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  1. hspotman

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    Funny thing is,a WF person did tell me a couple or a few years ago that they received a corporate memo saying that they would be dealing with the iqd sometime. Whatever that means is anyones guest, and here we are today....still waiting and speculating. Bank stories are a dinar a dozen in this thing,and many people have one of their own.
  2. hspotman

    Open Banking System After Elections

    interpretation of this translation could prove to be an issue again. When they say, "they expect to open the banking system or engage the banking system with the world directly after the elections", how are they using the words[ "DIRECTLY"? Doing everything 'DIRECTLY AFTER"....or ENAGE THE BANKING SYSTEM WITH THE WORLD BANK DIRECTLY? So when they are saying 'after the elections', that leaves a whole lot of time to assume.
  3. hspotman

    Iraqi Circulated Banknotes

    All 000 notes, except for 500 and 250
  4. hspotman

    Dream last night

    I had a dream about 7 years ago that cbi said $7...then I woke up and realized I was in TNT Tony's dream. Then I turned on my puter and cbi said $10!! Then I woke up again and realized I was Tony dreaming that I was Okie. I then turned on my puter and cbi said "All speculation has been deemed 'fake news' ". I have yet to wake up again....
  5. hspotman

    Dream last night

    Woulda been nice if your dream said .32 or therabouts.....on the cbi site.
  6. hspotman

    Mountain Goat News 3-16-18

    Hmmm....kinda sounds like BGG tooting his own horn don't it? Could it maybe be Mrs BGG?...or one of his many alteregos?
  7. Either way, the 000's are still there.
  8. I am thinking it is just an initial speculative thought, 45 into 100 is around 2.22. But why the trillions? That amount tells me they have no plans on removing the zeros.
  9. I can't figure out this math....if 45 trillion is to become 100 trillion IQD, that more than doubles it obviously. But how does a 2.22 rate come from that? Especially when they are still talking trillions, and not lower...which isn't that what we want? Dont we want them to say around 25,000 iqd to become 100000, or 25 to become 100?
  10. I will take .10cents to to get out of financial torment, then wait on rest
  11. hspotman

    Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    This story sounds similar to something they said when I went into a WF about 5 years ago. I told(lied to) them and said 'My cousin on the east coast gave me something called Iraqi Dinar, and he said to hold onto it because it would be worth alot of money soon. What can you tell me about it?' The guy told me that they had recently(within the previous months) received a corporate memo stating that they(WF) would be dealing(selling I assumed) with the Iraqi Dinar soon. But this was 5 years ago, and I don't think they have or had ever sold or dealt with the IQD before or since.
  12. hspotman

    Adam's Email

    OK OK.....settle down boys! In KME's defense, I realize the longevity of this thing puts us all in an irritated place. Without reading through this whole thread, I KNOW KME knows his S#!^ when he speaks. He definitely does his research, and I for one appreciate the knowledge he brings to the table. I haven't been on this site in awhile now BECAUSE of that fact-...that this site brings out irritation in everyone. It is sooo much nicer and positive "Dinar" talk with "People" elsewhere. I'm outa here! I get reminded time and time again why I left.....not any of you in particular, but just the agitation that goes on in this place because of the weird energy!

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