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  1. 19-28-30-50-56 PB 07
  2. Well then you better get what do the kids say steping ! Come on article 140.
  3. This is great to see the vote on seizure of the former parties property. Good morning Yota, DV
  4. Thanks Yota,Synopsis and Thug. Have a good night all !
  5. The Iraqi forces are the eye's and ears on the ground so they should check out the one that gave the co-ordinate's. Things like this just shatter your heart. Good morning Yota, DV
  6. bang your drums

    It's the little things that mean the most and they are free., LGD
  7. I love this man and he definitely should get the Nobel Peace Prize Thank you Thuggy !.
  8. To bad the one taking these pictures could be sending the co-ordinate's out to the air support. That would be a perfect carpet bombing.
  9. Moose you always make our day a little better.
  10. I love the first one from the commercial what's a sticker? Thanks Snow