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  1. d.v. lottery pools 1/16---1/17

    PB 1/17 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05 oops forgot to get MM just happy to get out.
  2. Oh Scott I'm so sorry and absolutely no disrespect intended. As for the poppy along with many others I know all to well the meaning and I thought it was adorable. I did try to edit it because it did not look right but my system went down. Then I went down bronchitis resulting in two broken ribs. Again to each and everyone of you I am so very sorry.
  3. Good morning Yota! My system just came back It said that I lost the signal and usb.? We got what I call a nor'estr huri blizzard. It was like the blizzard of 78. Thank god it didn't last three day's. Glad to see that you made it through ok.
  4. Good morning Yota. Thank you for starting really early we are going to get slammed by this storm. Stay save everyone . Oh well.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 3 JANUARY 2018

    Thanks Adam ! Shout out to your staff, Mods and our news hounds you are all amazing. May 2018 be our happiest year ever !!!
  6. We and the people can only hope for this. I still think that the US and others will go after him for crimes against humanity for the murder of thousands alone.. Not to mention the money we gave him that has gone missing. No immunity!!!
  7. Scary just thinking about these poor people with the return of the devil it's self.

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