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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    I hope you're right. I want to stay under the radar and be a silent millionaire.
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    You won't miss out. Believe me when I say the media will be all over this when the Iraqi Dinar goes international. There will be many, many new millionaires that will pay more in taxes. (That is what the newsworthy part will be.) We'll probably stimulate the economy for a week or two. Haha! The LOP is always being debated . Kind of like religion, politics and flat earth. Everyone has their faith, belief and opinions. We just wait and see.
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    I bought my 25K notes from Safe Dinar in 2004. You should be good with your notes. No need to open an account. When the dinar goes international you will be able to take them to a bank and exchange the for dollars. Don't give up on the investment. It's coming. I haven't seen mine in 2 years but I know where they are at. In the original envelope, wrapped up in the original packaging and in a a fire proof safe.
  4. Maybe this will make them see the situation they are in and force the RV. Who wants to give money to a country that has a ton of resources and still wants handouts? Just my thoughts.
  5. CBI News 02/06/2018

    March 30th?
  6. CBI News 01/21/2018

    I concur. Too bad.
  7. Baby it’s Cold Outside

    Garland, TX here. Although I just moved here from Illinois in April. So I'm not complaining.
  8. Wells Fargo

    We are crazy! Rest assured. But we are in good company and we will be vindicated one day. Those who have ventured into self employment and dared to create and invent incredible machines, building and medicines have often been called crazy. It's the ability to see outside the box, believe in your abilities and have confidence in the choices that you make that sets the rich and successful apart from the others. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying being rich makes you successful. It's what you do with it that will define who you are. Didn't mean to sound preachy. I'm you sure you all understand what I mean. FYI. I've never posted twice in one day. Too much pressure!!!!!!!!! Haha
  9. Wells Fargo

    This is one those things in life that you hope pans out and makes your life and the lives of those around you a little better. I'm on this site almost everyday to check on progress, updates and the awesome rumors. But I have never counted on it to be my retirement plan or future source of income. If I did that I personally think it would have stalled any progression I have made in my careers. I just hope it happens sooner than later. But either way I KNOW it will happen. Happy New Years to everybody.
  10. Wells Fargo

    2004 for me. I'm a major lurker. Is that creepy? Haha
  11. Definitely! Hahaha. It's all good!
  12. 05. cents would be a great start. We haven't seen anything in 14 years! It would most likely go up from there quickly as there would be more purchasing of the currency due to speculation of it further increasing in value. Just my .05 cents.
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017


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