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  1. Hi MEP... This last draw had about 33 Participants. Prior to the bigger jackpot, our Powerball drawings were usually between 15 and 20 Participants. I'm not sure about Mega Millions... but much less participation. If you want to keep track (of shares)... remember to only count the Players, not the number of tickets! Jax
  2. Mark! If you can't post another ticket, let us know!!! One of us will get you entered! Jax
  3. THANK YOU, Patty... for emphasizing the Philosophical Imperative of Individual Constitutional Rights, over the Political Spin... the Collectivist merry-go-round of distraction!
  4. AND... THANK YOU, patrickSOLIDgold!!!
  5. AND... THANK YOU, PattyAngel Warrior!!!
  6. Thank you for your generosity JEEP! PokerPlayer! Brob! Gaf! Goggles!
  7. Thank You WHN! I caught the second half of this live... so I'm glad I got to see the first half! Hmmm... channeling some of us here at DV!!! The language and expressiveness ECHOES loudly!!! How coincidental!!! Perhaps, because many of us SEE it so clearly... and recently!!! Yes... the ALARMS ARE DEAFENING!!!! Thank YOU, WHN... and others who are screaming our warning... THANK YOU, DiveMaster!!! And Thank You, ALL for any support provided ME!!! You're the BEST!!! Jax
  8. BINGO, DM!!! And THAT is exactly what I've been trying to emphasize (as lifestyle philosophy), over the political issues rhetoric!!!! For simplicity... I've always said, there are TWO types of Liberals. One, that is a militantly nefarious "leader", and knows exactly what they're doing! And second... the weak minded kumbaya "follower"... that doesn't even know the difference, or KNOW the true DISTINCTIONS between Individualism and Collectivism! It is that latter group that we need to reach... as we'll never change the militant leadership. The followers will simply need to wake up and dismiss their allegiance to the illness of Liberalism... I've always felt there is promise in the philosophical approach, over the panic and yelling and finger pointing... SHAME THEM! Just remember... there have been VERY FEW Conservatives that have ever devolved and crossed over to the ills of Liberalism! But MANY MANY MANY Liberals that have EVOLVED to become Conservative. Just make them SEE and OWN their hypocrisy... Intellectual Honesty!!!
  9. MM 8/18 33 - 36 - 42 - 58 - 70 MB 01 PB 8/19 12 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 49 PB 12
  10. Thanks for the clarification, dudette. So... let's get started... reveal and nurture TRUE premises through genuine courage, one person at a time. I'm doing my part, everyday. Multiply that by millions... we'll have it covered!
  11. C'mon B/A... another shallow drive-by?!!! Stated HONESTY in the beginning of my post... AND honesty is an inherent part of COURAGE, to those that understand it. So, is that all you have to say? Please stop cherry-picking my posts out of context!
  12. Education... enlightenment... plain and simple! Hopefully through normal traditional channels, involving ACCOUNTABILITY and PRIDE and HONESTY. And if that's not enough... I'm a big believer in simple SHAME! If those people are not bright enough to learn, through intellectual means of contrast and comparison, WITH properly identified and accepted premises... they must be SHOWN HOW! This can only be done on a one to one basis, initially... until such reason and cause takes root into mainstream channels... the educational system, civic organizations, the media, etc. BUT, the main problem is not really the education... it's the AWARENESS of the NEED! The APATHY is the true enemy... and unless and until such is alarmingly identified as a TRUE ACADEMIC IMPERATIVE, not the phony pseudo kumbaya concerns already pushed and "accepted", the challenge of the genuine resolve just gets pushed down the road! Honestly... I cannot understand how this is NOT CLEARLY understood by those Conservatives or Constitutionalists with Influence... other than to say, that they are perpetually immersed in fear of losing "power" and "influence. They are not BRAVE ENOUGH! We simply need more COURAGEOUS Philosophical LEADERS... from Parents to Teachers to Civic Leaders to "Politicians"... And, THANK YOU WHN for the insightful response!!!
  13. I'll second that WOW! And echo the kudos... thanks DM! The Conclusion really emphasizes the needed resolve!!!
  14. WOW!!! Gave it 3 minutes... then 34 more! Gotta love the clarity! Thanks WHN!!!