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  1. Mazrour Barzani has screwed everything so much during his tenure, it would be easy to place both Maliki and Mazrour in the “Dictator” categories. Neither knows how to rule, but only devicive ways to steal from those they were supposed to serve...
  2. I could not agree more. At least the cockroaches would start running for the hills instead if sitting on their fat arses in the same positions assumming the Amnesty Law will save them from the gallows....
  3. They need to stop the friggon discussions and start “negotiations” or else discussions will continue on forever. Somebody has to stop saying “no” and start saying what they will do. Stubborn discussions and “taking a stand” have so far witnessed them all chasing their own tails and running in circles..... and these are the guys in charge. Abadi should have come out of the gate saying 10% with the intent to raise it up to 12%. Now he is just going to have to up that number, and take on this battle next year, after the Kurds corruption has been cleaned up and the numbers are all in... sure is going no where now....
  4. From the Media Office of Abadi

    With 12,000 archeological sites there, would be a big draw. It was once the Garden of Eden for crying out loud. Who wouldn’t want to go????
  5. The Bazani family is famous for their mobster like control on the Kurdistan Region.....
  6. Abadi Abadi Abadi.... You really need to throw their hineys in prison... If it is theft into the billions, make sure it is life imprisonment, if not the death penalty.
  7. H So they say they say they want to comply, yet are like impatient children crying out loud to the world like they are being done wrong. I would not be surprised if they are working against the auditors trying to cover up their piles of doo doo in the numbers...
  8. Maybe if the Kurds would stop delaying the budget getting passed in Parliment they could get paid...
  9. Pretty sure if that guy raised the rate to one penny right now, there would be a landslide of dinar hitting Iraq tomorrow....
  10. I'm sure Alak will be sure to take the bull by the horns and RV, especially since the CBI has the authority to make that decision..... LOL
  11. No surprise there. I'm certain M Barzani is planning on voting himself into the newly formed position of Grand Puba, which will oversee the President and the Prime Minister of Kurdistan!!!
  12. True that! Eventually they will figure out that Maliki can pay for the rebuilding of Iraq all by himself... and if he refuses, they kill him, take back the Iraqi money he stole and rebuild Iraq! (Eliminating a rascally cock roach at the same time!) HANG EM LIKE THEY HUNG HUSSAIN!!!!

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