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  1. Adam's Email

    OK OK.....settle down boys! In KME's defense, I realize the longevity of this thing puts us all in an irritated place. Without reading through this whole thread, I KNOW KME knows his S#!^ when he speaks. He definitely does his research, and I for one appreciate the knowledge he brings to the table. I haven't been on this site in awhile now BECAUSE of that fact-...that this site brings out irritation in everyone. It is sooo much nicer and positive "Dinar" talk with "People" elsewhere. I'm outa here! I get reminded time and time again why I left.....not any of you in particular, but just the agitation that goes on in this place because of the weird energy!
  2. YES, OR NO

    Here's one other thing, and I really don't know the amount of detail it takes for a country to LOP it's currency, BUT do they even have time to do it? It has been said that once Maliki announces the government is in place, and they are pulled out of ch7,that the RV is then present. In fact, I have heard that to be released they HAVE to have revalued their currency. Well, that/those announcements are supposedly to take place today at the UN meeting, unless something has changed....AND even if it doesn't take place today, Maliki has until the 25th to do so I thought-30 day time period ends 25th.
  3. YES, OR NO

    What you are saying is correct. There is no reason for them to LOP. If it did, it would be to spite us Americans or other countries in possession of IQD. That wouldn't be biting off their nose to spite their face...that would be much worse. It would be like chopping off your yoohoo to spite your wife! The only person I think that would want that to happen is Loraina Bobbett :lol: ....sorry mods, couldn't resist
  4. YES, OR NO

  5. Great News...SOUNDS GOOD

    LMAO :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Great News...SOUNDS GOOD

    OMG- This is indeed a great find. Did you dig it up yourself? "wink" "wink", "hint' "hint". Do the right thing man, you have been caught!
  7. Taxes

    ...and then buy 35% to cover that 35% :lol: :lol:
  8. make of it what u want,,???

    Hey I'm sorry brah, I'm just havin a llittle fun with ya, I don't even come here that much anymore. Peeps were just copy/pasting your post, and sayin in the other place that that someone/you were repeating what Steve originally posted. I just came over to poke fun, as there is no bashing over there really because of everyone taking everyone else serious with respect. Nothing serious intended, and I'm sorry for giving you the bash. I'm glad you can laugh about it.
  9. make of it what u want,,???

    yea, excellent find,uhhh...OMG? Maybe you can seach for more posts by him to copy/paste? Are you his reincarnation??LMAO :lol:
  10. make of it what u want,,???

    Hmm....OMG,what does that stand for.........OMG=Other Man's Goods? Because this isn't yours LMAO. Give credit where credit is due. Put in your post somewhere "WHO" you copy/pasted this from
  11. interesting story, could it have happened??

    LMAO , you're either totally messing around before with your spelling before, or you are trying to teach your 5 year old little brother how to type
  12. possible rv rate and date.

    We won't even allow horses into the other forum
  13. interesting story, could it have happened??

    This obviously went WAY over your head,.dude.

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