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  1. They do have the ability to form a lynching party ya know mob mentality. Lord knows there are enough people over there to take care of him that he hurt or worse. Thank you eighty227
  2. nannab

    CBI News 07/17/2018

    Good evening Butifldrm and DV
  3. nannab

    D .V. lottery game 7/20---7/21 -2018

    MM 7/20 01-16-17-62-70 MB 25 PB 7/21 19-28-30-50-56 PB 07
  4. A perfect reason not to open the border crossings with Iran. Thank you Butifldrm and have a good night DV.
  5. MM 07/17 01-16-17-62-70 MB 25 PB 07/18 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05
  6. Sounds like Iran is getting their come up ins from every angle. !!!!! Thanks Pitcher
  7. Something has to be done with Iran/Malarki ASAP. Unfortunately innocent people will get hurt or worse Good afternoon Butifldrm and DV

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