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  1. Thanks Yota and Social Dinar Iraq has contracts going every which direction this is a great thing! Good morning DV
  2. Take the hint M you don't matter !!! Good morning Yota, DV
  3. This is amazing !! Thank you Mark
  4. Is that like KISS. Keep it simple stupid? Thank ya Mr. Moose
  5. 19-46-47-58-60 MB 03 21-29-46-48-53 PB 21
  6. Putin is not a stupid man and is probably laughing at Malarki behind his back.
  7. They go missing, plane shot down by accident oh the possibilities are endless. Shame on me.
  8. How does Iraq keep their memorandums of cooperation straight along with dispute this dispute that. Maybe it's me. Good morning Yota, DV
  9. You said 10. They also kept launching rockets on and off the whole time. They are a down right sleazy bunch.