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  1. jcfrag

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    So Kap survived and Tlar didn’t.... 😳
  2. I do believe it specifically says Iraq is removed from the Sanctions List!!! Looks great to me. One small step for Iraqis, one giant step for Iraq!!!😁
  3. jcfrag

    The Kapster stands her ground

    I have always loved “windows”! They provide a nice view with a lovely frame around it allowing one to focus on what is in front of them. No peripheral vision required to focus on what is in site!!!! 😄👍 🤗
  4. Those hands really jump out and dwarf the rest of the pic. Wonder how shes doing these days? 🤔
  5. is that Joilie in that pic? Is there something wrong with her hands????
  6. jcfrag


    Yeah, with ETrade if its less then a dollar a share you have to buy the shares with a "limit order". Thats what I use everytime I sell stocks. Buy my stock of choice, then immediatly put a "Limit order" to sell when it hits a certain price! I love my ETRADE notices that means my stock has just sold for what I thought it would!!!
  7. jcfrag

    The Kapster stands her ground

    Wish there was a way to bring Shabs back and send Maliki off in his place...... 🙄
  8. jcfrag

    The Kapster stands her ground

    Well the Actual truth be told.... Iraq was supposed to start the float back in 2011. Now, because they are SO FAR behind on the value of the dinar they will have to RV their currency just play catch up with where they are really supposed to be! I can BS with the best of them!!!! 😂
  9. jcfrag


    When this shiz goes down... everyone will be like Sweet Brown! 🤗
  10. “The resulting from this coalition government will be realized to the will of the Iraqi people, who resisted the occupation and was sent off and defeated Daesh government will berepresentative of the parliament's decisions." When we left Iraq last time ISIS hit Iraq so hard it left their heads rolling and spinning, literally.... and if they were truly so concerned about the will of the people... Maliki’s head would have been one of those loose heads rolling down the street singing “I Ain’t Got No Body”! Sadr obviously talks out of both sides of his mouth. Typical politician to do and say what ever the crowds want to hear to secure their position... so I am not believing anything he says these days, full of BS like Maliki.....😡
  11. Strong strong smell of Iran, strong smell of Maliki... I guess even Sadr gets a taste of politics at the top. So easy to be the “Couch Quarterback”. Now he is a puppet with the best of them. All of his followers will loose faith in him after he invites Maliki to join the new “StronG” government... it’s obvious the people didn’t vote for Maliki, yet all ya gotta do is stomp your feet and throw a fit that you lost and all those votes that were cast by the people are thrown to the wind.... 😑
  12. “Al-Sadr alliance, which has the support of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, entered the victory coalition led by current Prime Minister Haider Abadi within the alliance of Sadr and Amiri to form the largest bloc and go to form the next government.“ I’m pretty sure it is a chess game right now and Sadr will not be happy until Maliki has been captured and removed from the board. That is one huge factor I like about all of this. A lot of time has been allowed Sadr to get things set up the way he wants it. He may not care for the US, but he hates Maliki. It has been a time to talk, discuss, and ultimately give this new government the ability to move in ways it hasn’t been able to before. 👍😉
  13. jcfrag


    I just picked up some HMNY for .38. Looks promising as I dont think it is even a penny stock. I found 3 analysts saying $12.00 to $18.00 a share within a year. Doubt I will wait and see. Already put a limit order to sell it below $10 a share. I would be very happy with that!
  14. jcfrag

    CBI News 06/07/2018

    So they are selling only dinars at auctions these days???

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