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  1. Possible WTO Meeting Friday

    Nice Thug, now we wait for a decision.
  2. City of Chicago just broke 600 homicides this past weekend. Some of the toughest gun laws in the US. Amazing what happens when law breakers are the only ones carrying guns. Just saying.
  3. CBI News 11/02/2017

    I'd be happy with 50% to 65% of the dollar. Just sayin..
  4. However, the gov’t offered 3 goats and 2 chickens in exchange for the subtracted 5 wives.
  5. I hope so. However, I will temper enthusiasm until it happens.
  6. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    And The end of November is one month from the start of a new year. Didn't Shabs once say the best time for MR was the beginning of a year?
  7. Judy Lyington Drops The Big Bomb. Iraq Ordered To RV. I dropped a big bomb. The wife and kids didn't like the smell
  8. That's what I like. Move those zeros by three on the rate, not the note! 1,200 to 1.2

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