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  1. Emeralds... I like that! Leave those Ruby's alone!
  2. I have actually tried to listen to them but they talk about some of the most bizarre crap over there. They lose me every time I try to read or listen to them. Weird Crap!
  3. Agreed Sadr! Cut those dingleberries loose and let em go. You can lead that horse to water, but you can't make it drink. For crying out loud, they cant even decide if they are thirsty or not!
  4. If you look at the date of the original post... this is from July 2016...... 3 plus an additional 6 months more! 😄 LOL
  5. It's hard to believe this is the place where mankind first began.... and they are still to this day trying to figure it out.... No wonder the people are so spent. Nothing worse than indecisive leadership!
  6. The shot heard all around the world was the MOAB on Afghanistan!
  7. There is something amiss here for sure... sounds more like Jim Jones in South Africa and his koolaide, only this time the food and water will be offered from tents covered in "Black Flag"..
  8. 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards..... If these people are supposedly so religious and good, then why are they such self centered, can't see beyond their nose cry babies. Least we leave out egotistical grandstanding pea brained know-it-all narcissistic,
  9. LGD is the one that said soon. The article said during the next legislative term, all the important laws. Not just the HCL.
  10. Well who knows, maybe I will live to see this law passed! Sounds like they are tired of it too, want to git it all done before Ramadan! Works for me!!
  11. They are actually condoning his greed and total disreguard for his country by even bringing up his name with such plans. That makes that right on up there with the Ba'ath party. They should do something about that whole group too.....
  12. OMG, the 2018 budget... I sincerely hope I don't have to see another annual budget hammered out....