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  1. Shabs: It is simply a matter of prosecuting her for the crime of " false police report " . Ford has every right to be heard, she has no right, and there is no legal precedence to set pre-conditions under which she will testify. They took 3 days to investigate the Anita Hill accusations against Clarence Thomas. They have 4 more days to investigate this claim . If nothing is found, vote on Tuesday or Wednesday to affirm or not on Kavanaugh .
  2. That is not the way it works Professor Ford. Particularly when the accuser becomes more and more uncredible at each and every turn. Allow the local PD to investigate the allegations provided you can give them a place to start. If local PD can prove what you claim occured, even after Judge Kavanaugh gets promoted to the Supreme Court you and the DNC can have him removed from the Court via impeachment. Yet now even the Senator who held onto her accusation is questioning her credibility. We have heard her, and have tried to supportive along the way. Giving her the choice of a public or private Also, Senate Judiciary Committee ranking Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-CA, has now admitted she “can’t say everything’s truthful,” with what Ford alleges. So, many people are asking what is the point of all of this if she won’t even testify and the top Democrat on the committee says she doesn’t know if the accuser is even being truthful?
  3. Funny choice of word Shabs. " 11 Republicans she needs to tell her story to have already made up their minds just like you. You mean like every Democrat in the Senate and House stating that they will never vote for any person President Trump nominates for the Supreme Court. She should be prosecuted because she falsely accused a man of a crime. What is there to investigate? The accuser cannot recall the exact date the act allegedly occurred on . She cannot recall the house the alleged act occurred in. She cannot say exactly who else was at the party, eliminating possible witnesses that may have seen a shaken victim after such a horrendous act occurred. Had she been drinking too? Is she recalling the correct aggressor ?
  4. All accusers/victims of sexual assault deserve to be heard. But how can this accuser be heard if she is not willing to come before the committee on Monday to be heard . FBI does not need to open a investigation prior to her testimony. Mostly because such accusations are investigated by local law enforcement. Unverifiable 11th hour accusation should not derail any Supreme Court Nominee's candidacy . If unverifiable accusation can have this result , then any political party that desires to obstruct such a candidate for any appointed position ... well all that has to be done is to make an unverifiable sexual allegation against said candidate. This is the Socialist and Dems playbook
  5. Karsten, additionally the FBI does not investigate crimes of this nature. Such crimes are investigated by local law enforcement . All accusers deserve to be heard, but how can this accuser be heard if she is unwilling to come and be heard. Putting aside the statute of limitation issue.
  6. HIPPA laws are ment only to protect medical info from being transmitted for needless or nefarious reasons. HIPPA Laws do not prevent any and all medical records from being subpoenaed in a valid legal action that is filed in a court of law. Once cause is shown to the bearing said documents may or may not have on a case.
  7. Shabs Perhaps. But why can the accuser not remember the place , date, or time the alleged attack took place. She emerged, her charges were taken seriously, stated that she is willing to testify immediately, and today through her attorney she will only testify AFTER the FBI starts an investigation into her claims. Again, the accuser not remember the place , date, or time the alleged attack took place. So what facts could any police agency; local, state, or federal (FBI) . Why are the Dems demeaning the accuser of Keith Ellison for domestic violence accusations, after she released medical records as evidence. Both situations are nothing less than proof that there is a double standard being applied here. Accuse a Republican of an unproveble attempted abuse of a women 45 years ago, and attack the accuser/victim of a Democrat, when the victim of the Dem provides evidence. Both indicate the playbook of the Socialist, Dems, and Deep State Republicans, which is to delay and obstruct everything that this President is trying to do. The people of this country elected Donald Trump POTUS in large part because he promised to return the Court Systems in this country to a fair and balanced constitutional foundation. Many insiders don't want that. Whoever POTUS Trump picks will be from a select group of Constitutional lawyers and judges. Preventing the Supreme Court , the last chance for the LEFT to effect the course of this country in the future, subverting the actual rule of law, free of the constraints provided by the constitution. How the founding Fathers of this country saw the complex twisted lengths some in this country would go to to eliminate the will of the people of this country, and thus the course this nation would take back in the time of our hard fought independence amazes me. Fair and balance application of the law is not an antiquity , it is necessary for the plaintiff and defendant in all courts of law. One can not just make a claim, and then provide no proof. There are laws and penalties for filing a false police report you know.
  8. Hey with John Kerry, now a private citizen, going to Iran to hold talks supposedly to influence current US policy on Iran ....... Shouldn't he have to register as A Agent of a Foreign Government just like Manifort should have done. Where is the investigation of John Kerry ?
  9. Prepare to die by blowing up Jet Style Socialist Dems. Your world is about to unravel.
  10. Why aren't they all in prison awaiting trial? No bond they are flight risks.
  11. Chalk this up to one more rare thing we agree on Shabbi. Point of parliamentary procedure. The claim/story was not passed along through the proper channels. Diane Feinstein held onto it since receiving it in July 2018. At no time during her 2 or 3 hearings on Kavanaugh did she ask him about it. So with it coming out now, just prior to a vote on his candidacy for the Supreme Court it is beyond suspect. Nothing but a unverifiable she said thing ploy on the part of the Socialist and left leaning Dems. JMHO
  12. Who cares what guru's say? They are never right.
  13. Pitcher; wishful thinking . It is my belief that the far left , and the left leaning Dems , and their propaganda machines called the left wing media; will in fact try to spin the documents when they come out. Hopefully they come out sooner than later because it will be interesting to see who dies of undiagnosed cancer, heart disease, or walking in the wrong neighborhood. They don't want HRC aids murder to be tied to them. I predict that when they do spin it, and or people die, all will start to unravel for them since they bet the info would not get declassified prior to the mid-term elections. But what do I really know.
  14. Sounds like Iran has crossed a red line to me. You wanna bet that " Iraqi Troops or Militia " are going to attack and destroy a Iranian facility soon? Nudge, nudge, hint, hint, know what I mean.
  15. Deep State Shadow Democratic Party Swamp government in action. Thanks Pitcher.

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