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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Thanks Adam for the update. It is well worth every cent for VIP. Happy to be on this ride with you all.
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 28 June 2017

    Thanks for your time Adam. Your hard work keeps us coming back for more. 😎
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 19 April 2017

    Thanks Adam for the info. Just waiting on that RV email.
  4. Adam Montana weekly and then some. October 8 2014

    This is the best yet. Adam, great job, coming from the heart is much better.
  5. Adam Montana weekly - August , 2014

    Nice short and sweet, but straight to the point. Thanks Adam for your hard work.
  6. Adam's Wed Chat 12-18-13

    Thanks Adam and Mods. Let hope for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  7. Nov 6 Adam's Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update Adam.
  8. Adam's chat Wednesday October 16

    Thanks Adam. Great info as always. Glad to have someone like you in the know.
  9. Adams Wed chat 9-04-2013

    Adam, thanks for all you do. Loved the lesson from a great teacher. found places I needed to really see. THANKS!!!!
  10. Adams Wed chat 8-14-2013

    FRIDAY!!!!!! I really want Friday to get here now. Thanks Adam FOR ALL YOU DO.
  11. Adams chat 8/7/13

    AS always, Thanks Adam for the hard work.
  12. Adams Wed chat 7-17-2013

    Thanks Adam. Like always this is great news!!!!
  13. Adam's Drive By Chat

    Thank you Adam!!!!! This is the best news EVER!!! My weekend is going to be sweet.
  14. Adams Wed chat 6-26-2013

    It looks like the sun is coming up on this thing!!!!!! Thanks Adam
  15. Adams Wed chat 5-22-2013

    Thanks Adam for ALL you do.

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