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  1. Is that not 200 billion notes out in market again... or is it digital dinars?
  2. Thanks Adam, and Welcome Back!!!!
  3. I know your right Yota, I'm just letting my fears get the best of me. Closer then we have ever been, then here comes two more wrenches into the works. IMIS smuggling oil and Barzani's hiccups of rogue power gone wrong....
  4. Maybe I'm not understanding how the whole scenario would play out if the Kurds actually seceded from Iraq, but wondering if the Kurds would still use the same currency till they got their new bills printed up, complete with their own Central Bank of Kurdistan manning the controls. September 25th is a long way off and my patience is now running thin. Barzani thinks he is the only one in Kurdistan that can run the country! He hasn't even allowed the citizens to vote for a new President, but now wants them to vote on his referendum before the November Kurdish elections. What are they going to do if he refuses to step down again? We alredy know there will not be an HCL with him running the show... pre-madonna he is!
  5. Not that I know so much, but if Zimbabwe can trade internationally, I suspect Iraq can too.... As far as the HCL goes, yes, Adam has said it has to be in place. And then Barzani goes off on his "referendum" tangent, losing Kirkuk oil to still more terrorist... The Kurds need to step it up and pull him out of the PM position like Iraq did Maliki!! ASAP
  6. I think they should get some cell phones, satellite phones, and/or land lines up and running so communications throughout Kurdistan/Iraq isn't so pitiful. Right under Barzanis nose. I think Abadi was correct when he said all of this "referendum" talk is a big distraction to the war against terrorism!
  7. Why Sept 25th, why so far off into the future? If it is just a vote to see what the Kurds really think about seperation, and it really holds no water as Barzani says, why not here in the next week? Because the war with ISIS is nearly a done deal and Barzani needs to grandstand for the next 3 months. The world then turns their attention to The Great Barzani and holds their breathe waiting on the HCL to be signed so Iraq can actually move forward..... Just so not what I want to see right now. Neg away, but just plain grandstanding and politics getting in the way of Iraq's progress
  8. Tell ya what I think.... I think Barzani will be the hair that splits Kurdistan into a civil war. He should have bowed out gracefully in 2013 when his time was up. He is every bit the dictator that just doesn't want to give up his importace. He is the only one talking about seperation. Everyone else seems to be sitting on the fence. I agree with Abadi, nothing good will come of seperation, only turmoil and more Barzani political acrobats at the Kurds expense. He says he isn't running in November, and he won't. He won't step down either.... 🙄
  9. Semantics? Seems to me that will also be a wrench in the works while they all wait for vote. HCL will, I guess, be a done deal as the other providences done seem to be bothered by/or with it..... but the referendum isn't until August. And as it stands, the referendum to vote on their seperation is unconstitutional. So they have to fix that before they can even vote...
  10. I don't even know how in the world a true son or daughter of Iraq has not put a bullet through his head, or even put on one of those high fashion suicide vests and walked up to him instead of throwing stones at him..... You can throw all the stones at him you like, not gonna hurt his feelings at all. He doesn't really care about what Iraqis think of him. But in those pictures of him sitting with Iranian officials on his visits to Iran, he would be like a little kid sitting before Willy Wonka hisself!
  11. Well, hopefully here within the next two weeks or so we will see a little less talk and little more action out of these yahoos. If Abadi knows what he is doing, and I think he does, we should see something significant other then this endless chit chat amongst themselves in the news articles..... Sadr is going to start protesting again here pretty soon if significant changes aren't seen soon, and we don't want that!
  12. Seems they should vote in someone younger with less bitterness towards Iraq to move forward. This old fart was alive when Husain was in charge and still living in fear, or so it seems. Sounds kind of like Chicken Little... imho...
  13. That is Mohammad Issa of WARKA Bank. 2 different gentleman. Can I call them gentlemen? Isn't that a Jewish term???
  14. Horses head watermark and metal strip going through the bills are pretty hard to replicate, but I can guarantee you the bills will all be checked and ran through the machine before we get our money. Some one said most likely will have to turn in the currency to the bank and recieve payment at a later date after it has been verified by the De LA Rue machine. Is that true? I know when I bought my Vietnamese Dong from Chase I had to pay for them up front and wait for a phone call a week or two later telling me they were there and ready for pick up...