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  1. That was one of the best shows ever!
  2. Joe Sutherland what a beautiful horse!! The sidestepping, twirling, walking backward, just amazing!! You have trained well!!!
  3. Whatshername - cat video vs Travolta and Jackson - cute! Very cute!!
  4. Cows - hahahaha!!!
  5. "Happy" is my ringtone. Makes me smile! Anything to smile.
  6. Puppy humor is always funny!!!
  7. I correct my grandchildren so they don't sound illiterate when they talk. My parents and grandparents also corrected all of us. Thank you Elders - it does matter!
  8. I am 62 so I find it applies to my childhood - although in California
  9. Made me laugh!! Too sweet!!!!
  10. Karsten - thank you. Made me cry.
  11. Uuummmmmm ouch!!!
  12. I know right? Intel is a pretty crazy website. I think that is the one that depends on aliens for information!!
  13. This is probably in the wrong area but I just read a Google article that stated "there will be no RV until there is Middle East Peace". Another uneducated opinion? I am not near as versed as many of you and just thought - well - that will never happen. This in a section called "Intel".
  14. Cute, very cute!! Survival mode!
  15. Moose and Muleslsyer --M&M - you make me laugh so hard!!!! I needed a good couple of laugh!!!!!