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  1. Orange Peel Art...

    Nice art and they smell good!!!
  2. Where does it end? Robots take over the world? I think it isn't progress anymore. It is laziness.
  3. A significant day in history

    My Uncle often talks of seeing this.
  4. A widowed lady sunbathing on the beach...

  5. Sunsets are God's way of saying...

    Very nicely said!
  6. That is a shame. Some professions should not be taken over by the robots.
  7. Nice reminiscing guys!!!
  8. Silly Smiles

    Boy that is the truth!!!
  9. Silly Smiles

    Zucchini season is so silly it is funny!!!
  10. Getting a Gun...

    That was funny!!!
  11. House update

    Good job!!!
  12. Silly Smiles

    These are ALL awesome!!!! Thank you for the chuckles!!!

    Prayers for Texas, Florida, California, Oregon and Montana. And all everywhere in between.
  14. Alecia Starr Hamilton Missing.......

    I am reading this 15 months later - Dear Lord thank you!!!
  15. Silly Smiles

    I love the cat pictures!!!

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