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  1. I dunno about USD...maybe some dinars, just for laughs!!!
  2. You can tell Kuwait isn’t busy spending all of their monies on the palaces. Their tables and chairs aren’t near as gawdy and uncomfortable looking as other countries.....
  3. WOWZERS! Iraq is for the very first time in their illustrious history building playgrounds, museums, fountains, and lakes for the people, not the politicians! Abadi and his "technocrats are doing what is good for the people of Iraq and giving them freedom, not controlled fear!!! Look out Dubai, Baghdad is fixing to play catch up!!!
  4. Something tells me that is why he gracefully resigned his position as President.... he knows hes going to jail for the rest of his life! I thought it somewhat odd that such an arrogant ass seems to have just disappeared from totally from the media....
  5. Another compelling reason for them to not RV! Another reason bites the dust!!!
  6. Holy Shite!!! That’s the best news I’ve heard yet! He has the backing of Abadi, as well pissing Maliki off! Win win win!!!!
  7. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    Apparently there is a whole lotta talking back and forth behind closed doors. They have got to be getting close to an agreement on the budget, as well as the HCL. I suspect that was the US's intent with the money to the Kurds,to get them to realize that they have not been abandoned and far from being on the outside looking in....They are still very important to the US, as well Baghdad!
  8. I'd have to agree Greg. Payoff to keep the Kurds onboard. They were extremely butt hurt over the US not backing them with their referendum. It wasn't hard to see the US was going to have to do something big to kiss and make up with the Kurds! The Kurdish Prime Minister, as well as the outgoing President made remarks about rethinking their relationship with the US...
  9. Expired security certificate...

    I'll send them an email Sunday night. I even tried to change up my settoings and the ios still refused to take me there... frustrating, yet an easy fix...if thye will tend to it....
  10. I'm not so sure Abadi wants the Iranians out of their business. He seems to be relying on them more then I care to think about.... imho
  11. So just a heads up to all. I posted this in the the WARKA forum, but it is kind of dead over there. WARKA’s Website Secuity Certificate expired back in Sept of 2016 and they still have not renewed it. Leaves anyone logging into their site wide open. Anyone can look over your shoulder as you login, so to speak. Just be cautious!
  12. Did anyone notice the WARKA bank website’ Security Certificate expired back on Sept 2016? They still haven’t renewed it! Should we be concerned???? They are leaving it wide open now every time we log in....
  13. I think the Shite in Abadi is showing right now. No reason for them not to push ahead with the Kurds and put the 17% into place... with a written understanding that it is all contingent until an actual census of the Kurdish territories are done. Numbers all spelled out prior to the census being completed. The same should be done for all of the providences as they too could be doing the same thing, to a much lesser degree..... If Abadi sits on this without making swift progress towards unity and a completed HCL, he will be no better then Barzani, stubborn, counterproductive, and a sectarian at heart..... I’m watching the “former glory” fixing to get ground up in the garbage disposal if he doesn’t stand up to Iran and think for Iraq...

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