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  1. For Lady Grace, her mommy and me. 2-11-26-32-68-PB-22 For my dear friend down Under , Noviceinvestor. 15-47-48-66-68-PB-24
  2. I'm only going to make one last post because of the seriousness of the LIES that your faith spreads across humanity. And then you and the rest of the deaf and blind can have at it, your blood be on your hands. To deny hell is to deny the word of God and to deny the word of God is to deny God himself. GOD DOES NOT SEND ONE SOUL, NOT ONE SOUL, TO HELL. That is a choice that one must make all by themselves. God gave you the truth and if you choose to reject that truth for your own flights of fancy then you OF YOUR OWN CHOICE have chosen hell. You may play all the word games you like. But in the end God's truth will be what abounds and simply because you choose to listen to a man instead of asking God himself what is true in the deepest of prayer is how you choose hell. For the love of God, my good man, take this last post and look at my signature. SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. If you truly have any doubt as to the truth of what I type then for the love of your soul just ask God the Father who gives to all men liberally what is his truth. I PROMISE YOU HE WILL SHOW YOU.
  3. And I quoted DIRECTLY from your link, but you refuse to see the truth is. It's ok , I don't do RELIGION.
  4. It's your deflection when faced with the fact that you are attempting to mislead people that qualifies as libretard. Only because you actually think your attempts at deception are working. When in reality there just annoying at best.
  5. Deflect, deflect, deflect. I wasn't playing a quote on quote Christian card. As you well know when it comes to issues of faith I don't play games. I was only trying to ascertain from you at what point do you think the holy spirit will tell you that what you're doing is wrong? Or do you actually believe that your incessant attack of a man who's not even had a chance to do his job yet is right? These questions say a lot about one's Integrity morality and their personality. My goal here is not to question your faith but to make you a little bit more introspective of your motives.
  6. Insult Another insult
  7. DUDE, I quoted the law above directly from the link at Cornell Law School which you provided. What you are quoting is a comment made by ABC News which I also found and posted. You need to understand that just because ABC News wants to spread hatred and tell lies about what the law doesn't and doesn't say doesn't make it law. Look at what Cornell Law School, the link you provided, says and you will understand that you are misquoting the law.
  8. I make my post using a Dictaphone during the day. Sometimes in the noise of everything around me the words are wrong. What I said was you have resorted to name-calling. I challenge you to show me in the recent post of this thread where I have called you any name. But I can show you where you and Boston angler both have just insulted me and called me names. your incessant badgering and insults without attempting to prove your point shows you're serious lack of integrity and morals. Tell me where does Jesus Christ say that is okay?
  9. I fear you have lost your ability to be objective. Or to understand simple English. Doesn't take a law professor to understand English. It does take somebody willing to embrace truth and reality. And that is easier come by when you listen to the Holy Spirit. Your insults and others insults only prove that I have made the point and won the case. As you could no longer debate the issue I have resorted to name-calling.
  10. As I have already clearly pointed out that is not what the law says. Your attempt to deceive people by using ABC's miss representation is noted. You are deceitful and dishonest
  11. You say that you are a Christian, so please tell us at what point do you think the Holy Spirit Will convict you that your blatant unbridled hatred for president Donald Trump is wrong? At what point do you think the holy spirit will move in your heart to trust Jesus and just let things go the way they go?
  12. True , but I am trying to work a miracle were you are concerned. Hey, God can do anything.
  13. WEAK, VERY WEAK. Opinions hold little weight were law is concerned. Facts applied with intellectual common sense and a dash of moral integrity though will go a long way.
  14. And you too my friend
  15. Well if you knew that there was going to be a major worldwide catastrophe causing the collapse of every financial institution, and you knew that Babylon will rise and become the center of the world once again it only makes sense to put your headquarters in the middle of Baghdad