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  1. Trump told soldier's grieving widow 'he knew what he signed up for', mother says . BA and Umbertino up in a tree ... Taken totally out of context for the sake of a loud hat wearing Congresswoman. Is she up for re-election next year? Cuz she certainly works the well worn philosophy of the obstructive Dems ... if there is no controversy make one up. I do not doubt the POTUS said something to the effect of "he knew what he signed up for." What is important to place these words in context are the prelude and the subsequent dialogue to the quoted words. The President has the testimony of those others in the room at the time the phone call was made, ass proof to what he did say. I am sure what POTUS said was something along the following lines ... Madam , in the military world yours' is the hardest job and that makes you a hero. All of your husbands training, moving, time away from the family when on deployments, your holding the household together while he was away. I am touched by your sacrifices. Your husband was a hero. He knew what he was signing up for when he took the job, and he performed his duties with the utmost honor . The fact that he paid the ultimate sacrifice grieves me to no end. I have no doubt that the pain I feel fails to compare to the pain and suffering you, your children, and family are experiencing right now. May the God I serve comfort, cover and protect you, and keep you from harm in Jesus's name I pray. Amen. If there is anything I can do for you please contact my office at 111-111-1111 and ask for Ms xyz.
  2. Folks, it means pompous. I looked it up.
  3. Where are the negs Senor ? Nada . Anyone who wants to be President of the United States has to be a bloviated narcissist to some degree. I don't think POTUS Trump cares to compare the size of his bank account to the size of some other bloviated narcissists in this country. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint, know what I mean ? At least no more than I would care to compare the amount of money I have after and RV, to the size of anyone elses post RV bank account.
  4. Exactly !!! Well maybe the Schwarzenegger version of the Apprentice.
  5. You mean Trump is doing exactly what he said he and his family would do? Go figure. What negative BS does BA an Umbertino have to say about that ?
  6. Yes Sir BJ i agree with you. He never even mentioned shutting MSN or CNN down. He said that their licenses should be challenged. Possibly causing their license from that of News Agency to a TV Tabloid. They could still pump out their dribble. As a TV Tabloid they just would not be able to get the advertizing revenues they enjoyed when they us to be a News Agency. Its just BA and Umbertino being BJ and Umbertino.
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 10-18-2017

    Sir : Based on DT highly supportive article on DV 10/17/17 Haider al-Abadi Is Succeeding at the World’s Hardest Job doesth thou think we are close enough to RV before the end of this year or after the Iraqi elections in April 2018 ?
  8. Don't get me wrong but I do not concern myself let alone empathize with what will happen with Iraq's economy 20 years into the future do to the world jumping on the electrical car wagon. Particularly if our dinar hits 3-1 anytime this year 2017. I am out of IQD should it hit 3-1, 2-1 And into a diversified investment portfolio shortly after the RV actually occurs.
  9. The only "health care plan" that was sabotaged was Medicare and Medicaid by Obama him self when he ordered the conscription of $750,000,000 of medicare/medicaid money to help defray the costs of the new health care plan we now call Obamacare.
  10. Nstoolman; I agree with you 150%. Sad but true about Cali. The state and the Dems do not care about the illegal undocumented aliens, they just want them to vote for the Dem candidate in every election every time. Which they do every time, unless they assimilate, get a education, and work for the betterment of their family. Once they become informed, not all but many start to recognise how the non conservatives look down upon them whole claiming to be helping them up.
  11. Hillarious is stuck on propaganda mode and the off button got broke when she took a hammer to her secured devices.
  12. Praise to the Cyber Division of the CIA and the FBI that Pres Trump IS or has set up.
  13. Modern day communists are wearing antifa masks and hoddies.
  14. Hey if the demigod democrats are going to run against this center of the road Democrat, and if we Republicans run a well qualified candidate as well. Maybe, just maybe, they (the dems) can sit their own ticket and we can get a center of the road Republican Senator in there. On paper this sounds like a plausible scenario. On my knees a prayin for that.

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