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    I am not a fast cook, I am not a slow cook. I am a half-fast cook.
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  1. new york kevin

    Breitling - It’s Coming Down. It’s Going To Revalue !

    Breitling has always been a independent conservative libertarian with a Republican leaning. But he is a straight shooter and not PC. Meaning that he will always tell us, in his humble opinion, what the imperical data (the plain verifiable facts, the behind the scene political move are and what they mean) are, and what the possible effects to our IQD may be. Like our Tony he is often right and occasionally wrong, which he himself identifies.
  2. new york kevin

    Breitling - It’s Coming Down. It’s Going To Revalue !

    The protests, the election results, may just be the storm before the RV. As we, the long timers, have come to expect might occur at or just prior to the RV. IMHO.
  3. Now a days any unrest in Iraq has got to be tied to Iran. Like the Dems in the US, never let a good controversy go to waist. Whether it be organic or created. IMHO .
  4. POTUS Trump needs to request the resignation of Jeff Sessions right after Trey Gowdy says he will be the next AG.
  5. Thats because the American peopme aren't the dumbazzez the Socialist Democratic Party of America has come to take them as. Beevezis have taken them for. Strzoks actions he calls private thoughts are the very definition of bias for a person in the positions he was in.
  6. Exactly what Karsten said. Nothing more needs to be added. But more certainly may be added.
  7. A lot of truth there I think. I cannot agree with reinstating back alley abortion clinic techniques. Neither can one, IMHO justify late term abortions. Don't just partially birth the child, completely birth the child and immediately place it for adoption. I also do not think abortions should be a means of contraception anymore. Not with a myriad of birth control devices, condoms, and after morning pills. Not with those. My opinions are mine and not based on my desire to rule over a woman and their womb.
  8. IMHO, not a sign of concern for the US. Merely a sign of Russia's intention to increase it's gold reserves at the expense of China in the near future; and this way lower the value of the Yuan while also messing with China. Similar to the same way they were messing with the USD in 1967 or 1968 causing Nixion to take the USD off of the gold standard. Us remember the largest holder of US debt ... T Bill is domestic US citizens, Unions, companies and local governments.
  9. A 360 degree fire fight . This dog deserves a medal for valor under fire. Amen.
  10. new york kevin


    The end with the really bad breath and chocolate on his lips. 😉Mods , I apologise in advance . Be forgiving plz.
  11. new york kevin


    This goat post says our IQD was worth $1.19 , it was worth $1.71, but it has never traded anywhere above 1162 IQD to 1 USD on the Forex or the . So the discernible news out of this article(s) is that our IQD is worth $1.19 - $1.70 as we speak/out of the gate. Which leads to the million dollar question ; when will they let this out of the gate? Zimba, it is time.
  12. Imho, no to any alliance that returns Maliki and his coalition of Law to any amount of political power what so ever. As always thank you Yota and its a sad day if Maliki get to be the puppet and or the puppet master.
  13. Imho, no to any alliance that returns Maliki and his coalition of Law to any amount of political power what so ever.
  14. new york kevin


    Well , don't tell anyone, but I heard that they will have a huge meeting tomorrow inorder to agree on having a meeting to discuss having a meeting about some topic they want to meet and discuss in the full presence of Jabouri. Well ... thats what i a meeting I was in.

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