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  1. and since the FDIC only insures about $100,000 I'm not willing to risk losing the remainder of my RV investment! most major banks insure up to $250,000.00.... not a big deal but if your going to give people advice, give it to em honestly bankofamerica.com wellsfargo.com
  2. Honesty is paying your taxes. Wisdom is paying as little as you have to. I love this quote!
  3. Im not agreeing or disagreeing but unless you have intell someone else does not, can you prove that? please elabrate on where you get your information when you make posts stating YOU KNOW something for a fact.. just advice
  4. And PS, Im helping my lil sis out here, Im not saying Its revalued genius, just telling u a truthfull story that was told to us. hince, rumors section. happy holidays!!!!
  5. lol, was waiting for at least one of you... dont buy anything, i dont care, hell burn whatcha got
  6. Hi sis!! this one time at band camp.... hahahaha:p call me! I have some really good news! PS peeps, I know who and what she is talking about and she is telling the truth:)
  7. what city are you in if you dont mind us asking, we can be looking for a vet for you if you would like. or check online for an online vet:) there are many out there online 24/7 to give more expert advise
  8. wrap him in a damp towel asap then a cozy one i worked with exotic animals for along time. get ahold of a local vet via google or yellow pages, there will be a 24/7 vet around you somewhere, he probably needs pure oxygen your not alone, Me and MY family lost a house and EVERYTHING we had in a house fire as well. If you need anything write me or my dad is on here as well, DLBFILM is his name here. we are already praying for you
  9. Are you ok? did you find a vet?
  10. no, thats the month after december, but before january duhh... jkjk
  11. thanks for the post!
  12. thanks for the post!