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    New Okie Post

  2. The nay sayers get NADA... the one's that deserve get plenty
  3. :lol: Yeah definitely not trying to offend anyone with any of my posts... I frequent many of the Dinar sites regularly and enjoy the news, chats, rumors etc... that I read there I just had to point this one out since clearly the rumor had been changed..... Just calling it as I see it dealt out to myself as well as others. Thanks for the laugh! Mr. Baun, that's what it appeared to me as well! Thanks for the quick response, and your post! I appreciate your contribution. I agree with you also, it'll come when it comes! God Bless!
  4. Very very interesting what I am seeing now........... If you look at Mr. Baun's post of the Okie rumor you will see how it specifically states as follows - * Okie Oil Man Post: zzz 12/30/10 (Latest Info/Rumor) December 30th, 2010 03:17 pm · Posted in RUMORS OKIE OIL MAN : OK THIS IS NEW INTEL–TREAT IT AS RUMOR TILL PROVEN–TONIGHT LATE STILL A GO—IT WILL SHOW UP IN THE USA MON MORN–THE RATE QUOTED FROM BANK SOURCE IS 3.70 RATE BUT JUST REDEAMING FOR CUSTOMER @3.21–ALL CENTRAL BANKS IN THE MID EAST WEBSITES ARE DOWN—BANKS IN IRAQ CLOSED TILL JAN2—SUPPLY OF DINAR TO DEALERS IS EITHER HAS OR WILL BE DRYED UP–MORE LATER Now if you look @ DD website, the Okie rumor specifically states as follows - * don't promote other sites: My Conversation with Okie DECEMBER 30TH, 2010 03:17 PM · POSTED IN RUMORS All, Here’s what I received today from my friend Okie that some of which has been apparently has since been posted by him on another website. He is hearing from a bank source that this should still go down late tonight, but may not show up until Monday. He was quoted a rate of $3.70, but was told by the bank contact that the rate they will be offering the public will be $3.21. Let’s hope this round of information is correct! Either way, take it as a rumor, and nothing more. I’m placing it in that category. Go Dinar! don't promote other sites ********* So next my question is who changed the INITIAL post??!?!!!! *********** Mr. Baun, did you get this rumor from DD website? Is DD or someone else changing the rumor or initial post to make it sound more credible?!!??? I don't know what it is!!??? BUT SOMETHING DEFINITELY STINKS AS THE CREDIBILITY CONTINUES TO CRUMBLE!
  5. We'll see.... thanks for the post And not to sure about this.... "ALL CENTRAL BANKS IN THE MID EAST WEBSITES ARE DOWN"??????????? It appears to me that almost ALL Central Banks in the Mid-East are up and running as usual (except U.A.E.)! Turkey - (Up and Running) Cyprus - (Up and Running) Lebanon - (Up and Running) Israel - (Up and Running) Jordan - (Up and Running) Iran - (Up and Running) Iraq - (Up and Running - Was down this morning, but everything running as normal again) Saudi Arabia - (Up and Running) Kuwait - (Up and Running) Bahrain - (Up and Running) Qatar - (Up and Running) UAE - (This one is currently down, and I am not able to access the site.) Oman - (Up and Running) Yemen - (Up and Running) The only Central Bank website from the Middle East that I can not currently access is U.A.E....... Every other one I have accessed without any problems including the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) I have some other words I would like to say about this "INTEL", but I will refrain. Thank you again for the post. I still have faith and I am not wavered in the belief that this will be a great investment. Sadly many of these "in the know" with "intel" have lost most all credibility in my opinion. We wait patiently, and we'll see. God Bless!
  6. We'll see.... thanks for the post
  7. Logical1

    Washington Post" expect good year for Iraq

    Thanks for the post!
  8. Logical1

    CBI Currency Auction 12 28 2010

    Thanks for the post!
  9. Logical1

    No meeting: the second normal

    Thanks for the post!
  10. John... Don't give up yet!!!.... I am no guru and have no idea of any rate or date.... but this information about FDIC insurance coverage on "non-interest" bearing accounts has always stood out to me (I find it pretty odd that no one really discusses this much at all! I believe I have seen one brief post on it before).... [The following taken from Wells Fargo Site as follows] Link to Page: What amount of insurance coverage do I have for my accounts? The FDIC Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount (SMDIA) for deposits has been permanently increased to $250,000 per depositor per insured financial institution. The following special rules apply to non-interesting bearing transaction accounts: Through December 30, 2010: Wells Fargo no longer participates in the FDIC's Transaction Account Guarantee Program. Beginning January 1, 2010 and continuing through December 30, 2010, funds held in non-interest-bearing transaction accounts will be insured up to $250,000 under the FDIC's general deposit insurance rules; but they will not be guaranteed in full under the Transaction Account Guarantee Program. Starting December 31, 2010 through December 31, 2012: Beginning December 31, 2010, and continuing through December 31, 2012, the FDIC will fully insure deposits in non-interest bearing transaction accounts, regardless of the amount in the account. The full insurance on non-interest bearing transaction accounts will be separate from and in addition to the FDIC insurance coverage a depositor may have for interest bearing accounts. Starting January 1, 2013: The FDIC will no longer fully insure deposits in non-interest bearing transaction accounts. Funds in non-interest bearing transaction accounts will be insured up to $250,000 under the FDIC's general deposit insurance rules. ...................... Did that say full insurance? Yes, they did. Maybe it's something? Maybe it's nothing? Take it for what it's worth, but IMO (and you know what they say about those! ) I think it sure is a "date of interest". God Bless!

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