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  1. Cool. No sterile surgical rooms for me. I thought about sutures and scalpels in this kit , but that is a little beyond stabilization. All the Pastoral staff and I are anticipating is stabilizing victims in a worse case scenario like an earth quake or post active shooter situation. In these cases stabilization of as many victims as possible is the name of the game. Yes I will have bandaids for the cuts, scrapes, and splinters. Mainly, I will seek a bunch of non- stick pads, 4x4, steri-strips and butterflys for temp stitches, Quick Clots, SAM Splints, burn gel, Cool paks, Kerlix can do to temporally stabilize broken bones, act as a sling, and to be used in forming pressure dressings. I will get a bunch of normal saline ampules for eye and wound wash. Alcohol wipes, Sanitizing wipes, alcohol and peroxide. An airway. I like mooremedical rescue response kit with the big valve mask. This one is $189. Karsten and retiredaf, if I came off as anything less than appreciative of all your efforts I apologize. I didn't listen to that still small voice in me. Sorry.
  2. Karsten ... THANK YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME. BEYOND AWESOME. Everyone that has shared on this thread is awesome. You and the DV Community have done it again. Adam give all these folks an award please. I will pay you back when this thing RV's. RETIREDAF, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your service. Ooorah .
  3. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Donde esta the gift? Movement of any kind is great. It's just that I and a parcel of others are Vets when it comes to this potential investment. Shoot it has gone up and down a dozen of times since I got into this in 2006. I enjoy things stacking up right, and moving in the right direction. I don't think the digital extraction method would successfully pull the RV outa the azz of the CBI at this point. So I wait for Adams call.
  4. I appreciate your comments , as well as all the other comments people have left regarding this post. Honestly, I take a minor amount of umbrage with your use the words suggesting " I may have bitten off more than I can chew." All the other points you mentioned are very well received. And I have already anticipated most of them already, with the exception of the school bus as our church as yet does not have a school bus . I can build an awesome E.R. Kit with a visit to the local dollar store , a good medical supply store, and $150 to $200 at most. Why do that if one exhists already my guesstimated price range ,or just slightly higher. No need to re-invent the wheel so to speak. As a Nurse of 15 plus years, and the one that takes on the scarier cases my agency receives, I was not scared, I was honored when the Pastor in our initial security team meeting ask me to take on this task and gather the appropriate information, prior to our next meeting. My wife did not even flinch since she knows I jump and run towards the emergency when it happens. I have been doing that for longer than I have been a Nurse. I was planning on asking the Fire Fighters, the EMT student, and 2 other Nurses I know of that attend our fellowship if they would pray about joining the Security Team. I would also suggest all members have a BLS Cert, even if they have a CCW.
  5. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Shucks, I got a ruby for my above comment ... and I didn't get anything for you. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.
  6. We may stop when Iran stops, and their supporters stop. NO SOONER.
  7. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    I will get up off the couch when it hits $.01 or better. As long as it is under a 1/10th of a penny I yawn in the IQD's general direction, with hope for the future.
  8. Iran Bans US Dollar in Trade Activities to Beat Sanctions

    Chucky, I was gonna say the same thing. Also you know they may be pulling USD off of their market, so even if they are you know they are keeping it in their reserves. Weren't they smuggling USD out of Iraq a few years ago to put in their coffers? Yup they was. Supposedly Iraq stopped that when they worked to shut down the smuggling trade via the corrupt. We shall see.

    Suozzi, is a piss ant. He would have screamed that everyone that spoke such words under Obama's term as POTUS , he would have seen them arrested and jailed for the longest possible terms. And the Muller Investigation has obtained proof that Obama and crew did ignore the constitution, the courts ( like when he carved out the DACA rule by E.O. ). Obama did corrupt the top echelon (not the rank and file Agents) of the FBI and the DOJ, to manipulate the rank and file Agents to do his bidding and protect his corrupt New World Order; and to shame the American population into submissive acquiescence . What Suozzi did was sedition and treason and he deserves his own investigation and trial and sentencing. You cannot yell fire in a crowded movie theater and claim it was protected speech. If the Dems want to push it, let them. They will loose.
  10. Hey wing nut, no one ever said that Trumps stuff was not made in China, or that he used China steel to build/repair his buildings. He was a businessman, getting the highest quality at the lowest price is the universal business goal, so the China thing is old news. As you know you try to conflate the need for tarriffs, at least as a shot across the bow to get everyones attention, with our order to get our domestic production policies to be economically competitive on a domestic and world market environment. There was a time when the US was accused of the very thing during the Andrew Carnegie era of US Steel fame because we can make it cheaper than they can. Now we can still do that but China supplements steel production, gives China based companies tax breaks to build and keep their plants there in China. If you don't like America and Americans standing up defensively for our country, then move to some socialist country; Canada is available. I and millions of others are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the United States of America. Democratic Republic rules are that the majority rules on any given subject. This means that the minority does not get its way, yet are encouraged to still try in a civil manner. If their disinformation campaigns are outed as just that, a disinformation campaign, their fault not the majority's fault.
  11. DV family has been great in the past, and you will be now. So thanks to all in advance. I am tasked with obtaining a more than a Walmart First Aid Kit for our church and I need your help. I am thinking a EMS/First Responder Emergency Medical Kit. In case of an earth quake or active shooter situation. It should include 4x4 gauze sponges, abd pads, sam splints, quick clot, rolled gauze/kerlix, non-stick adhesive pads, butterfly stitches , steri-strips, bp cuff and stethoscope, glucose tabs, a more than decent supply of flexible band-aids of various sizes, knuckle band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, nitrile gloves (large) , air way, hydrogen peroxide, trauma sheers, tourniquet, tegaderms, eye shields, oval eye pads, forceps, needle tweezers, cpr pocket masks, flexible airway with lube, and more. I just cannot think of it all right now. All in a red or orange bag. Yes all that and for the least amount of money possible. It is a small church 100- 125 people or so. Any better stocked kits, and or add ons that you all can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Name of Kits, manufacturers, websites, ebay, what a good price is, what an outrageous price may be . Thanks again. I look forward to all y'alls responses.
  12. Sounds like BA and the Socialists want to re-write the history of the USA, from it's founding on into the future. They may or may not be able to admit they fear the power of majority rule in a Democratic Republic, and want to rewrite it into a de-evolution version of their making.
  13. Old recycled news. There you go.

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