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  1. jaybake

    Buddy in military in iraq

    It is a bull crap!! Another lying pumper.
  2. jaybake

    Float...No Float...OK, Who's Right.

    Wow, a very good story teller!! I am new here, I would fall for this clown's story.
  3. What about me NOR? My birth day is July 24th. I am Leo. lol
  4. jaybake

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    Wow, it is so funny to see a person who constantly spreading lies on this forum is attacking another person's perspective as a liar. Common Lugi!! You can do better than that. lol
  5. jaybake

    The US Election Fix

    The liberal media and the democrat party over-played their cards with the last election. They don't understand that there is a karma. In the eyes of justice we all are the same. We receive what we sow and what goes around comes around, whether it is good or bad. The result of the last election was the karma the democrat brought upon themselves because of their corruptions.
  6. jaybake

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    If people spend so much time and energy writing up stories after stories must be making money from these lies. This is the only way I could make sense out of these liars. lol
  7. jaybake

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    These are all bunch of crap. These posts were written by the same person, I suspect.
  8. Shabibilicious, Trump did it years ago, but Clinton committed adultery in the Whitehouse and denied it under oath. Did you have a problem with that? Obummer gave away billions of dollars to Iran, did you have any problem with that? I can go on and on but I don't want to waist my time digging up the old stories. lol
  9. jaybake

    American University

    I went to one of his palaces and was in awed how beautiful the place was. It was so large that when they bombed it, they only destroyed just one area of the building. They were renovating it at that time.
  10. jaybake


    YOu are just making assumption now. You don't know and the interpretation is on your own. We will not know until we get there. To me the description of hell is not pretty. What ever it is, I would not even think about it because suffering for eternity is beyond my wildest imagination. lol
  11. This guy sounds reasonable. He is making sense.
  12. Their in-your-face religion is causing this backlash. Now they are complaining.
  13. jaybake

    rumor I heard

    No worries, I will take that joke like a champ. lol Thank you Sir!!

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