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  1. How old is considered old fart? Doesn't fart evaporate? lol... No, I didn't hear a pooh.
  2. Great!
  3. That's cool. Everybody plays sport for fun, including professional players, get paid having fun. I have played soccer all my life, anywhere forward: left, right, or central/center forward. What position/wing do you play, sir?
  4. Do you play soccer or why are you soccercrazy?
  5. "All other VIP members, as soon as the RV is announced - you are automatically upgraded to Platinum". What lesson am I learning here as a quick-2-b-platinum member? lol. Shouldn't be fast in being a platinum? VIP members automatically upgraded to platinum free. Mr. Adams, I must confess that I get jealous all the time you give discount, but nothing for us quick-2-b-platinum members. Seriously... but lol.
  6. I guess that should be options under your profile.
  7. Thank you for the attention. Is there any key/important information in the email? Thanks.
  8. Actually, I have a gmail account. I don't think it's setting issue because I had been receiving emails before. I will have to update my email address to gmail. Meanwhile, is the promised email anywhere on VIP section? Thanks.
  9. Something isn't right. I received the email Adam sent out on Thursday, March 2nd right in my yahoo inbox. It seems like he sent another one on Friday which went to my spam on March 5 with the subject "FRIDAY! The third DV update for me this week :)", but it's for who wants to be VIP. I never had any problem receiving his updates in my inbox until now. What's going on now?
  10. Did Adam send out the VIP e-mail he promised to send out on Saturday? I didn't receive it if it was sent out. Did anybody receive it?
  11. That's funny and I lol. It's not so. I don't like calling attention.
  12. I'm kind of wondering why and how my profile got visited 3,477 times. Who could have been those and what could they have been looking for in my profile? Too many visits without a single "hi" or "hello" message... lol.
  13. I don't think Adam has written anything lately, but don't think you should worry. If I can read your mail I should believe you're connected to receive updates from Adam when he does. It's good you raised your concern, though.
  14. Glad there's no political correctness against God in this community. Christmas, as well as traditional marriage, is millennial, the old landmarks postmodernism should not meddle with. So, I'm glad to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.
  15. They'll take care of you. I assure you.