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  1. mskimsto


    After a long graveyard shift, I must say this post made my day.
  2. mskimsto

    Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines?

    I can live with that answer. God bless to the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE SOLDIERS. MSG RETIRED
  3. mskimsto

    SURVEY: Should America Strike Syria?

    Where is the proof? So far all iv'e seen is lips moving.
  4. mskimsto

    Here's your "Hope & Change" you Libs voted for

    Sorry folks but this country was headed down hill way before he became President. Face it a white president no problems a black one and you see RED. I know this will be attacked, but .... .. ... There are no shortcuts to any place worth going....Sills
  5. mskimsto

    New Panties

    I'll have some of what ever he's got!
  6. mskimsto

    Shredded Dinars-Can I reassemble?

    racprops you are right. if he has saddam on his bills then his problem is huge...IMO
  7. mskimsto

    Shredded Dinars-Can I reassemble?

    What have you done for your team TODAY?...I shredded my dinars...LOL
  8. PAPSTER...I agree with you and if I could give more than a +1 I would. Thanks and well said.
  9. mskimsto

    Med Posts and Mailman17 Posts

    I's things in common that makes things enjoyable, but it's the little differences that make them interesting.
  10. Thank's Amam. You are truly a "Do-So'er and not a Say- So'er". Be safe.
  11. mskimsto

    How many Veterans & Active Duty on this site


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