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  1. It reminds me of the story of the emperor and his new cloths. His arse is shining brighter and brighter all the time! Maybe we should start calling Maliki "Fire Fly"
  2. Waiting till 2018 to deal with Maliki once he is out of office??? The fact he is currently holding an office and abusing the system the way he has is a crime, as in extreme treason. Boy, what a country. Who do you think made up all of those laws allowing that kind of crap to go on legally???
  3. Screw the rope and save the country some money paying for a trial. An Iraqi sniper in the just right place would be very efficient!
  4. The story line isn't coming through very well on my phone, but looks like a very interesting bit of news!
  5. Hey! I love that vomit!!! Don't be dissing my bee vomit, I add vomit to my coffee every morning! I don't guess their Doodies are quite so sweet since I never see it for sale on the grocery shelves... although I have heard their pollen stimulates the old sex drive!😁
  6. Wowzers, so now there are 2 seperate agreements with the Kurds, as in an agreement with each party???
  7. Looks kind of like Abadi is telling the Kurds to stop bickering amongst themselves. I think the HCL is already done and just needs to be signed and published. Plus a small celebration for a job well done on both sides for Mosul!!!
  8. The citizens of Iraq seem to be losing faith in their currency.... who wouldn't ????? It's a joke to even call it a currency...... I think the Central Bank should do something about that and fix it immediately!!!?
  9. Even Sadr and his protestors have grown silent.... "quiet before the storm" certainly comes to mind!
  10. Anyone see any value in this new offering? Everyone keeps talking about how overvalued it is coming out of the starting gate.
  11. Why ever did we freeze the Iraqi dinar sitting American banks anyway... and NOW no less???
  12. None of that sweet crude to be sure! LOL