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  1. Let me be the monkey wrench on where this thread may be going. If Abadi is not as dumb as I hope he is, keep your friends close and your enemies closure.
  2. Dumb azz legislative judge. Judges are suppose to enforce the laws and not legislate from the bench. Trump should replace them if he can.
  3. 3 - 1 ; on Abadi to win. He is the one who kicked ISIS out, Maliki is the one that let them in. The Iraqi people have to remember this point, despite any propaganda or vote buying that Maliki uses to try and get back into a position of power and influence.
  4. Oh man that is sad as well. May God help her family.
  5. Doh, I think you are giving Tucker Carlson an endorsement.
  6. I guess at least one guy in Iraq has little tolerance for stolen valor.
  7. Old News. Also remember folks, we need a new HCL not a new HCA.
  8. Sad, so very sad that a man who did so much for the Conservative position in America would dare to think, let alone act upon, the worst and lowest base thoughts/actions of sexual harassment. He can't dis WJC anymore. He deserves what he gets, as do all (men and women) who abuse their position to stroke their egos and satisfy their sexual desires. Waters may be able to file Bill's spot.
  9. Well good for them. It was the perfect move for them. They wanted to live in a fully socialistic sheeple like country where a difference of thought is drowned out and entrepreneurship is suppressed. Freedom is there in Canada, but it does not come close to the definition I pray we are getting back to here in the US. If I couldn't live in America for some reason Canada would be the place for me. Their current income tax rate is 42%, 38-42% With recent legislation it is due to rise beyond that in the new tax year. Since it is a Progressive tax system up north, the more you make the more you pay in taxes. Kinda surpressing the urge to make more. Now lets talk about property taxes. Perhaps another time. During our Presidential election, the nicest Canadian cousin I have, responded with a sling of WTF's and the like when I tried to defend Trump's pre-election successes. Regurgitating every Democratic Socialistic National Committees propaganda Pro Hillarious talking points. I responded as kindly as I could. It wasn't until my SC brother in law said that while he agrees with most of what My cousin said that he did not feel safe in his own country any more. Then the conversation ended.
  10. Yebis I ham.
  11. If true, proof that he was nothing but a bia azz poo say. If he was all hard and stuff, he would have taken his lick and popped his collar.
  12. So "al-Bagdaddi may have been arrested" . The Russians and Syrians may have arrested him ... hmm. That seems to be like winning the olympics and not wanting to get the medal asap. Why, holding up on announcing it to the world??? If you have him perp walk him to the world. The Russians and Syrians both want to stop ISIS influence in both their own countries and around the world. Once he is secured, show him at an arraignment hearing or something. This could be a ploy to draw him out of hiding with the remainder of his obsessed devotees in the mountains of raqqa, and then arrest him. If thats the case and we can verifiy that, I say we deploy another MOAB or 5 in said area and take him out. JMHO.
  13. I tried to tell them earlier TexasGranny. I guess they are choosing to not listen. Thank you for what you do TG.
  14. SO, Iraq wants oil to rise to $60 a barrel. If they raise the international value of their currency to a minimum of $1.14, then I will allow the price of oil to rise to $60 ppb. That's my offer. Agree now or I'll just sit on my hands until soon comes around.