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    YOu are just making assumption now. You don't know and the interpretation is on your own. We will not know until we get there. To me the description of hell is not pretty. What ever it is, I would not even think about it because suffering for eternity is beyond my wildest imagination. lol
  2. This guy sounds reasonable. He is making sense.
  3. Their in-your-face religion is causing this backlash. Now they are complaining.
  4. rumor I heard

    No worries, I will take that joke like a champ. lol Thank you Sir!!
  5. rumor I heard

    Please speak directly so I don't miss understand you, I am a non English speaking person. English is my second language. Some words or phrases go over my head. lol
  6. rumor I heard

    I'm not here to fight for somebody's right to post or not, but for our human dignity, respect, and decency's sake we should respect and conduct our self accordingly. That is all. May God be the judge of our moral and ethical standard. I am in no way to be perfect, but trying to uphold what is right and decency in my own mind. But, if I'm in complicit with others wrong behavior, then I am no difference. I will stand and fight for others when they are right, but vehemently against others when I know they are knowingly conducting themselves unbecomingly. Am I wrong for this assumption? Yes, we all have right to our opinions or posts, but when does that end when we knowingly and religiously posting lies? This is a fine line that we have to decide ourselves.. Now, for you Christians, would Jesus accept this behavior? If not, why then we accept it? I will shut my mouth up before I get in trouble with the adman. lol
  7. rumor I heard

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha What Lugi is posting are not rumors, they are all blatantly lies. Would you guys allow your friends or your kids to lie to you on a daily basis? I am sure you would stop them and make sure they don't lie any more or consequences would occur. So, why would you accept lies to be posted as just something funny from Lugi? Regardless, lie is a lie whether you think is a rumor or funny, we know that it is unethical and morally wrong and unacceptable in our society. Anyways, I stop reading Lugi's post already. Yes, I still read rumor section because I enjoy it, but anything else from Lugi is no go. lol
  8. This article sounds like a lop to me too. Can anybody spin this to revaluation plan. It would sound better and ease our mind. lol
  9. rumor I heard

    Yep, they need to find out why he is posting all those lies in this forum. What was his reasons behind all those emails he knew that they were bunch of lies and yet posted them anyways. What kind of financial kick back he is receiving from his hard work? It would be interesting to find out the truth. lol
  10. Secret Code To Release The RV.

    There you again, LUIGI!!!!!! Need attention? lol
  11. All I would say is pray, pray and pray for this RV to come to pass. I have been praying for this RV to happen this week when ever I think about RV. I believed if we continuously pray. something might give. Pray without ceasing, is this what Jesus told His disciples? I am ready to become a prayer warrior. Nothing much we can do, but to pray without ceasing. Amen!!!!
  12. Major Shortage of IQD

    These pumpers are succeeding their mission. People are still buying dinar hoping that it would revalue. In this circumstances, in which we still don't know what really is going to happen to the dinar rv, too much noise and pumping in the dinar land. Go RV!!
  13. The Process Has Started...Tier 4 called In.

    Wow, I keep tracking on all the lies since 2004 not only on this site, but other sites I first a member of, and I could not believe how creative these people are to come up with different lies every week. I wondered how their followers feel about these liers that they kept telling them different stories every week without any fullfillment. Anyways, these liers think they could get away with their lies without any repercussion. I always believed that carma is no respect of any person. It will come back and bite their arses someday that I hope they would realize it is the result of their own doing. May God showed them of their own faults so they can repent of their sins. lol
  14. Bruce Says To Expect This At Any Moment.

    Lugi brought some interestng rumours, and I enjoyed that, but some of them were just plain insane. lol
  15. Bruce Says To Expect This At Any Moment.

    I read Lugi's post because it is entertaining. However, I wondered how can he continues to post these rumours that we all know it is a perpetrated lies. Also, I read his post to see what kind of lies he is posting. lol

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