another man's wife. Then afterwards they all move in together and live happily ever after. But what really happens is the Betrayed husband buys a gun." The Sum of all fears

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