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  1. Wells Fargo

    I've been in this investment since 2007 but and mine said newbie until i commented on a few things but...i'm just quiet most of the time... Just ready to get off this damn roller coaster ride! Iraq...RV
  2. Congradulations Dinarians.

    RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 13, 2017... Really???
  3. Oh crap... sorry I even knew that. Had an epidural this morning so I'm are loopy. 😘
  4. I just gave him an emerald... LOL there's been a very bitter person here lately with the rubys
  5. Thanks Thug... And every one else that brings us all the news. I feel like this is the wrapping of our Christmas present! Things are looking better and better!
  6. Maybe they don' t know how to change/correct But I gave him an Emerald
  7. My bank story...Insufficient funds! Oh wait a minute...true story! Come on RV...
  8. Been in this 10 years and on this site for 7 years. I kinda just set back and watch but am feeling really good at where we are in this investment and am thankful to this site and people for their countless hours...Thanks again to all.
  9. Didn't Adam say something about the 21st in his chat last week?

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