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  1. jercache

    Adam Montana THURSDAY 2 March 2017

    thank you Adam for your no BS look on this
  2. jercache

    For Sale $250,000 dinars

    SOLD!!! Thanks
  3. 250,000 uncirculated dinars with certificate of authenticity for $250.00 + shipping. Shipping if paid by pay pal is $17.75 shipping if COD is $29.75 these prices are for Express Mail price if shipped Priority mail Paypal $5.10 price if shipped COD is $16.10 phone number is 580-917-0873 Jerry
  4. jercache

    For Sale $250,000 dinars

    or call me at 580-917-0873
  5. For Sale $250,000 dinars with certificate of authenticity for $275 dollars + $25.00 for shipping express. I take paypal or COD USPS money order only. Thanks for looking Jerry
  6. SOLD!!! thank you. Jerry
  7. Selling 500,000 dinars from Dinar trade with certificate of authenticity for $500.00 message me if interested. Thanks Jerry
  8. also will do COD too, duh forgot to to add that, this sinus headache is killing me. sorry
  9. Have 1/2 million dinars in 25k notes I got from dinar trade with authenticity certificate for $475.00 + 13.95 shipping and I will take paypal. Thanks Jerry
  10. jercache

    750,000 uncirculated 25k notes

    closed and thank you
  11. jercache

    750,000 uncirculated 25k notes

    or you can call me for more info 580-917-0873 thanks Jerry
  12. I have 750,000 Iraqi dinars for sale in 25 thousand notes uncirculated with Dinar trade certificate of authenticity for $825.00 and free shipping. I take paypal or postal money COD only. Shipped USPS Express mail. thanks Jerry
  13. all sold !!!! Thank you everyone!!! Please close this thread.

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