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  1. debandlv

    Adam Montana Weekly 2 Nov 2016 (Mosul! Mosul! Mosul!)

    Thank you Adam anxiously waiting
  2. I totally believe in Jesus Christ our redeemer and in the gift of the Holy Ghost. I believe in modern day miracules I have witness them in my life when I had a brain tumor and was not given much hope to live through it and I did. And My premature grandson whom doctors said he would not live more then a day and he just turn 3, with alot of medical problems but he is love and gives love and he is an example to all of us.
  3. debandlv

    Adam Montana weekly and then some. October 8 2014

    Thanks Adam I agree with you all the way
  4. Thankyou for keeping us updated go rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  5. debandlv

    How long have you been waiting

  6. debandlv

    Is obama finished as president?

    I hope he is through he has brought America down. Anyone would be better then bama, Adam would be a could candidate
  7. debandlv

    Adam Drive by chat 2/23/12

    Thanks Adam. I hope I can get really excited now!!!!!!!!
  8. debandlv

    Mitt Romney----well look here

    This makes me laugh. But we are looking at investing in off shore accounts and that's okay for us but not anybody else. Really get real. I would do anything also to avoid taxes. And he did not make the tax laws
  9. debandlv

    Rumor sent to me from another site

    yes mormons are good folk and I get tired of people making fun of their religion you don't see them making fun of other people's religionn
  10. Thanks for the info. Let it Be Let it Be. go rv

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