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  1. Thanks Carrello...Things will get Better...The Evil Spirit will lose...Go Iraq
  2. I'm with you 100% Miguel....I read negative comments everyday about Iraq it's getting old...God doesn't bless Mess....If we all line our positive frequency with the Universe than the law of attraction will be Honor for Iraq....Simple as that....Instead of calling Iraq government Monkeys,snails and all bad names,let try praying for them and there people.....Until we humble ourself,'s to God Will....None of this is Going to Happen(RV,RI or Float)......If we stay positive intentions with Iraq Watch how fast the Fructation will Happen....We all can Do This.....Go Rv
  3. pacmen

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    APreciate your thought on this matter.....What day is your Trash pickup kidding with ya Lol
  4. pacmen

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    This Article gave me Chills....Thanks Starrider and Pat Tillman...Cards Strong
  5. pacmen

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    One Word..."Rating"....Sad
  6. pacmen

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    Don't be surprise ....I predict the browns get to the second round in the got two scrambling QB's which is a plus...two good recevier...ok Defense.
  7. After September 5 a lot of "Stuff is lining up",Bitcoin Etf on the Markets,Litecoin Stock Meeting also the Iraq oil percentage sharing with the Iraq citizen's all going on that same week....Keeping my finger cross.....Iraq shook that coke can too long it's time to
  8. pacmen

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    Get'em Karsten....Get'em

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