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  1. What a cluster fick of confusion and mis information........ What are we doing over there now, besides embarrassing ourselves???
  2. It would be nice to see Some One follow through in the war on corruption. Abadi’s Only “fail”, but it was a doosey of a fail....
  3. Or postponed 4 years anyway! That was Oct 2014. Don’t think we will have to wait till 2019 on this RV!! Think back to where they were in October 2014.... They have recovered from ISIS well under Abadi’s leadership!👍
  4. At least .87 is what I’ve been planning on..... or at least a realistic number to get them to using Dinar instead of USD!
  5. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Speech sounds real impressive, till you see Maliki still on the loose....
  6. I just live for the day when I don’t turn to this site for Iraqi news, but news more aligned with my true interests... an RV. When that happens, I’m pulling everything out of Iraq and never looking back. Very frustrating to sit here and watch these nutcases trying to run a country... There are some smart people over there, but even intelligence means nothing when you are a puppet dancing around to keep Maliki out of prison.....
  7. Most of those lazy dumb uninvolved bunnies do not deserve another term in the House. Let’s just hope they see this as a god send to make them all look hero’s and get re-elected......
  8. It’s all rhetoric with both the questions and answers of these articles.... but I will never be a fan of Alak. Because he alone can hit the RV button without answering to anyone. I see the pressure on him now, and instead of action he responds with a question and answer session... hopefully he will realize soon that his country cannot be put off much longer. Unless I’m mistaken, his position is not an elected official, but a placed position.... imho
  9. “He explained to us recently, that there is no alternative to the currency auction, but the bank takes the dollar, and print a dinar, which means a disaster in inflation.“ Agreed Alak, you cant keep doing what your doing! So Whatcha Gonna Do ALAK???
  10. At least they show up for meetings!!!
  11. The true crime here seems to be the lack of transparency for the voters. It should also be reported in the news each elected officials track record for attendance and how each politician voted on everything during their term. Since no one knows nothing about these guys record of performance, none should get voted in again. After this past year alone of absenteeism, all Iraqis should tell these guys they aren’t happy with what was not done. Especially when it could have been done!
  12. Jabouri is right! I’m a huge fan of Abadi, but his only weak spot is refusing to have all of these guys arrested, like say Maliki for instance. He just has them arrested, takes there money, and puts them back out there to do it again. The auctions are still running, Parliment still can’t form a quorum, and still no RV...... Jabouri knows better than anyone else how frustrating Abadi can be!
  13. I’m thinking the good guys of Parliament that are always there and accounted for are really making an effort to show the arses of the “politicians” that are far too busy to take time from their “campaigning” to attend a scheduled meeting.... Far Too Busy For That Nonsense.....
  14. I second that motion and hope that the President of Parliament calls for another meeting to resolve these final issues being ignored by those thinking only of themselves. Anyone not in attendance shall be fined and ousted from Parliament for the duration of their lifetime! !

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