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  1. Love the news. Hopping it is true... Thanks Adam
  2. This all sounds good to me ................. Go Rv.... Go Shabs....
  3. Thanks Adam ..... Hope this happens sooner rather than later..... Debt free sounds good
  4. Ok sorry I am not understanding something here... My daughter only has 125,000 dinar if it rv's at .85 she will no way have near 1,000,000 dollars so will she not be able to cash in???? need some info here
  5. Thanks Phoenix for all your post I have enjoyed reading them......"support your local bank and the United States Banking system and to pay all of my due taxes as and when advised by the tax professional of your choice." I will stand by that Read more:
  6. hey Adam can you e-mail me I have a couple of ?? Thanks Nancy
  7. I wish it would hurry up and RV already
  8. I will cry .... but I will keep going hoping for an RV very very soon
  9. that sounds about right ... hope they do get it togather though
  10. hi I think that i am here testing 123 testing123 I am glad to be here, nice job Adam....... i need to learn how to spell and proof read..... lol
  11. sounds good and mysterious to me
  12. I agree whole heartedly
  13. I was woundering the same thing