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  1. I agree with KD and the fact that Iran has already initiated Tug of War by shutting off water and electricity to Southern Iraq. And they were only doing that to stir up trouble in Iraq to begin with! But even that turned on them when the protesters started demanding all ties be severed with Iran. Iraqi’s were some kind of pissed at Iran for throwing them under the bus and blowing off all that “Brotherly Love” towards their good neighbors by severing needed utilities. The same country Iran was wanting to keep trading with during the upcoming US sanctions! 😳 Iran needs some new leadership I’d say. They really don’t know what they are doing...
  2. jcfrag

    CBI News 08/12/2018

    It’s about Russian contractors and how they are going to get paid with their new Russian notes... I don’t get it. But the pictures are pretty! 😁
  3. Abadi is currently trying to help Southern Iraq recover from Tehran's attack on Southern Iraq by cutting electricity and drinking water to Iraqi's there. Basra should have built their own Power Plants and developed their own water supplies instead of counting on the honorable Iranians! 😄
  4. When in reality the real waste of time is anyone trying to reason with those religious zealots..........Now that is a futile task... 🙄
  5. Kill Maliki, and you kill the problem!
  6. Ironically who ever burned those ballots was apparently trying to make sure neither Amiri or Maliki had any chance of winning. At the time Sadr was already sayingb Abadi would have to give up his affiliation with Maliki’s party to become prime Minister..... 😄
  7. I’m with you. Worst case scenario, I cash out and take the money I had in Dinars and throw some of it at Bitcoin. Easiest route would have been to close this one out and move on to a lot more investments then just bitcoin!!!!! 😁 May I add that they are also low down pea brain scallywags with dang IQs of 20 and lower...... 🤨
  8. And the last picture I saw of Barzani and Abadi together, just the other day, was 2 (Prime Ministers) meeting and both of them looking at each other with the nicest grins on their faces! Far cry from the “Referendum” days! I could almost see a vision of Iraq’s future in the very gleam of their eyes! 😄
  9. How could there be any corruption within such a devine and trusted country as Iran. Their religion would forbid works of the devil right under their self righteous noses... 🙄
  10. How bad does it have to get before the Iranians over throw the mullahs??? 🙄
  11. “The law required the Kurdistan region to hand over the quantities of oil produced in its fields to the national oil marketing company «Sumo», otherwise they will not be given to the residents of the region.”👍😉
  12. The only reason he is smiling in all of these photos is here he can relax. No one in Kuwait cares enough about him to want to put a bullet in his head.....
  13. It's all in the family, the prince runs the Central Bank of Iraq, the Princess runs the oil business.......... Stubborn Boneheads...
  14. Even the religious leaders will not rest till Maliki and his like minded buddies are dealt with. Everyone has big ideas till they get sucked into the vacuum of the politics of Iraq. I see a major change on the horizon. Abadi wanted to and couldn’t, Sadr wanted to and couldn’t, but the tide is coming in and politicians with their politics are fixing to get pulled out into the sea. The country is sick of the ongoing cock show and banter. Feathers are fixing to fly!!!! The other religious leaders not involved in politics will see to it!!!
  15. Didn't Abadi and the Cabinet already address it in the 21 steps to help out the suffering.

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