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  1. The cost of those may be relative. I know that the same things weather dining or leisure cost differently from country to country. Skiing and dining in Ukraine is much much cheaper than here in the US. Let’s look even simpler, dining and goods are cheaper in Arizona than in Hawaii.
  2. Making money on other people’s money...
  3. No biggie, they’re in the hands a$$hole$. Fly a few sorties over and render them paperweights. We spend more than 100x their worth every year in supporting illegal immigrants. Just write them off as a loss before they’re used against our troops. Hell Tesla just spent more placing car in orbit, in space, looping Major Tom on an iPod for eternity.
  4. Luigi is pumping like a bull elk during the rut.
  5. CBI News 02/06/2018

    Nothing about Iraq is normal. They’ve been procrastinating and postponing for years.
  6. CBI News 02/06/2018

    Probably nothing. If the milk is always free why buy the cow. They have so much wealth in oil and other rescouses yet they always have thier their hand out.
  7. Nice now do something else unprecedented.. Pass the HCL and share with the people of Iraq.
  8. Yes, it must be true. We all know Frank doesn’t have a history of telling tall tales of as seen on Iraqi TV. 😂
  9. Things That Make You Go Hummmm

    LGD, nice thought. You are correct that the aircraft carrier is there for something but I don’t think for a rising dong. IMHO it is there because it is a hop, skip and jump away from North Korea.
  10. Things That Make You Go Hummmm

    I believe you are correct.
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    I hold mine everyday. I shake it too.

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