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  1. It's definitely a better word! Now we wait to see what it means to them...
  2. Build the the wall around these guys and fill with sand. I agree Chuck...
  3. I was just thinking the same thing...contribute to the recovery...WTH...LOL
  4. Exactly... geesh...enough is enough...hang him and his cronies. It's a no brainer.
  5. CBI News 01/21/2018

    Happy Birthday LGD!!!
  6. CBI News 01/21/2018

    I'll be 45 in couple weeks... Sure would be a nice birthday present and retirement party 😂
  7. Kaperoni - Articles: "Know Your Money," !

    Works for me...birthday is the 4th...would be an awesome present!
  8. Morning everyone... I see that the negger is back at it. they should have to explain why. After all...this is the place for discussion...correct?
  9. Wells Fargo

    Same with me. They ask how the wall paper is doing...LOL. I quit saying anything and when our next chapter comes about... I'm just going to laugh and say SEE YA!!!
  10. Agreed...Thanks Yota...waiting...hopefully our next chapter is that start of great things!
  11. No kidding...can't have nails for a thermal spray job or farm...LOL
  12. I work in aviation (on jet engine parts) for a company here in Cincinnati and am right now working on Lufthansia (German airline). More so lately and can't help but wonder cause we were told things are ramping up over seas... if this is part of some of this.
  13. someone thought I was a guy too last week when I commented on something about retiring my steel toes and welding helmet for flip flops and sand...LOL
  14. Delta - Breaking Currency Auction News !

    ya...there's several of us here. I want to be able to trade in my steel toes and welding helmet for flip flops, hammock and sun. Thanks for the great posts're humor is on OT. makes the day go by much better!

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