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  1. Thanks key lime for that post really uplifting to start the day off...God blessing
  2. Yw Lawrence....Wishing for the best for Iraq....Great things in store for the future!
  3. Woooot- There-It-Is.......Now Give me my RV You Silly Rabbit
  4. This is Huuuge in Iraq Iraq TELEVISON.....cOME ON bABY
  5. Headsup.... tomorrow the Un Webcast will show the original Votes from all the Countrys....Known as the Green Wall with Bi moon....What We Getting today is the Stackout "after" THE Meeting.
  6. Keep hitting refresh....Hopefully jump back on. yes
  7. Correct Nemesis....Sorry for the Typo
  8. Just posted the time....If im wrong please confirm....looking @ the security standing next to the podium. Thanks Saradise....Im up on the net 1hour early just in case I miss the
  9. Any time Bumper64! 11am est....10am Central...9am pst.....Heads up Don't be late to the party
  10. Yw....Waterman13 I'll Get back to you with the good info! YW....Zig! Kuddos and Cheers.....go4profit

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