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  1. Gil Scott-Heron (RIP) - Winter In America

    Awesome & powerful imo
  3. Rec'd in the US with US musicians in 1970 "Tereza My Love"-0:00 "Children's Games"-4:24 "Choro"-7:55 "Brazil"(Ary Barroso)-10:04 "Stone Flower"-17:31 "Amparo"-20:53 "Andorinha"-24:35 "God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun"-28:06 "Sabia"-30:29 "Brazil"[alternate take]-34:30ônio_Carlos_Jobim Obrigado, Maestro
  4. Blind Faith - Blind Faith

    A1. Had To Cry Today A2. Can't Find My Way Home A3. Well All Right B1. Presence Of The Lord B2. Sea Of Joy B3. Do What You Like
  5. US sceptics are questioning the science behind air pollution and mortality, a trend that is starting to appear in countries where the air is much more toxic Emma Howard for Unearthed Thursday 16 November 2017 15.41 GMT Pollution levels in Delhi, India, reached ‘hazardous’ levels last week and doctors declared a public health emergency. Photograph: R S Iyer/AP More pics in link
  6. In our new normal, experts are dismissed and alternative facts flagrantly offered. This suspicion of specialists is part of a bigger problem Thursday 16 November 2017 17.00 GMT By Nick Enfield
  7. Developer says software will also contain prayers so it can be used by ‘members of all religions’ Michael Safi in Delhi Friday 17 November 2017 05.59 GMT
  8. How Totò Riina’s war on the Italian state almost destroyed Cosa Nostra After a crackdown by law enforcement, mafia clans have turned from violence and intimidation to corruption and collusion Clare Longrigg Saturday 18 November 2017 05.00 GMT Totò Riina during his trial in Sicily in 1996. Photograph: Mike Palazzotto/EPA
  9. Democrat Bill O’Neill said it was ‘time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males’ but Facebook post sparked severe condemnation and was soon deleted Oliver Milman Saturday 18 November 2017 16.51 GMT Bill O’Neill, a Democrat, said he wanted to speak out after seeing the ‘dogs of war’ calling for the resignation of Al Franken. Photograph: Amy Sancetta/AP
  10. Exclusive: EU to investigate claims disused fridges and adapted gas canisters were used to sneak whisky out of Afghan compound Rajeev Syal Friday 17 November 2017 17.33 GMT A whisky shop. Leaked messages suggest Chivas Regal was sold on to local businessmen at twice the price paid for it. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

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