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  2. Thanks for the information...I have printed and saved it in my Dinar folder.
  3. mariodi

    Economist RV Explanation Part I and II

    Thanks for the posting...this is the detail of "why it would work" that I needed. I could not wrap my brain around how all the $USD would be supplied to payoff the larger IQD bills. We just need tohope that they don't LOP outside of Iraq also.
  4. I can't understand why people are saying 50% or 52% tax will be incurred on this investment. The highest ordinary tax rate is sitting at 35%...thanks to an administration that understands economics and effect of taxes on consumers. The Obama administration (which does not understand economics, has never worked a job in his life, and will put this country back into a recession once taxes increase) will let the tax cuts expire and go back up to 39.6%. That is the ordinary income rate and for investments shorter than 1 year. The capital gains tax is at 15% for investments held longer than a year, and could possibly be increased to 25% according to plans I have heard from Obama. Which, by the way is another genius move by a community organizer. How many 7th graders can probably get that right. How would taxing investments higher through an increase in capital gains spur economic growth. You cannot grow an economy when you take money out of private investments and give it to the government. The government has never produced one product, and therefore cannot add to the economy. Government is not all evil...they do a great job with military and defense, and they also have done well with the transportation infrastructure and national parks. Sorry about the tangent...back to the point. Even if you include state tax (which I am lucky I live in TX), this will be deducted form your federal tax. Can someone fill in the blanks of how we add up to 50-52% tax? This just not add up. Thanks and good luck to all. I hope here in the near future I have the problem of paying too much in taxes...that means my income would have increased just as much. Mario
  5. mariodi

    Dinar Rumor Very Soon or Not.

    2 things - I think it would be ridiculous to state that Obama is trying to save tax payers money, so that has to come off the table as a fact. Second thing - where is everyone getting the notion that taxes will be 50%? The top tax rate is 35% for this year and will probably revert back to 39.6% next year for 2011. Capital Gains is at 15% right now and there are plans to increase this to 25%. There is nothing about 50%, but some might be including state tax. I am lucky enough to live in a state without a state income tax, but even if I had one, it would be deducted from federal taxes, so they can't be added together. Is there some other rate out there I am forgetting?
  6. gravity - this was a good post, and thanks for asking questions. There seems to be many people on here that don't like to ask questions, or if they know the answer don't want to share. Keep gathering information and ask as many questions as possible. I would not sift through thousands of threads either to find a needle in a haystack.
  7. I am pretty new to currency investing and cannot figure out, in my mind, how the revaluation can possibly go to $3 US per $1 Dinar. If all of sudden, Iraq pegs this rate to the dollar, isn't the country just creating instant millionaires among their own citizens? If I am correct, it takes about 250,000 dinars to buy a loaf of bread, and I don't know what the average income is in Iraq, but I would assume that normal Iraqi citizens are holding millions of dollars for every day goods. All of a sudden the Dinar gets pegged to the US dollar and now we all citizens holding millions of US dollars also. How can this be? Wouldn't this cause an imbalance in economies? A second question I had, is how is it possible for Iraq "cash us out" with so many people holding trillions of dollars of dinars? Iraq does not have trillions of dollars to give to foreign investors wanting cash in their dinars as soon as revaluation happens. It just not possible for Iraq to hold that much in US dollars. I might be thinking of this wrong, but I cannot wrap this around my head at this time of how it's possible for Iraq to supply all that cash in US dollars for investors turning in their Dinars. Thanks for your thoughts ahead of time.

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