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  1. Mountain Girl

    How to Teach Kids about Socialism

    I told my children that I don't believe in Socialism because I believe in individual rights. I think that people should strive to be independent and self-sufficient. That Socialism is collective rights and total dependency.
  2. Mountain Girl

    Essential Oils

    I'm sorry Easterlilly, I have never heard of Morgellons. From the research I've done, it doesn't seem like much is known about it. There are oils that could help with some of the symptoms. Melaleuca (tea tree oil), lavender, and geranium are all good for skin conditions. Peppermint is good energy and "brain fog". It seems they think that stress could be involved. Oils that help with stress are Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver. Citrus oils can also be good for stress, and also help with energy. Other oils to try are Roman Chamomile, Marjoram and Lavender, these all have a calming effect. I hope this gives you something to go by.
  3. Mountain Girl

    Essential Oils

    I too have used essential oils for quite some time now. Not only for medicinal purposes, but also for cleaning, cooking, and gardening. I can't imagine my life without them, they are so much a part of it. There are a lot of good web sites you can go on that will help you find what you need. Don't go for the cheapest, they usually aren't pure and won't have the benefits you are looking for. Good luck, and remember, there's an oil for that!
  4. Labor and Industries, or Workman's comp in some states, is also going up next year in WA. The amount depends on the industry.I know right now for the logging industry, it is $18 an hour for the employer, and $2 an hour for the employee. $18 an hour is more than some employees make! Really makes me mad that the state thinks it deserves more an hour than someone out there doing a very dangerous job. Also, it's really hard to explain to an employee that makes $15 an hour, which is really $13 because of L&I, to work like you're making $35, because that's what it's costing you to employ them. I've also have been in the restaurant business for 35 years. Just quit because minimum wage is going up another 15 cents in Jan. to $9.47. My wages, since I was in Management, hasn't gone up in six years. The servers in the state of WA get paid minimum wage. So the owner can't afford to give the kitchen crew a raise because the servers wage goes up every year.
  5. Mountain Girl

    Progressive mayors lead campaign to hike minimum wage

    And just think about all the tax revenue it would generate for the government!
  6. Mountain Girl

    Low prices or livable wages? Let's discuss

    I'm in a supervisory position. My wages have not gone up with the minimum wage. Since I started this job, minimum wage has increased 80 cents. It's going up another 15 cents the first of the year. I have given my notice. The owner has repeatedly told that I'm not easy to replace, but their will be no increase in my wages. The last job I quit because of wages, they had to hire 2 people to replace me. The job before that it took three. I don't understand the logic. I've come to the conclusion there is none.
  7. Mountain Girl

    EBOLA Info on it and how to avoid it

    I would add oregano essential oil to that list. There's been scientific research done on oregano that wiped out MRSA. It also out performed Amoxicillin. A good resource is or The research on oregano and MRSA was published, I do believe, in the British Scientific Journal.
  8. I'm glad it didn't pass. The owner of the small restaurant that I work at already informed us that if the minimum wage goes up to $10 an hour, all of the servers will be laid off. She will have no choice but to go to counter service. If it goes up to $15 an hour, like they are talking about doing here in Washington, she will have no choice but to close the restaurant. Raising the minimum wage doesn't hurt the big businesses, they can handle the cost. What it hurts are all of the small businesses that can not. Weird part is, she's a Democrat. Big Obama fan. It's just weird to me, to vote for people that are always trying to put you out of business.
  9. I think their time would be better spent on helping to create LIVING WAGE JOBS! No one has ever survived on a minimum wage job, no matter what that amount is.
  10. Thanks! I felt every penny. The place I'm working now the owner says that if they raise the minimum wage to $10, that she's close enough to retirement, she's just closing the doors. I'm afraid that this is going to happen to a lot of small businesses. I'm looking into another line of work. Take my talent and make it pay for me. And no, I'm not opening a restaurant. Too much overhead. Too hard of work. And dare I say, I think there's a possibility that I'm getting to old for all this!
  11. I've been a server for years. Most servers average about $10 an hour above their wage. My best day was when I was working at a visitor center on Mt. St. Helens. It was a Thurs. in Oct., not the busy time of year. The day before was so slow the boss told the other server to stay home. I don't know where they all came from, the restaurant filled up at about 11:30, I'm talking 30 plus tables. By 3:30, there wasn't a sole in the place. I walked away with $160.00, in four hours! I gave the dishwasher $40, because he came out and bussed tables for me. Saved my bacon!. I also got three job offers, and some old lady tried to set me up with her grandson. If you're good at your job, you make good money. It's hard on the body though.
  12. I have been working in restaurants for over 30 years. The standard you go by is keep food costs to 30% or below. Payroll, 30% or below and hopefully all the other expenses will be at about 30%. This includes rent or loan payment, utilities, insurance, advertising, upkeep on equipment, stuff like that. Hopefully, you will have a 10% to 20% profit in the end. I've worked for many places that have had to borrow or even get a second mortgage on their homes to keep the business running. Maybe the larger companies can afford this, but your smaller ones can't. If minimum wage goes to $15 an hour, me and everyone I work with will lose their jobs. The battle cry really should be "Create living wage jobs!". Raising minimum wage will not turn it into a living wage, they are two separate things.
  13. Mountain Girl

    Kirk Cameron Facebook has officially "blocked" me

    I'm still getting posts from Madison Rising. It's posted as Star Spangled Banner Challenge. They do a great job on the song. Definitely worth listening to.
  14. Mountain Girl

    Grinding Down America A documentary that will scare you.

    Thank you! That was well worth watching. I recommend it highly and will be passing it along.
  15. A militia is a body of citizens not in the regular military forces. People that can be called upon to enter a combat situation, or protect a community, property or law. Someone who can be "called to arms".

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