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  1. I still say it isn't them holding all the dinars. The dinars are all outside of Iraq. Not inside of Iraq... The CBI just doesn't know it....yet!
  2. All the little num nuts have to do is put their chunky money in their brand new bank accounts that they just opened, and then they do not have to run at all. Each and everyone of the dinars placed in the accounts will automatically be RV'd without exchanging them... Less work on the bankers for sure!
  3. When is their election coming up? Please say there is no chance of Maliki getting mysteriously voted in as PM again....
  4. I'll be more then happy to turn mine in too, if you'll just turn it into a real currency. I'm wondering if it is all of us actually hoarding, and not the Iraqis. Wouldn't they hoard the dollar instead of the dinar???? That is like saving pennies in a penny jar to them isn't it??? It won't make them any difference if the money is in the bank or in their mattress. When it Rv's they will reap the benefit either way.....
  5. Tyranny???? Repression???? And I'll have what Barzani and any Kurd that believes that line of BS is drinking. Maliki is no longer in charge. Hussein was dealt with. Laws are being put in place to stop the corruption and abuse.... OH WAIT!! That's right! ITS THOSE PESKY LAWS BEING ADOPTED AND PUT INTO PLACE ENDING CORRUPTION AND ABUSE Barzani is trying to avoid!!! B is going to begging for financial help after the fact thinking the world will help them like they helped Iraq and the Kurds before, only to find that the world will know Abadi was trying to end corruption and Barzani has now cornered the market on it.... no body will help he who led his country down the same path as Venezuela. No parliment, no democracy, just a bunch Bar Zanies running the country a muck. Only reason they are now settling with the companies they owed money to, they are going to need their options open...... 😄
  6. I suspect this is all coming to light now because Baghdad had known what has been going on, but was hoping to settle this all with HCL being signed. The vote is on the 25 of this month and Barzani is clearly opposed to signing any HCL, but instead wants to succeed! Who could blame Iraq for lowering the hammer? There is a lot on the table that Barzani intends to just walk off with. I'd probably fight for it too if it belonged to me!
  7. At least he includes the news links so you know what he is commenting on! 👍
  8. Additional Comments By WalkingStick Below ... Who is Walking Stick????
  9. I think Barzani needs to loosen up that turban as it seems to be cutting off the blood flow to his oversized head, arrogant little a-hole.... down to the last week of this screwy little game he wants to play. It occurs to me he started out using it as leverage, but then started thinking about how he could be the king of his own little country, and then not have to be bothered by the CBI's incessant nosing around his banks, the ones he stores his stolen booty in!
  10. United Nations

    Well, looks like Iraq has come s long way indeed!!!! They can actually be an active member now!!!!!
  11. I am so ready for this ride to be over!!!!!
  12. Erbil is econmically sound? Barzani cries like a baby to Baghdad and the rest of the world just how pitiful shape Kurdistan is in... LOL
  13. yeah, Kurds and Iraq enter into a civil war! The poop just keeps getting deeper and deeper!!!

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