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  1. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    Mr. Moose that is beautiful
  2. 711FC12D-1740-49B8-81DE-E59D001457D8.jpeg

    I am probably not in the right area but i am not that proficient with this system. I need to update my debit card information for yearly fee. I read that I need to go to "Store". I do not find that anywhere. Help please
  3. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    Beautiful as always
  4. Kindness of the Southern Back Roads

    Very southern for sure!! Good part of the story Mr. Heavy
  5. Porky Pig ~ Blue Christmas

    Porky pig - always cute!!
  6. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    Beautiful Mr. Moose!!!
  7. Silly Smiles

    These are all priceless!!
  8. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    You live in a beautiful place Mr. Moose. All I get to see are airplanes. Go RV
  9. Silly Smiles

    Cute Mr. Moose, very cute!!
  10. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    Cool cats - hahaha
  11. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

  12. Silly Smiles

    Everyone - these are wonderful!! I was going to thank one here and there but no - they are all funny!!!
  13. Good Morning Everyone!!!...

    You really have an eye for photography Mr. Moose. Stunning picture!!
  14. Wow, to live around such beauty!! You are blessed Umbertino
  15. That is a beautiful place!

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