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  1. Where is everyone? Closed today at another HOD and 52 week high at $0.0785 I'm all in!!!
  2. Today closed at $0.06975 and going strong. Nice purchase order in from bookstore and some PR that Nintendo in it. Good thing is we haven't even made the news yet on who their non-OTC partner is on their GROZone device for marijuana. They are going to uplist hopefully soon and hit their projected $0.25 mark to do so. Some are saying $0.10 by end of week according to L2. You better board this train or get left at the station. I went all in myself this morning.
  3. Back in January 2017 stock AMFE (Amfil Technologies, Inc.) was trading at $0.017 which I bought 50,000 shares of ... Now today it is about $0.06 and seems to be projected to go even higher with their restaurant expansions and GROZone equipment that will soon be out to keep marijuana safer to grow. They are also planning to uplist themselves to a higher OTC tier. Look into it. I am planning to buy more if possible. Of course I am kicking myself for not buying more in January now. LOL
  4. VERY VERY sluggish to load this page and to Sign In ... Maybe traffic is up overloading? Something to keep eye on though.
  5. A customer left their USA Today at my business and I saw this article on the front page. I tried searching to see if anyone posted anything but did not find it. Sorry if it is a duplicate though. U.S. investment and other business in Iraq has quadrupled this year despite concerns over violence and sectarian rivalry as the last American troops withdrew from Iraq. U.S. companies reached deals worth $8.1 billion through Dec. 1, up from $2 billion last year, according to Dunia Frontier Consultants, which studies emerging markets. The surge follows a number of years in which U.S. companies were fearful of entering Iraq and have lagged behind some European and regional countries. STORY: Foreign investment begins to pour into Iraq "The U.S. has lagged up to this point because of a perception almost more than anything else that it was a dangerous place, an unstable place," said Lionel Johnson of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has worked to encourage American investment in Iraq. "It's finally reached a tipping point," said Kyle Stelma, managing director of Dunia. Iraq's oil industry is attracting U.S. and other foreign companies, and Iraq's government is spending billions of dollars to upgrade infrastructure, such as housing, roads and port facilities. Iraq's infrastructure has been worn down by years of war. "It's important for foreign companies to invest," said Ayad Salman Yahya, managing director of the Al-Bilad Islamic Bank. The government plans to build a subway in Baghdad and monorails linking some cities. Cranes dot the skyline of Baghdad, where a large mall is under construction, and city streets are clogged with late-model cars. Hill International, a New Jersey-based construction management company, recently won a $3.3 million government contract to manage construction of $100 million, 30,000-seat sports arena in Anbar province, once one of Iraq's most violent regions. Total foreign investment and business activity in Iraq has swelled to $70 billion, up from $42.7 billion last year, Dunia's preliminary statistics show. Iraq looks stable in light of the upheavals in nearby countries, including Syria, Yemen and Egypt. "Our neighboring countries have problems," Yahya said. Nevertheless, there are political risks, including rising tensions between Iraq's Shiite-dominated government and the Sunni minority, and terrorist attacks. "There are many political issues remaining in Iraq," said Kyle McEneaney, Middle East chief at Ergo, a global intelligence and advisory firm. But he said those risks have been there for the past two years, as the number of U.S. troops declined. "At the end of the day, the fundamental story is still quite compelling," McEneaney said. Wisam Ahmed, a sales manager for a Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep dealer in Baghdad, said he expects to sell about 700 vehicles this year, up from 600 last year. The sales are all in cash, because car loans are almost unheard of in Iraq, and the new cars can cost up to $50,000. Iraqis like the Grand Cherokee and Dodge Charger, he said. "They've had enough with the Korean and Japanese vehicles," Ahmed said.
  6. Someone forgot to pay their internet bill???
  7. Have you submitted a support ticket here:
  8. Go to this link and choose create new album: Yes only have one category named "Members Gallery" which is like one big location for all users of this website and their photos. Hope this helps
  9. Not that I am aware of ... sorry you can not track down the negative nancys that give you bad reviews now.
  10. But what really happens is about 8 hrs for the whole week ... so 1 week = 1 work day ... OMG that is 7 weeks away!!!
  11. Not meaning to hijack your good post ... but I have heard before this is why we are in Afg. fighting for lithium control. Could be rumor though. Regardless all metals IMO are good investments because once taken out of the ground they are not put back in. Supply and Demand.
  12. See my comment in your other post here:
  13. I don't see hyperlinks on my side. Now probably what the case is you have some ad-on added which underlines certain words giving definitions to them right? You need to disable whatever add-on this is or unistall the program IMO.
  14. It is the page that is ripped in half icon next to the two arrow refresh button by the address bar.
  15. Do a Google search on using Java on Apple products ... I think there is a jailbreak for it?