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  1. If al-Baghdadi and any of his cohorts, commanders, and weapons suppliers are captured, how about placing them on trial for crimes against humanity for the deaths of these innocent people. At least for those amongst the dead that are actually innocent, and not ISIS cowards that were to scared to wear clothing that distinguishes them from the real civilian population. Systematic rape, forced sham marriages, brutal torture (with drills included), barbaric mass killings, and being to coward like that they cannot have A.O.'s outside of civilian population areas. For being dain bramaged enough to think that using civilians as human shields in their A.O.'s, around their weapons caches, command centers is an acceptable form of protection/security.. Not under any circumstances, under any religious unjustification is such a thing acceptable. They just use such civilian deaths as propaganda. So the wusses can claim "We didn't kill them the U.S. or Iraqi Military , or Russians did." Stupid tweakers may they all drown in female pigs blood.
  2. nstoolman1, glad everything worked out; literally and literally. I am also glad that you have a good sense of humor. You know going through such a cleansing every 2 years or so may not be a bad thing. You can get that cleansing stuff at the cvs otc. Then just drink clear broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable) for the 2 day period. Just to make sure the colon is clear of any plaque from old undigested food. Having a clean colon is important since 80% of our immune system is in and runs off of our colon. FYI.
  3. Great Friday email Adam. Question: Putzing around here: If Abadi was going to make any IQD RV on the already filmed interview with Fox News Chris Wallace, how could that have been kept secret. We couldn't keep Trumps taxes a secret, couldn't keep the surveillance of Trumps staff secret, couldn't keep the questions to be asked at the HRC debates secret. Ya know what I am saying here? Go RV , Go 1:1
  4. Sounds to me like the Great World Sharks are circling the waters on accounta they smell spoils and blood in the ankle deep waters of Iraq. They each want to sell them all Iraq needs to rebuild, strengthen, and defend itself.
  5. Say they do come out with the "real rate" and it's 1192 IQD to 1 USD. What then guys and gals? Awwww, snap. For the record I am with the 40 cent to $1.00 crowd .
  6. Maybe the General one went to Syria to battle ISIS.
  7. n stool man 1. Hmmm stool man. Coincidence? I like the note written to the Dr on the butt thing; do that. Dr's have a sense of humor, just no patients, get it? Yup, they knock you out with drugs so you feel nada, fill your butt tube with air, and go hunting for polyps. Then they won't let you leave till you pass that air out. Why do they want that back? My advice is to get the colonoscopy as often as recommended. Plus if you are and old sick child like me, film the fart scene. When I came out of the drugs, a lot later than my wife thought I had. (Wonder what those topics of discussion were?) As soon as I understood that I could go home after I worked the air raid siren, I let it rip so loud that Fred and Barney clocked out of work at the Slate Quarry. Wish I had that one on film. Plus they took out a couple of small polyps .
  8. This article sounds great. Luigi: For the record, everything you post is automatically assumed guilty of being a rumor untill proven otherwise. But who love ya baby ?
  9. So is this like a dry run for the system wide notification that we have a for real new rate? Regarding the Dinarvets emails system. By the way VICTORY spelt backwards is yrotciv . That last one sounded funnier in my mind when I thought of it. Lost a little something when I wrote it.
  10. Tankdude: I believe in giving thanks to those who have helped me, and credit to those where credit is due. You deserve both. I know you are not a MD or Therapist, and all I seek is info here to allow me to make a informed decision.. Never holding anyones foot to the fire.There is a lot to digest above, I will do so over the course of the remainder of the week. As it relates to my knee, i think it could be tendonitis due to a work related incident at a former employer. Work Comp Dr's are not centered on patient concerns.I have been praying that I never get RA or OA. I hate RA for how it attacked my Mom. I have, thanks to you, PQQ Anti-Aging DNA Therapy 40mg caps, bought online via Asia, Tumeric curcumin extra strenght 1500 mg caps (Asian), Qunol mega Coq10 ubiquinol 100 mg caps, and IntraNaturals K2 (MK-7) 100 mcg caps, plus Immuno Build Mushrooms, which has organic trametes, shitake, relishi, cordyceps, maitake, and ginger juice extract all in one blended 60 mg cap. The mushrooms are USA sourced organic mushrooms processed in a way that releases their B-glucans for immune support. I am guilty of not being consistent in taking these and a bunch of other vitamins daily, more like 3 times weekly. Which may explain why I have that right knee pain going up stairs. Oddly enough I can do dead lifts/clean and jerks of 100 lbs or so and no difficulty. Would these supplements help with the tendonitis, OA or RA (which I rebuke in Jesus's name) ? From what you have said Dong Quai seems to have all the sides effects, or at least different ones, as prednisone. Would Dong Quai be acceptable on a as needed basis in any particular dose. If you would not reccomend this what would you suggest, in what form and dose that may serve my needs? Can it be taken on a long term basis? Does the PQQ supplement that I have fulfill my Redox needs in you H O?
  11. Prayerfully, a true rate closer to a 1:1 and not 1182: 1. I be ite with that.
  12. And here I thought just Turkey would have a problem with this 100,000 plan. So Syria and Turkey, and likely Iraq as well. Iraq would not want a military force of 100,000 strong, not under its control inside Iraqi territory.
  13. That is 2 that is really interested in this. I will PM Thaiexpat or Tankdude when I get home from work if no response. Thats not a threat, they have proven to be knowledgeable on many matters in this venue. Thanks in advance guys, whoever posts helpful feedback.