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  1. Discipline can be defined as choosing what we want most over what we want now. Patience can defined as choosing the ultimate over the immediate. This ride has challenged us all to grow in both characteristics. We are the sum total of the choices we make. I stand with Adam and all other Dinar Vets members to choose patience to stay the course, and discipline to not become impatient. This is a family of sorts ... hang in there! Love to all!
  2. In honor of our faithful and thankful friend, Sandfly .... Thanks Adam!!!
  3. Great idea Sage ... me too!
  4. Adam ... thank you for always being a straight shooter, and keeping a positive attitude. Your heart is easily exposed as a kind, generous, and honest man. All of your time and effort has seeded into the lives of many, and a great harvest is coming! A wonderful man named Paul once said,"You reap what you sow". πŸ˜‰ Ps ... if I'm going to send a test post, I want it to have some value. You deserve it!
  5. So true, Adam. Nothing says it better than this Psalm: β€œFor His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 I've been on this site for quite a few years. I love being associated with VIP and OSI. I know many of our wonderful members have gone through some very tough times ...I hope this encourages you. A job is lost … but joy comes in the morning. A marriage ends … but joy comes in the morning. Feelings are hurt … but joy comes in the morning. A diagnosis is cancer … but joy comes in the morning. Relationships are strained … but joy comes in the morning. Rebellion is experienced … but joy comes in the morning. Addictive behavior is witnessed … but joy comes in the morning. Health fails … but joy comes in the morning. Eyesight dims … but joy comes in the morning. A spouse dies … but joy comes in the morning. Finances become tight … but joy comes in the morning. And so the list goes on and on and on and on … but joy comes in the morning. No matter what we face during the night it will pass, dawn will come and joy will be experienced. Nothing lasts forever. Regardless how dark the midnight hour might be … joy always comes in the morning. A promise is a promise … and God keeps his promises! This is dedicated to all those facing difficult and challenging times this Easter. Rest assured that joy will come, the dawning of a new day will take place and life continues. Joy DOES come in the morning.
  6. I actually shed a tier reading this! πŸ˜‚
  7. Haha ... so I'm not the only one who scans the small book-like posts to get to the meaty comments after! 😬
  8. All good! Thanks for all you do!
  9. Thank you! You are spot on my friend.
  10. Thanks Adam! Again, I appreciate your calm and steady spirit! You are definitely a straight shooter and that is refreshing in the dinar world. Thanks to all the other awesome folks who bring current news and thought provoking ideas to this website. Let's all stay the course ... I've got a good feeling about this investment. Blessings to all!
  11. Pretty cool that you would have taken the time to say those words. Your lack of responding in a harsh, defensive way speaks volumes to me. Well done, Adam! Most things that we hope for and believe in take time to actually manifest. I appreciate Dinar Vets, including your obvious mode of operating with integrity. And so everyone ... We wait!
  12. Very interesting. After 5 years of watching and learning, the only two people I keep my ear tuned to is Adam and Breitling. (in that order) I'm obviously a big Adam fan ... however Breitling has proven to be someone to strongly consider his two cents. I didn't realize that he was a currency dealer, though. (securityguy) Thanks everyone for your awesome input! Rick55