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  1. Then tells it to assume the position for feather to feather pat down for any weapons.
  2. I will never look at a Toyota pickup truck the same way ever again.
  3. Good morning DV I believe this is what we were looking for! Thank you Dinar4Dinar
  4. Sad Roger Moore was a great actor I did like him in the Saint though. RIP Sir Roger Sean Connery is the only James Bond. IMHO Thanks BA
  5. Amen Heavyduty
  6. Polish remover my ribs hurt. Your mooseyness
  7. There is nothing coming out of other media sources about Malarki. Too bad
  8. Thank you Tigergorzow for all of your hard work on our behalf. With isis now killing all of the foreigners that came to help them they will now have second thoughts about joining.
  9. Come on FUZZY BUZZY ! Thank you Adam
  10. All we can do is to keep praying for them.