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  1. new york kevin

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    I hear what you are saying, legally you may be correct, and I raise you a " thats not quite true." If they really cared about that they would have hiring illegal alien decoy sweeps. Kind of like when they dress up female cops as hookers when going after the Johns. Or they would just raid the Lowes, Home Depots, and other such places everywhere. Besides this thread was about how to handle the DACA issue.
  2. new york kevin

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    But thats different, and I hear what you are saying also. What I ment was as a private citizen no one is going to care if as a private citizen you ever hired an illegal immigrant. Thats all.
  3. new york kevin

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    Nobody cares at all if you hired and illegal alien ... ever. Until yiu run for publication office maybe.
  4. new york kevin

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    You get 20 Congressmen on the House side, 1/2 of them Dem the other half Reps. Lock them in a room and write the DACA Act. Making sure all past xyz date ex 12/20/18 are not eligible. When it passes the House, send it to the Senate and do the same thing there. That way everyone wins. The Dreamers, the Dems and the Reps. Trump and crew have stated they want it past. Also Ryan and McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi. One side, the Dems IMHO, just don't want anyone other than them to get any sort of credit for actually passing an actual LAW that covers this matter. Part of me questions if the Dems ( not the rank and file Dems per se) really want to settle this matter at all. Preferring to pass presidential executive orders that are temporary, to forestall such a matter inorder to blame it on the opposition party.
  5. It kinda sounds like those who lost their elected positions are melting down. It seems they are suffering an Iraqi version of the HRC Post Election Loss Syndrome. Where they wonder openly what happened? How did this happen? How could we have been so wrong about our chances in the election? Someone else is responsible for this catastrophe? Not us! What is to happen to our sources of ( ill gotten ) income? It's weird how sand can drain like water in a swamp in Iraq huh? Wake up folks, the people of Iraq have spoken. They are doing what is right for Iraq and it's people. Sound familiar? I pray part of that includes RV-ing their IQD at 3 IQD to 1 USD just after Ramadan or before.
  6. Niacin, I returned to it for like 8 months. I got use to it then the burn returned with a vengence. I tried and appreciate the advice. For now the search continues. God Bless to all.
  7. But we, the Government and People of the US, just placed a new round of sanctions on Iran. This should place a devaluating pressure on the Irannian currency. All that remains to be seen is how co-operative other countries will be with these new sanctions. And or how much they will cheat behind closed doors the new sanctions inorder to compete and make a buck off of iran. But i am all for the sooner the better for the IQD to revalue. As far as the other stuff, the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Isreal and a torpedoing of the Palestinian talks ... eh ! No fruit from talking with them in 60 years is no still no fruit from talking with them in 60 years. The excuse for failure of said talks that the Palestinians propaganda machine places on the failed talks doesn't really matter. I don't believe they really ever entered into the talks for any reason but to get $$$ outa US. They hate Israel a d thats that.
  8. new york kevin

    Margot Kidder obituary

    You are sincerely welcome Sir. It is always my pleasure to share the truth, particularly when it is not just my opinion. IMHO. Peace and God's blessing and guidance to you and yours.
  9. new york kevin

    Margot Kidder obituary

    Umbertino and Shabilicious : I cannot believe I am doing this for you guys, yes agreeing with you. Someone absolutely is negging you just because you posted anything. Who cares enough to hate you like that. I can bet you they are not a Christian. Not a real one anyway. Sad. Really sad.
  10. new york kevin

    A big heart-felt THANKS for the new negging record

    But Muleslayers quote was so funny.
  11. new york kevin

    A big heart-felt THANKS for the new negging record

    Right stinking on nstoolman1. I haven't even jumped on Umbilical ... umbertino ever that bad. And I have knocked him around pretty hard on some stuff in the past. Umbertino is a center liberal at best and most of his posts bear that out. Plus he tends to speak with forked tongue on a given topic. Generically like, I really like Trump, but this time he just pushed the grandma over the edge. Blah, blah, blah. Yet LDG your rant was beyond the pale. You excelent points got lost in all the hate filled overtones. Umbertino, if you don't want 20 plus negs in 20 seconds when you post trash realize people can see right through your 2nd minor in psychology skills. And no one is afraid to neg you in the virtual world. Grow up folks, I did, eventually, almost.
  12. Probably yes. Unless he has to form a coalition government, then Abadi may prevail upon him to let us stay. Imho.
  13. Turnout was 44.52 percent with 92 percent of votes counted, the Independent High Electoral Commission said - significantly lower than in previous elections. According to a recent nation-wide poll conducted in March, 79 percent of Iraqis accepted Abadi as prime minister. According to the nation-wide poll conducted in March, 66 percent of the Iraqi people viewed Sadr favourably across most of Iraq's provinces. Hopefully Abadi will get the Prime Ministers position, and he will also hopefully not have to dilute that win to much by including a bunch of little political parties inside Iraq, as when he formed his first government, and as he forms this coalition government. A diluted coalition government seems to lend itself to corruption, which both Abadi and Sadr are against. If he can keep it between his party and al-Sadr's to gain the majority, this could be potentially good news imho. What do y'all think?
  14. And ... so what ? A private contract between a private person/private attorney and a large private company. Cohen was not part of thr Trump Admin. So proof that Mueller has gone outside the authorized scope of his investigation. Meaning that he is not the proper convening authority for potential crimes. This in fact is a simple contract law situation at best. Again , so what? Novartis already stated that Cohen didn't give them any information along the signs they were looking for. Another nothing burger.

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