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  1. These two Democrat representatives if they do not resign, or if they do not get fired; they should be Impeached.
  2. I do not want to offend anyone art all. Neither do I want to sound rude. Does anyone else think the new CBI building sort of looks like a expanded tampon ? I apologize in advance about that question.
  3. The UN is voting on Article 8 regarding Iraq on Tuesday. This is the first time I have heard about this. Does anyone have any articles or links on this, por favor ?
  4. They may have received their autonomy with the help of the US. Only for the purpose of there being the United States of Iraq. If they actually go this route, they would be autonomous states with a federated states of Iraq. No such state should have their own currency. They could issue their own bonds or T bills, which need to be in IQD. Breaking up the country would be a really bad decision.
  5. I think that Abadi joined with this guy since he is a foe of Maliki. m I correct of that last point, Ameri being a foe of Maliki's.
  6. Texas !!! Yeah sure I will move there. Can you help a brother out with the humidity. Take my humidity please. California, the state I currently live in, but not after the RV hits. California, isn't your ban discriminatory?
  7. B/A I hear you on that. I also whole heatedly agree with pattyangle's statement above as well. Though Trump is saying that the Dems and the Repubs establishment both have to go. Since it is the Establishment of these parties that have become a drag on the entire USA. As said candidates work to line their pockets with millions as their sphere of influence grows. As of late the Democratic Election process has returned to a choice of 2 evils at worst. People in this country really are supporting Democratic policies of the JFK era, altered to apply in the 21st century. They are not supporting he Socialist policies that are coming out of the mouths of democrat party leadership at this time. These Americans have learned what "obstructionism" in politics is since that is what The Obama Administration called the Republicans for Mr Obama's entire term, as his administration went more and more socialist in its policies, laws, and executive actions. Shoot half of them have recalled that there is/should be a ANNUAL budget process. Making the Dems familiar with terms (obstructionism, budgetary process) and then seeing how their party leadership and elected officials actions also are definable by these very terms they learned to hate over the past 8 years, is bound to dissolution a large portion of their supporters. Then anyone who likes the ability to work in this country as they hold onto the American work ethic, something that crosses party lines, something based on our historic struggle to become a nation, also based on the biblical Christian work ethic.; these folks unapologetically swarm to any candidate that promises policies that will actually get them a job. Allowing them to retain some self dignity. Democrats use to embrace being an American, taking care of the poor (another biblical principle) while also steering able bodied people to work. There use to be this place called Vocational Schools where the out of work could go to learn a skill. Where does one go to learn how to be a Plumber anymore? Being a LVN/LPN I do not get paid a lot of money by comparison. If money were the primary issue I should have become a Plumber once I became disillusioned with the banking industry and after being laid off after 9/11. I prayed and I prayed. So here I am proudly working in a skilled job that is more of a calling, with all the stresses of life saving, rehabilitation, and malpractice insurance. I digress. If the Dems would return to the 21st century version of their JFK roots, and become civil enough to work across the isle once the election is over, for the overall good of the American people who like a good political fight, the Dems may start winning some elections. Though it may fit in with Trumps tagline of "Draining The Swamp" the Dems and the Repubs need to get rid of the old guard of their party and refocus on doing what is good for the America and its citizens. Unapologetically. JMHO.
  8. Don't buy property around there anytime soon.
  9. Sail ??? Yes. That way I can get a ship load of money.
  10. Security, standardized banking techniques and banking policies say as in lending, collecting. Marvelous, simply soon I say.
  11. Muleslayer, we all see strange things. NYK
  12. Thank you. NYK
  13. Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies June 21, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News Iran’s first vice-president put forward a proposal to lift visa requirements for the Iranian and Iraqi travelers, and also called for trade exchanges between the two countries using their own currencies, namely rial and dinar. Addressing a meeting of high-ranking delegations from Iran and Iraq, attended by the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and held in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri called for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two neighbors by removing the trade obstacles. To that end, he proposed, Iran and Iraq can begin to trade using their national currencies. Jahangiri then noted that the political, economic and security cooperation between Iran and Iraq has reached such a high level that they need to formulate a “comprehensive document on trade and economic cooperation.” The vice president also pointed to the huge number of Iranian pilgrims traveling to Iraq every year, suggesting that Tehran and Baghdad should sign an agreement to lift the visa restrictions. For his part, the visiting Iraqi prime minister voiced Baghdad’s readiness to boost relations with Tehran in all fields. Iraq and Iran are in the same front in the fight against terrorism, Abadi added, saying the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Arab country are on the brink of destruction. Heading a delegation, Abadi arrived in Tehran on Tuesday and held meetings with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
  14. It just occured to me that Iraq is already looking (has already been looking) beyond the battles with ISIS and the securing of Iraqi territory. As evidenced by this agreement to allow foreign airline companies and Iraqi airline companies to expand their flight routes into, and over, Iraq. A country must be able to guarantee National and International airlines a certain amount of internal security and stability to allow such things to occur. Also look to the settlement of the Saddam Invasion files with Kuwait, and Abadi's recent economic tour of the ME.The next 4 days and 2 months should be interesting. Especially if Iraq officially announces the end of its battle over ISIS, as it now transitions (hopefully seamlessly) from a wartime nation/economy to a stable and secure internationally engaging sovereign nation.