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  1. 10 year highs and much more room for growth ... teens are being tested and massive news on MJ play tomorrow we think ... chooo chooo!!!
  2. AMFE stock killed it again today ... still in the run ... you better chase it!
  3. New HOD and HOY was achieved today ... our next rally has come!
  4. We broke resistance currently at a dime now here we go
  5. That's free money being handed out right there IMO Amfil Technologies Inc. Announces Shareholder Dividend From Subsidiary Spin-Off
  6. Better get in today or left behind ... might even break new highs today. Let it be known I warned you when we were still in 7s consolidating. Chart is a go and massive news to come out tonight or in morning. Have fun ride!
  7. Chart lined up now ... MASSIVE news coming soon ... IMHO we are green for go again this week for another massive run. Get in before it's too late. Do you DD though. S&L is going to start making their own board games too. GameStop is now eyeballing them also. Lots of info on that iHub board website.
  8. MACD lines about to cross and rally again soon, with more news next week also ... buckle in!!!
  9. Looks to be lined up for another rally with projected new highs again ... new purchase order also too ... looking good looking good ... I might get more and average up myself
  10. Up another penny today closing at $0.0939 ..... news last night on its MJ joint venture. 3rd Snakes & Latte location supposed to open in July. This thing could average a penny a day I hope. Myself waiting on more funds to clear to buy more and maybe again this Friday too. This is suck a fun ride. Someone tag Adam. :-P
  11. Friday April 28th we closed at another HOD and HOY at the price of $0.0835 with more news to be out the 1st week of May. Don't say I didn't tell you when you are crying at the train station you got left behind. hehehe
  12. Where is everyone? Closed today at another HOD and 52 week high at $0.0785 I'm all in!!!
  13. Today closed at $0.06975 and going strong. Nice purchase order in from bookstore and some PR that Nintendo in it. Good thing is we haven't even made the news yet on who their non-OTC partner is on their GROZone device for marijuana. They are going to uplist hopefully soon and hit their projected $0.25 mark to do so. Some are saying $0.10 by end of week according to L2. You better board this train or get left at the station. I went all in myself this morning.
  14. Back in January 2017 stock AMFE (Amfil Technologies, Inc.) was trading at $0.017 which I bought 50,000 shares of ... Now today it is about $0.06 and seems to be projected to go even higher with their restaurant expansions and GROZone equipment that will soon be out to keep marijuana safer to grow. They are also planning to uplist themselves to a higher OTC tier. Look into it. I am planning to buy more if possible. Of course I am kicking myself for not buying more in January now. LOL
  15. VERY VERY sluggish to load this page and to Sign In ... Maybe traffic is up overloading? Something to keep eye on though.