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  1. Taking part in division... not even warm... What mind control looks like.
  2. Fly

    For Newly Married Couples

    Congratulations!! To you, your husband and your new family, I hope blessings continue your way. Surely you feel the same way, who woundn’t like to have the continued blessings of a happy family? You’re seeking advice shows awareness that too achieve a happy family involves effort, which is to be commended. Advice taken from others may seem vague or perceptible...when your situation is unique not involving just you but your spouse as well, who is also unique. Practical advice has been made available by the one who brought your marriage together, building a truly happy family today rely’s deeply on how far from the comfort zone one is willing to reach in seeking out the best reliable advice. Many topics on marriage can be found here maybe you’ll find some answers.
  3. Not just another fire...things really starting to heat up. After yesterday's Presidential pardon, Dwight and Steven Hammond left prison as free men. Pete Santilli joins me [Jason Goodman] to present explosive evidence linking the prosecution of him, the Hammonds and the Bundys to the Uranium One scandal and troubling corruption in the Bureau of Land Management.
  4. Fly

    Chem - Trails are not what you think!

    The share doesn’t surprise me... its the subconscious that may never let be known, who’s the one sharing it..?
  5. Fly

    $775 mil IQD

    All of my IQD have been sold, Thank You Dinar vets!
  6. Fly

    $775 mil IQD

    I sent you an email, if you don’t see it it might have gone to your spam folder. Thanks Vernon
  7. Fly

    $775 mil IQD

    Central Idaho, McCall My Paypay link: Thanks Fly
  8. 7mil IQD for sale 25,000 notes / $775 mil uncirculated, PayPal.
  9. I can't believe someone actually just said it; what the reality of a global cryptocurrency truly is...and it's just getting started. you actually believe what you are saying, can you truly...believe!...what it is, you're saying? I'm wondering...? Because that might be a pretty big pill to swallow just a few years down the road...wouldn't it?
  10. Current market value of 1 BTC is about 17,000.00 USD 850.00 USD is about 0.050124 BTC For current market values:
  11. Fly

    Flat Earth - 5 minute summary

    I'm somewhat baffled too and have been trying to comprehend why some good people have made the poor choice of believing the earth is somehow flat. I'm drawing ideas in my head but because my mind thinks in images putting thoughts into words, hoping to produce a beneficial argument for people that just want to argue, is just one of the factors making their flat earth subject complicating; obviously this is by design and not of their own making. Something else I believe to be a complicating factor of the conviction that earth must be flat is deception, magic, sorcery, crafty acts, spells, hypnosis or whatever term you wish to give it, it 'can' be a problem and a 'major' factor here. My intention was not in calling you out but my focused intent was calling out the ignorance of the person discrediting the only real source for mankind to seek beneficial answers, by calling the Bible a book one suddenly finds is a magical book filled with mysteries! Something that is condemned by the very author of the book. I made a multiple quote; the blue font, I was responding to your post although my response, maybe not my best, but at the same time wanting to have a little fun; was a derogatory comment pointing to my second quoted post. Your not suggesting to have all the answers, and, searching for answers is not making a mockery of the Bible. I hope this help clear up my meaning, thank you for requesting clarification. Mat 9:36-On seeing the crowds, he felt pity for them, because they were skinned and thrown about like sheep without a shepherd
  12. Fly

    Flat Earth - 5 minute summary

    Well should you be surprised; have you’ve searched the way of mysteries by its sudden magical ways..?! “The word of God is alive and exerts power.” (Heb. 4:12) With those words the apostle Paul highlighted the power of God’s word to touch hearts and to transform lives. That view of the power of the Bible’s message became muddled, however, when the foretold apostasy took root after the death of the apostles. (2 Pet. 2:1-3) In time, church leaders started to attribute magical powers to God’s Word. Much of the concept of magic-working sorcery is based on the belief that evil spirits can be induced either to leave or to enter a person, that they can be tricked and deceived, and that they can be captured or trapped in a piece of wood or a clay image. For example, it is claimed that by making magic paths of honey or other agreeable things, the demons can be led around at the will of the magician. All such notions naturally gave rise to a crafty class of magic-practicing priests, who exercised great power over the lives of the people, on the pretense of possessing supernatural powers over and beyond those of the demons. The people believed that these professional sorcerers could invoke the demons to obey but that the demons had no power over the sorcerers. These spiritistic practices, so-called sciences, were developed and used by the ancient Chaldeans of Babylonia. Isaiah, in the eighth century B.C.E., tells us that Babylon of his day was rife with sorceries of all sorts. (Isa 47:12-15) More than a century later, in the days of Daniel, the magic-practicing priests were still a part of the Babylonian court. (Da 1:20; 2:2, 10, 27; 4:7; 5:11) This expression “magic-practicing priests” is a literal and explicit translation of the Hebrew. The Babylonians had a great fear of physically deformed persons called warlocks and witches, in the belief that they were dispensers of “black” magic. The priests, on the other hand, were said to be masters of “white” magic. Such a statement, no matter the ignorance of the spokesman’s back ground, is a direct mockery and complete defiance against Almighty God and his word..! As the Bible forbids every form of spiritistic magic. (Le 19:26; De 18:9-14) “As for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit of prediction, they should be put to death without fail.” (Le 19:26; 20:27) “There should not be found in you . . . a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium.”—De 18:10-14.
  13. Fly

    Flat Earth - Researching it

    Enjoy your trip bigwave! Depending on the perspective of the viewer; too perceiving that aha…moment the earth as a sphere, a pilot may need to fly the plane to an altitude of 60,000 to 85,000ft, in your altitude experiment the size of the earth matters and must be taken into account along with the viewers perspective (and/or knowledge). Just as SnowGlobe7 letting the cat out of the bag to what Shabibillcious’s cat attests…size dose matter…when viewing an eyeful of bacon! Fly : ) This research will be here when get home. Take care! There is a crucial difference between seeing and understanding. For almost everything you see around you, you apply additional knowledge to make sense of its real form. Distant buildings look flat. Distant mountains look flat. Distant people look flat. Your eyes don’t have enough depth perception to read their three-dimensional shapes. You bring context and interpretation and outside knowledge with you, and only then do you know exactly what you are looking at.
  14. Fly

    Flat Earth - Researching it

    Here’s one... Hope you find real answers.

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