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  1. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Holy moly!

    I I'm a bit of an extremist myself, thank you very much.
  2. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Holy moly!

    Him and someone with a Bad/Attitude
  3. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    As much as you love complaining about it.
  4. Only the hateful, bloodthirsty, baby killing lefties and their Prophets of Baal in the media would call that a peaceful protest. All those Jezebels in the media have blood on their hands and they will ALL suffer the same fate as their unholy goddess Jezebel. Never before in American history has anyone so clearly showed the American people what the Democrat Party and their unholy followers are the way that Donald Trump has. For that alone Donald Trump is the Greatest President since George Washington.
  5. I know a truck driver from Kansas who would agree with him. Because Bitcoin is going to replace the dollar as a world Reserve currency. Wow Bitcoin cash will just be a simple means of barter
  6. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Avenatti Unmasked

    That's the problem with you liberals, zero sense of humor. It was a joke
  7. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Avenatti Unmasked

    Thank you Jesus
  8. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    Avenatti Unmasked

    Yea and they can't lie to you on the internet
  9. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    A big heart-felt THANKS for the new negging record

    Dude, you really have a problem. It is clear that you do not have an understanding of free speech, nor do you grasp the concept of how your actions make others feel. giving someone a ruby is merely saying that you disagree with what they post or it could also be saying they don't like you. Both our actions of free speech. Your continued crying about being nagged is only provoking people to continue to do so more. You're a controversial figure, I know what that is so am I, and you're going to get nagged just because you're here. People have a right to their feelings, whether right or wrong is irrelevant. So ignore the rubies as best you can and continue to be who you are. Really it's not that important. Oh and as for the cowardice I gave you the last Ruby. Just for laughs
  10. Hey for Arabs it's a peaceful protest until they start chopping off heads.
  11. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    D.V. lottery games for 5/15--5/16 2018

    I really miss talking with you my friend, pray that all is well with you. My numbers. 05-06-30-67-69-PB-08
  12. Okay, so now I've gotta come in here and say this, Umbertino was asked to put all the Guardian stuff into one thread by Markinsa and I and he's now doing that. So I'm gonna ask everyone that doesn't like the Guardian to please not come onto this thread just for the purpose of negging him. We asked and he complied, what more do we want. Thanks
  13. ladyGrace'sDaddy

    A big heart-felt THANKS for the new negging record

    Is that even possible anymore You can do that?
  14. Can always count on Bad/Attitudes for a ruby. Love the post Master Yota. But not only are liberals NOT as smart as they think, They also can't handle the truth

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