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  1. nannab

    Adam Montana Weekly 19 September 2018

    We know Davis that is why we love ya. Mr. Pres Sir
  2. nannab

    Adam Montana Weekly 19 September 2018

    Adam. A shout out to our great news hounds and other commentators.
  3. RUT ROE Abadi sounds PO I wish he would do the same regarding Malarki Butifldrm.
  4. Wow only time will tell how much more Iran can take before something explodes or the regime implodes. Butifldrm.
  5. nannab

    D.V. lottery game 9/18--9/19--2018

    MM 09/18 18-23-33-35-40 MB 08 PB 09/19 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05
  6. Good afternoon Yota and DV Things are just flying along !
  7. nannab

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Well well Zebari the same guy that was dumped for committing fraud? Well well Isn't this the same Zebari that was booted for committing fraud? I cannot wait for the dust to clear . Thanks for the updates Butifldrm
  8. Good evening Yota and DV Hoping you are all safe and sound.
  9. Wow exploding food what will they think of next? A very sick bunch of people. Good afternoon Yota. Stay high dry and safe everyone.
  10. nannab

    CBI News 09/13/2018

    Great article Pokerplayer Thanks

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