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  1. I seem to NOT remember Breitling being so hyped about an rv? Has he changed his views, or has he always been this way? I always thought he was in the very conservative camp?
  2. hspotman

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    This guy is just a plant for newbies. Anyone that has been in this thing for more than a few years KNOWS a red flag when they see it. I read curiously up until it said " He also mentioned some rates of anywhere $1.70 and up that the soldiers were exchanging at." , and about the VND coming out anywhere from .47-$2. Sounds like Okie trying to make a comeback under a different name.
  3. hspotman

    No RV Anytime Soon...Next Window...Jan 2021.

    Oops...he is still crying lop. Lol maybe i should read the whole thing?
  4. hspotman

    No RV Anytime Soon...Next Window...Jan 2021.

    So thefirst time I saw this idiot talk about the dinar was maybe 1 or 2 months ago in truthcall chat. There he was crying nothing except RD,LOP. But now he is saying there will be an rv,albeit 3 years away? People were asking what his agenda was for saying something so negative,and he just double talked his way around answering. This post by him here PROVES to me he has an agenda. Cant get enough attntion by calling LOP,now he has to switch to rv but years away.
  5. hspotman

    Buddy in military in iraq

    The thing is, and I am not saying these people are right,there HAVE been people that have said something to this effect...or things that people have brought in supposedly from higher ups or 'in the know'. Everyone, myself included, chose to disregard what was being said and chalk it all up to bs and unconfirmed, etc. Again, not saying any of these people are or have been right, but that we have seen people supposedly say these things.
  6. hspotman

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Sounds like a Delta post. Anyone have an IP address reader?
  7. hspotman

    What do you think this means?

    I don't know if it's the same thing, or has anything to do with this site, but I know you could always view the IQD on some sort of Forex platforms in the past. But the fluctuation then was from the USD moving and not the IQD.
  8. Huh.....REALLY???????
  9. hspotman

    Oh man! I don't like this at all.

    Even though Chattels says here this is not a prediction, I don't think I have ever seen him give a timeline....unless I missed it somewhere. He has been someone that I have always respected in this dinar trek. I'm not saying that I follow him exclusively, because we all know NO ONE KNOWS...but he has always been one who won't sugar coat things just to make you feel good.
  10. hspotman

    News from Walkingstick - 6/6/2018

    So if it's true about WalkingTWIG being some part of a bank in Iraq, or wherever, should we take him seriously? Or is he lying just like the others?
  11. hspotman

    News from Walkingstick - 6/6/2018

    So it seems that all the KTFA crew have taken over the roles of Tony and Rayren, since all of dinarland has now caught onto them and no one believes anything they say anymore. If WS found all this info somewhere on the web, why wouldn't he provide a link so people wouldn't question him???
  12. At least???? They need to be RE-incarcerated!
  13. They are progressively turning into another Tony/Rayren combo, pumping lies after lies. What an obvious way to steer all of our focuses of the him calling for Jun 1 muckup, to another speculative bs claim. Frank says 'Delta did not say Jun 1' just to plant that thought in the back of everyone's mind, when we all know he did call it. Tony and Ray, move have competition for the biggest loser guru's in dinarnia!
  14. hspotman

    Delta says before June 1st

    Makes sense that he would just keep pumping out more bs,instead od trying to explain his previous crap.

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