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  1. 10 grandchildren - wonderful!!! I have half that. 4 girls one boy. They are love.
  2. Awesome about your new grandson!!! And how many granddaughters?
  3. On my list of places to visit!!!
  4. Put him under the jail!! No excuses, no mercy.
  5. We were so thrilled by this experience we named our new puppy Apollo!!!
  6. Hahahahaha!!!
  7. I would be impatient but I know he is busy.
  8. Walmart racks enough money every day that they can afford to pay security!!! So cheap!!!
  9. HahahahaHahahaha!!!
  10. Russian collusion - very smart!!!
  11. George - that was very funny!!!!
  12. I wondered why it was so quiet on here today - so now I know - heavy sigh.
  13. I don't know about you but they are the worst company in the US!!! I have had them 4 months and have NOTHING but trouble on cell phone AND internet!!! I can see anger issues with them but killing a truck won't help.
  14. Short hairs - hahahahaha!!!
  15. Joke - hahahahaha!!! "Clipped" - priceless!!