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  1. umbertino

    Donald Fagen - Trans-Island Skyway

    I love this one......
  2. umbertino

    Carlinhos Brown - Magalenha

    Carlinhos (a community activist besides being a musician) explaining the meaning of rhythm to street children in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) In Portuguese ( w Spanish subtitles) but easy to understand From Doc. "The Miracle Of Candeal" Moving imo
  3. umbertino

    Carlinhos Brown - Magalenha

    Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown, Will. I. Am., Siedah Garrett Vid shot in Salvador, Bahia - BR Salvador is more than beautiful....Visited twice so far..... Too bad it's too damn violent... 5 /7 homicides a day on average
  4. From "Kamakiriad"
  5. umbertino

    Carlinhos Brown - Magalenha

    Composed by Sergio Mendes Youtube image: Brazilian flag
  6. umbertino

    Genesis - The Musical Box

    Beautiful imo......A little masterpiece.....

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