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  1. IS THIS IT ?????

    From Abadi's lips to the RV fairy's ear then wand. BANG !!!!!!!!!! Great find Floridian
  2. LOL thank you and you also. I just was not fast enough correcting it because I was laughing at it myself. It does not take much to amuse myself. We all do need a big party about now RV RV RV
  3. MM 9/19 23-45-55-59-73 MB 06 PB 9/20 21-29-46-48-53 PB 21 for brob MM 9/19 19-46-47-58-60 MB 03 PB 9/20 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05 Just in case brob hope you are doing ok
  4. Wow really ? Someone actually negged our clown. Someone get them another beer and un-twist or un-bunch their panites what ever the case may be. Your thugginess.
  5. Demanding little fella that Barzani and can someone tell me the heck he has wrapped around that belly. Maybe a cumber bun ? They love drama and we are the ones on the edge of our seats. Thanks Dinar thud and Englishman.
  6. Our TODAY OR YOURS IRAQ. Just do it !!!! Please and thank you I am getting old and tired here. ATTA BOY !!!
  7. This might be my next month as a legal senior mind but isn't the Muslin brotherhood Obama's friends?They are here in the US right? lol Thank ya Yota.
  8. Economy Where to?

    As the kids would say We double dog dare ya! lol
  9. They needed more time to finish their laundry. Thanks Yota and good morning DV
  10. New CBI News 09/17/2017

    That is quite the list. Thank you Yota and have a good day DV.

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