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That's What I Thought!!

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From the album:


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#Accurate. Lol yep. Here in FL (innovators of rigging), I only saw ONE Hillarious sign, and no one I know personally knows anyone who supports HRC. Yet she somehow overwhelmingly won the Primaries. Same thing happened with the sinister DWS as she somehow beat Time Canova; despite the fact that Canova was supported world-wide. They throw the Trump-fear-porn in our faces, despite the fact that HRC has proven multiple times that she is far scarier than Trump. I don't even get bothered when I see Trump signs, anymore after having thoroughly investigated her record. She is far scarier and no matter what they say, I will always be #NEVERshillary. The DNC ironically enough has absolutely nothing to do with democracy anymore. Both the GOP and DNC has lost their minds. Smh

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