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  1. Thanks Fred! I have been entertained for about 15 years with dinar. That's what it is entertainment! Not expecting anything else.
  2. Thank you. Just have missed his post.
  3. I used to enjoy reading lots of post. What happened to keep, easy and some of the others that posted. Did they give op on dinar?
  4. Snow globe you are right! No Obama care. We were in Nashville earlier this month with 200 other military and people were fabulous. They came up and shook hands with the men and our dinner was paid for by other people in the restaurant. It was not like getting spit on when you came back from Vietnam.
  5. Military people now are not drafted. They join on their own accord. They know the consequences.
  6. Thanks Karsten. Been at this 52 years and counting.
  7. My first husband gave his life for people like Wilson. I got no phone call or anything but a survival assistance officer. I survived but certainly have not forgotten. My second husband retired and my son (general in the air force) and my other 2 sons retired. I have 4 gkids that are in now and I pray for them every day. They know they could give their all but someone has to defend our country.

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